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Core Technologies

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An e-learning platform for delivering educational and training content

Blue Sky eLearn is a technology company that helps organizations deliver live and on-demand education to their audiences. Their Path LMS e-learning platform is an end-to-end cloud-based solution for creating, tracking, and monetizing custom educational content.


To help organizations create internal training and educational courses, Blue Sky eLearn started developing a full-fledged cloud-based learning management system.

The company’s in-house development team started building the e-learning platform, but it turned out they needed a larger workforce. To speed up development, Jeremiah Kendall, CTO at Blue Sky eLearn, reached out to RubyGarage.

RubyGarage teamed up with the in-house team at Blue Sky to help them significantly upgrade the application and get it up and running as quickly as possible.

The RubyGarage team was in charge of:

  • Setting up an efficient development process to avoid integration problems during functionality upgrades
  • Building a fully functional e-learning application to enable organizations to create versatile educational content
  • Preparing the application architecture for further updates
  • Making the application easy to scale
  • Integrating the e-learning platform with third-party services
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Users can find the educational content they need and see brief information about every course or event.

Rich Educational Management Toolkit

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Path LMS allows for creating advanced learning pathways with versatile educational content and custom certificates.

Live Events Support

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Thanks to the integration with GoToMeeting and Adobe Connect, Path LMS supports live events.

Simple Registration

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Users can seamlessly sign up for events and courses; Path LMS automatically collects analytical information.


After joining the Blue Sky eLearn team, our developers carried out a thorough analysis of the existing software product and its codebase. We discovered it was of high quality, but the application architecture was difficult to scale.

So we needed to revise the codebase and make the application architecture easy to maintain and upgrade in the long run. Our other goal was to ensure that the e-learning platform was available and functional regardless of the number of users.

In cooperation with the in-house team at Blue Sky eLearn, our RubyGarage experts created a project implementation roadmap and suggested ways of expanding the functionality of Path LMS.

Our RubyGarage team:

  • Set up an efficient development workflow by adopting software development best practices such as an Agile methodology, test-driven-development, and continuous integration and delivery
  • Switched to a domain-centric architecture to make adding new functionality to Path LMS easy and fast
  • Optimized infrastructure maintenance costs by calculating the application load and defining the optimal amount of resources to automatically scale the application
  • Enabled single sign-on so employees can easily access Path LMS with their corporate credentials and secure access to the educational content within organizations
  • Integrated the Blue Sky eLearn platform with third-party membership management services to allow organizations that use them to also access Path LMS
  • Developed a rich educational content management toolkit that handles uploading digital media, creating custom surveys and assessments, organizing learning pathways and curriculums, and more
  • Made Path LMS SCORM-compliant to allow organizations to use online educational materials across different learning platforms
  • Implemented monetization functionality to allow organizations to make money off their expertise by creating paid courses and promoting them with coupons

Technology Stack


RubyGarage experts became an integral part of the Blue Sky development team and helped them roll out a powerful cloud-based e-learning platform that helps organizations easily create custom educational and training content for their employees and for audiences worldwide.

Since the release of Path LMS, the e-learning platform has received multiple industry awards and was named one of the world’s best LMS solutions by independent research and consulting firm Talented Learning. Path LMS now has over 1 million users worldwide.

Our RubyGarage developers continue maintaining, upgrading, and improving Blue Sky Path LMS to make it more helpful and convenient for customers.

Blue Sky Path LMS

Jeremiah Kendall

CTO at Blue Sky eLearn

It’s been consistent performance over the past three years. RubyGarage developers are fully engaged, interacting with our team and offering suggestions. They care about the success of the team and the platform, so it’s been really great for us across the board. We have never even considered looking for a different provider since we started working with RubyGarage. We’ve been really happy and impressed with the talent that we have assigned to us.

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