DevOps Services

We help companies build productive and steady software development processes. Our DevOps services let you streamline continuous development and integration, improve application performance, and accelerate cloud operations to meet your business needs.
Boost in-house development efficiency

We provide a whole range of DevOps services

The goal of our DevOps services and solutions is to shorten the software development lifecycle and set up smooth and continuous delivery of high-quality software. Depending on what pulls your IT processes down, we can provide the following services to eliminate obstacles your in-house team faces:

Cloud migration

We perform small- and large-scale migrations with minimum downtime. Our experts follow the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) approach to improve code infrastructure, increase maintainability, and strengthen code security.

One-click deployment

Our team can implement one-click application infrastructure deployment. This feature lets developers working on your project spend less time on routine manual work and have more time for high-value tasks.

Continuous integration

We configure continuous integration to make repositories easy to access and automate testing. Continuous integration allows developers to detect issues at early stages and reduce the time needed to test and debug an application.

Continuous delivery

We help you produce software in short cycles. With continuous delivery, you can implement new features, and bug fixes quickly and frequently. Thus, you can constantly improve your product and boost the customer experience.

Continuous deployment

We let your application automatically release any code changes after passing tests. Together with automated testing integrated at early development stages, continuous deployment streamlines production.

Performance and availability monitoring

Our team gives you the possibility to regularly receive insights into your application’s availability and performance so you can make changes when needed and outsmart your competitors.

Auto-scale implementation

We can build an automated scaling feature that monitors your applications and automatically adjusts their capacity to the number of current users to maintain steady, predictable performance at the lowest possible cost.

Automated recovery

We ensure your application’s stability and uptime by implementing automated recovery. Reliable cloud-based recovery servers help you minimize data loss and downtime of your software application.

What to expect from our DevOps services

While working on our clients’ projects, we’ve gained immense and invaluable experience in continuous integration and continuous delivery, DevOps automation, release management, maintenance, and support. Here are the benefits you get when working with RubyGarage:

Enhanced security

Reduce risks to your business and operations by moving to a reliable and time-tested cloud service. AWS lowers risks related to application availability, security, and regulatory compliance.


Scale your application capacity in accordance with your users’ and business’s needs. Migrating to the cloud helps you maintain steady, predictable performance during peak use.

Reduced infrastructure costs

Pay only for what you use. The auto-scaling feature in AWS helps you dramatically cut costs on running your application by reducing resources during periods of low use.

Improved software quality

Find and fix bugs at the earliest stages of development with continuous integration. Integrating small pieces of code significantly minimizes the average time to resolve bugs.

Increased customer satisfaction

Deliver more features and modernize your app faster. With a short time to market, you can react to users’ feedback and ever-changing market demands quickly to retain an army of loyal brand advocates.

How we ensure DevOps success

At RubyGarage, we have an established flow that helps us set up an efficient DevOps process that suits the specifics of your software product and meets the needs of your business.

Step 1. Audit your application

Step 1. Audit your application

We thoroughly audit your application, existing tools, hosting servers, and databases to identify any incompatibilities and weaknesses. Then we decide on the cloud tools that align with your business goals and can improve specific functions of your app.

Step 2. Select and implement DevOps practices

Step 2. Select and implement DevOps practices

We help you choose and implement DevOps practices from scratch based on your business needs or adapt and manage ongoing projects to be compatible with the following DevOps practices:

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery
  • Continuous deployment
  • Release management
  • Automated testing
  • Load testing
  • Auto-scaling
  • App performance monitoring
  • Change/configuration management
  • Automated recovery (rollback & roll-forward)
  • Availability monitoring
  • Automated environment de-provisioning
  • Self-service environment setup
Step 3. Containerize the application

Step 3. Containerize the application

We place your application and all its essential parts in one package. Packing up the whole application into one container ensures your application can run both on a local machine and on a server and drastically reduces infrastructure resources.

Step 4. Apply the Infrastructure as Code approach

Step 4. Apply the Infrastructure as Code approach

We implement the IaC approach to make your app infrastructure and its configuration run as scripts or sets of scripts. This replicates the environment fast and lets you reduce development hours needed to add new and configure existing tools.

Step 5. Migrate to the cloud

Step 5. Migrate to the cloud

We carefully plan the entire migration process and ensure the ultimate security of temporary data storage. Various tools such as RDS for databases and CloudWatch for logs help us quickly move everything to AWS, one of the most reliable storage services.

Step 6. Set up one-click deployment

Step 6. Set up one-click deployment

We standardize infrastructure setup and automate the deployment process to let you send new components to testing and production environments with one click. Deployment automation helps you eliminate human errors and reduce the chance of discrepancies.

Step 7. Support DevOps processes

Step 7. Support DevOps processes

We advise your developers on how to choose and use the appropriate toolset and teach them how to properly make changes to infrastructure and project configurations. We’re ready to support your engineers until you achieve all your business objectives.

When you need our DevOps services

RubyGarage is an experienced technical partner who can provide you with DevOps solutions and services in the following cases:

You need

a technical partner to streamline application implementation and deployment in your company

You want to

  • reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of IT processes
  • lower infrastructure maintenance costs
  • establish a disaster recovery system

You have

increased traffic, making your application difficult to handle

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Ensure the efficiency and productivity of your software development process to meet and exceed your users’ expectations

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