Application maintenance and support services

RubyGarage offers application maintenance and support services to decrease the likelihood of bugs, incompatibilities, and security issues. We keep your products relevant and responsive to market demands.
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Products we support and maintain

Web platforms

Web platforms

To ensure proper performance of your web platform, RubyGarage constantly monitors your app, fixes bugs, and updates hosting services and third-party APIs. We also implement new functionality if needed.

Mobile apps

Mobile apps

For effective operation of your mobile app, we regularly eliminate bugs and update software. We also upgrade mobile apps to the latest mobile platform versions to ensure smooth app performance on all the latest devices.

Application maintenance and support services we offer

RubyGarage ensures your app operates flawlessly. We optimize your software’s performance and extend your software’s lifetime with our high-quality support and maintenance services:

Emergency issue resolution

We address any development issues immediately, whether you need to make a small tweak, fix a typo, or do something else. Our development team responds fast to make your software work better for your business.

Bug fixes

We monitor and control the quality of your application and take measures to prevent errors from recurring. Our team prioritizes all errors to ensure vital issues are fixed first.

Software updates

We review your entire infrastructure, get things up to date, and regularly maintain the latest versions of libraries and frameworks. If your app is a few releases behind, we work incrementally to upgrade it.

Speed optimization

We optimize both your front end and back end to guarantee faster loading. With optimized speed, your application will rank higher in search results and ensure customer satisfaction and better conversion rates.

New feature development

We add all features your app requires to keep up with ever-changing customer demands. If you feel like your app lacks some features, our developers will help you implement them.


We regularly execute offsite data backups and can restore your data at any time. This ensures smooth operation of your business in case of a data breach and keeps your data safe from ransomware and cybercriminals.

Security patches

We install updates to ensure your software continues to run safely and efficiently. Updates contain important changes that improve the performance, stability, and security of your software.

Rescue mission

We check your code, detect any flaws that prevent your application from effective operation, and come up with a revival plan. During a rescue mission, we don’t change existing functionality but remove severe bottlenecks and improve your code quality.

Projects we support on a long-term basis

Our clients stay with us after their apps are developed and launched and entrust us with maintaining and supporting their products.


Shopperations is a planning and collaboration platform that we implemented from scratch for retail marketers and shoppers. After its release, we maintained the project to improve its performance with growing data loads and to ensure the highest level of security.

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Blue Sky

Blue Sky is a cloud-based e-learning platform that allows users to deliver live and on-demand education to their customers. We implemented a scalable, easily maintainable architecture and upgraded the platform's functionality. RubyGarage continues maintaining the project to address the latest customer needs with new features and improve platform usability.

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Exposure is an app that allows event organizers to get insights into the success of offline events. The system interacts with multiple connected sensors and cameras to track visitor behavior. We continue to maintain Exposure to ensure proper data tracking and processing, implement necessary upgrades, and ensure a high level of security.

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What to expect when partnering with us

RubyGarage is a reputable industry front-runner focused on long-term cooperation. We build, support, and maintain web and mobile apps, adding value to your software products.

  • Enhanced app performance

    With our application maintenance and support services, you’ll increase your software efficiency, reduce overall system downtime, and prolong the app lifecycle.

  • Increased customer retention

    Boosted efficiency and better service quality directly impact customer satisfaction. Moreover, we can add valuable features that your users require.

  • Reduced total cost of product ownership

    With our monthly maintenance kit, you can drastically lower the overhead associated with managing an in-house team and your app infrastructure.

  • Minimized business risks

    We constantly check your app to prevent malicious attacks and data losses. Regular data backups allow you to store all critical information in a safe place and access it anytime you need it.

When you need RubyGarage assistance

We provide application maintenance and support services to ensure the proper operation of your app. However, that’s not all. You can also benefit from using our services if:

You need

  • a technical partner to continually maintain and improve your web platform or mobile application
  • a reliable team of software engineers on hand to fix bugs and critical issues as they arise
  • the in-house expertise to maintain your fast-growing technical product

You want

  • to keep your web platform or mobile application secure
  • to benefit from new features and updates in the latest versions of frameworks, libraries, databases, and other tech tools you use in developing your software
  • to build new features in your application

You don’t want

  • to distract your in-house software development team with routine maintenance tasks
  • to entrust tasks that deal with your critical data to freelancers

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Enhance your app performance and get all the benefits of continually maintained software

Our Advantages

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