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We are an educational software development company that helps academic institutions, individual tutors, and enterprise learning centers streamline teaching and learning processes, reduce manual workloads, and enhance educational and skill development programs.

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Why opt for educational software development services?

Innovative educational software allows you to bring personal, academic, and professional education to a new level. With recent advanced technologies, you can create powerful and feature-rich software products that can help you:

Digitize your school

With custom educational software, you can provide students with efficient and safe learning during the ongoing pandemic. The software products we develop allow you to conduct lessons via virtual classrooms for students residing anywhere in the world.

Cut operational costs

Custom educational software tailored to your organization’s needs lets you reduce your employees’ travel and workloads, facility rental costs, and funds required for materials and equipment. It enables educators to do more in less time.

Ensure the consistency of training

Educational software comprises multiple tools that facilitate efficient learning. With us, you can create a single educational software product to give home assignments, test students’ knowledge, analyze learners’ progress, and adjust your teaching methods.

Simplify school management

Educational software allows academic institutions to manage and keep track of students’ curriculums and personal data records, internal documentation, and workflows. It also enables management of school facilities such as campuses and cafeterias.

Streamline scheduling and attendance tracking

Developing a custom educational solution with a booking feature helps you decrease efforts required for scheduling lessons and booking classrooms. In addition, you can implement attendance recording to give you insights on students’ attendance at a glance.

Monitor learners’ performance

The educational applications we develop enable you to create advanced reports on students’ grades, exam results, and progress. These reports come in handy when reviewing and assessing the efficiency of your educational programs.

Educational software products we’ve developed

By building innovative web and mobile applications with our educational software development company, you can make the learning process flexible, interactive, and productive. Check out the recent digital educational products we’ve created for our clients:

Blue Sky Path Learning Management System

Blue Sky Path Learning Management System

Path LMS is a full-fledged e-learning solution that helps companies create educational courses. Our team developed a powerful content management toolkit that allows academic course creators to upload media, create assessments, organize curriculums, and much more.

Learning Simulator for Beginners in Trading

Learning Simulator for Beginners in Trading

The RubyGarage team developed a simulator that offers an interactive course on trading and investment. Apart from teaching users how to make better investments and minimize risks when trading, the platform enables users to buy and sell real stocks.

Digital solutions we can create for your educational organization

E-learning platform

Launch an online educational platform where students can enroll in courses and complete them at their own pace.

Learning management system

Create a learning management tool that meets your company’s specific needs to track students’ progress and boost training efficiency.

Microlearning solution

Build an engaging app with gamification features to make developing skills fascinating and easy for learners of any age.

School management system

Develop an all-in-one solution for schools to plan students’ curriculums, record attendance, and track academic performance.

Learning content management system

Release a robust knowledge sharing platform that allows contributors to effortlessly create, publish, and update educational content.

Learning experience platform

Develop a progressive solution to deliver a learning experience tailored to users’ needs, preferences, and previous learning choices.

Virtual classroom solutions

Empower school teachers and skill development trainers with low-latency video conferencing software to run real-time online classes.

Educational mobile app

Build a mobile app to enable users to interactively learn languages, soft and hard professional skills, academic subjects, and more on the go.

Technical challenges our educational software development company can overcome for you

Our profound expertise in building innovative software products can help you successfully build a custom educational solution with all functional components that are vital for an effective and prolific learning process.

Online class scheduling

Online class scheduling

Eliminate the need to schedule lessons manually. We create an online booking system that allows learners to book required skill development training or educational classes with tutors in several clicks.

Real-time video lessons

Real-time video lessons

Provide remote teaching that’s equally (or even more) efficient than traditional classes. By implementing real-time HD video conferencing, we ensure the efficiency and fruitfulness of the teaching process.

Payments for tutoring

Payments for tutoring

We integrate your educational software product with a reliable payment processing platform to let you get paid in advance and provide your students with a secure and convenient way to pay for lessons.

Live chat with trainees

Live chat with trainees

Easily communicate and exchange files with your students. We enable peer-to-peer and group messaging to let you answer students’ questions, access files with submitted home assignments, and check message history when needed.

Impeccable data privacy

Impeccable data privacy

Make sure your students’ personal information is safe and sound. The educational software we create stores all data in accordance with information privacy requirements in your users’ area of residence, such as the GDPR in the EU and EEA.

Academic performance analytics

Academic performance analytics

Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of your teaching practices and students’ growth to constantly improve and achieve better results. We’ll provide your solution with advanced tools to let you see all key efficacy indicators at a glance.

Why choose our educational software development company?

The RubyGarage team possesses technical knowledge and skills sufficient to develop vigorous software products to help you enhance learning, automate management processes, and boost revenue.

  • In-depth expertise in building educational software

    We’ve been creating educational software solutions for over 9 years. Our team of more than 150 skilled specialists follow CISQ standards to deliver the best solutions possible.

  • Research-driven approach to software development

    Before kicking off development, our business analysts conduct thorough market research to ensure the high value of your product. We stick to Agile and Lean approaches to constantly improve products under development.

  • One-stop shop for development services

    RubyGarage provides a whole range of services, from product ideation to design, development, testing, and post-release support. We hire the best specialists to assist you at every stage of product creation.

  • Fast software development process

    We’ve aggregated a variety of ready-made and previously tested components and solutions for booking, video calling, chat, and other functionalities that help us speed up your time to market.

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