An online make-up store with a unique referral program

ArtDeco is an online makeup store


Alex Fazelli




California, USA

Core Technologies

Ruby on Rails Spree Angular PostgreSQL AWS


Since 1985, Artdeco has been delivering a rich line of cosmetics that offer uncompromising quality for a great price. Yet it wasn’t present on the US market. The online store we’ve delivered for Artdeco launches the brand on the US market and differentiates itself with an alluring referral system.


Our client, Alex Fazelli, decided to create a full-service online store for the Artdeco brand. He wanted the store to be oriented at American consumers and to have an exclusive referral system.

We needed to develop an efficient tool for tracking inventory and provide a satisfying customer experience including convenient checkout, a reliable payment gateway, and fast shipping.

In a short time, we needed to:

  • Develop a fully functional online store
  • Digitize a copious number of catalogs
  • Automate product management, payment, and shipping processes
  • Develop a referral system and a rewards system
  • Increase conversion and decrease shopping cart abandonment rates
ArtDeco referral program

ArtDeco customers can buy makeup products in a few clicks

ArtDeco online makeup store
ArtDeco makeup products

Auto-reoder feature enables users to receive makeup products on a regular basis with a discount

ArtDeco auto-reorder feature


Our development team offered to deploy the Artdeco online shop on the Spree platform. Spree was a smart choice as it’s a flexible, reliable, and scalable ecommerce solution.

We developed an online store with essential ecommerce features and extended its functionality via integration with third-party services. We also created a personalized rewards system based on a multi-level marketing model.

We provided the following solutions:

  • Built the platform on Spree to manage inventory, catalogs, and orders and provide sufficient customer support
  • Created a tool for importing product catalogs on a regular basis
  • Implemented auto-reorder functionality to automatically send goods every 30, 60, or 90 days
  • Built a three-stage referral program: customers earn rewards from referrals based on a pyramid-shaped commission system
  • Developed a loyalty program: customers earn loyalty credits for each order they make
  • Created a custom one-page checkout: customers can purchase without creating an account or signing in
  • Implemented multiple integrations to track shipments, process payments, send email notifications, share information about products and review them, and track website performance

Technology Stack


RubyGarage helped Alex Fazelli develop a full-service US-specific online store for the Artdeco makeup brand. The online store that we created encompasses basic ecommerce functionality along with add-ons from popular services.

The development solutions by RubyGarage and the UI/UX design by UGEM studio lured in new customers, increased conversion rates, and contributed to the overall commercial success of the Artdeco online store.

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