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Collaboration and Project Management Software

Siasto is advanced collaboration and project management software that allows businesses and enterprises to seamlessly share data, documents, and tasks with 360-degree visibility of the organization’s current state.

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An Online Store for PC Gamers and Builders

NZXT is a new custom-built website of an American computer hardware manufacturer. This is a functional and scalable online store that can handle the inevitable increases in data and transactions.

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A Contest Marketplace for the Travel Industry

Wanderist is a travel marketplace that lets users launch contests to get unique itineraries made by local experts according to their preferences and needs.

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Blue Sky Path LMS

A Learning Management System for Organizations

Blue Sky eLearn Path LMS is an award-winning learning management system that helps organizations create and deliver external training and educational courses to their audiences. We redesigned the application architecture and helped to build a fully functional e-learning platform.

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Health Marketplace

An Online Health Consultation Marketplace

This platform lets patients have real-time conversations with health practitioners to get individual nutrition and exercise recommendations. Practitioners get paid through the platform for their services.

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A Quality-Oriented Design Crowdsourcing Marketplace

DesignBro is a design service that brings together businesses and skilled designers. DesignBro helps customers get quality designs at affordable prices and allows designers to earn money by winning competitions

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A Marketplace for Extreme Sports Activities

Avidyx is a Norwegian adventure company that lets travelers find unique extreme sports activities for any taste and budget. Avidyx is the right mix of peer-to-peer and business-to-consumer marketplaces. Suppliers can work as individual sellers or build their own organizations.

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Teen Driving

An App for Preventing Distracted Teen Driving

This project is a device and app solution for monitoring and preventing common aspects of dangerous and distracted teen driving. The app allows users to create accounts, add vehicles, add drivers, adjust restrictions, and receive notifications with photos or videos when a violation happens.

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Learn how we build software

Learn how we build software

RubyGarage’s goal is to get valuable products out the door as fast as possible. We split the development process into small iterations and deliver value to our clients with every release.

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