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We're a leading provider of custom marketplaces for businesses across the globe. With seven years of experience in the field, we’ve created a ready-made solution for quality and cost-efficient marketplace development. We build marketplaces that are unique, fast, and scalable.
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What we offer

Our custom-made solution allows us to create four types of marketplaces: for product sales, rental services, booking services, and consulting services. We offer a white-label marketplace solution that can be easily customized and designed according to your business needs. With RubyGarage, you can create unique marketplaces on time and on budget.

See our marketplace development portfolio

So far, we’ve built more than 20 custom marketplaces that help our clients offer exceptional services to businesses and individuals around the world. Here are just a few examples of successful marketplaces we’ve created within our walls

A crowdsourcing design marketplace

It’s never been easier for small and medium-sized businesses to order high-quality solutions from designers all over the world. Having combined a classic marketplace with contest marketplace type, we enabled the customers to pay the winning concepts. This unique and secure marketplace is backed by a scalable architecture, efficient communication tools, and intuitive interface.

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A creative marketplace

Pindify is the place the technology and art meet. Streamlined development, proper scalability, mobile optimization, viable monetization approach are the tools that helped our team craft the marketplace for creative providers.

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Extreme sports marketplace

We reinvented the way adventure marketplace works. On Avidyx, a daring traveler can find any supplier in no time for it being not only a peer-to-peer marketplace but a business-to-customer one as well. Anyone with extreme sports supplies can create an account and start their own business.

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Itineraries marketplace

We built Wanderist to connect travelers with locals and provide the latter not only with the best UI/UX design but the personalized travel experience. A subtle blend of classic and contest marketplaces serves as a guide throughout the whole journey even offline.

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Affiliate Network Platform
A multi-channel selling marketplace

A scalable marketplace for vendors, sellers, and customers was a challenge our team accepted and completed. This multi-channel selling platform boosts sales and enlarges markets. A responsive platform performs integrations with online stores thus showing product details to customers, collects analytics for data overview and shows all financial insights.

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A marketplace for campers

There’s a market for any service, and we helped to connect those seeking rest in the wild with those who rent campsites out providing a smooth experience. The users can now enjoy the comprehensive catalog, secure trip booking, and quick payment thanks to the integrated solutions we implemented.

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Sports venue booking system

This is how a marketplace from scratch looks like. Our team faced the task to help sport facilities owners rent out and now it takes the users a few clicks to book a pitch. Along with the booking system, we implemented the Stripe and PayPal. Responsive design and integrated analytics added the finishing touch to this custom marketplace.

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Build an outstanding marketplace with us

Appealing UI and
streamlined UX

We design pleasing interfaces that encourage user engagement, nurture brand affinity, and increase a marketplace’s competitive advantage. They also offer a great user experience, which makes any product intuitive and easy to use. We create clear layouts so users can understand how your product works at a glance. Our marketplace solution can be fully customized to achieve your business goals.


As a business grows, its main goal is to continue meeting market demands and customer needs. We use an architectural style that allows marketplaces to scale limitlessly and adopt new features rapidly. With our custom marketplace solution, your product will be capable of handling any load. When you experience a rush at the holidays or during annual sales, your marketplace won’t face any technical issues.


With our custom marketplace solution, you can launch your product much faster and cheaper than with other technology providers. We’ve built our own in-house solution for rapid marketplace development that’s extremely flexible and scalable. Moreover, we have deep expertise in creating marketplaces for many industries, allowing us to develop your product efficiently and reduce your time to market.


We’ve been developing marketplaces with our custom solution for more than 7 years, over which time we’ve learned how to achieve high code quality in all of our projects. In addition, our agile software development practices – adherence to coding standards, continuous integration, automated testing, code ownership, etc. – help us produce bug-free products.

Industries we work with

Travel & hospitality

Looking to build the next Airbnb or With our solution, you’ll get a secure environment for bookings and payments.

Finance & banking

We provide a solution for financial marketplaces with high transaction volumes, cross-border exchange, and third-party vendor integrations.

Ecommerce & retail

We handle e-commerce functionality such as inventory supply, shipping, taxes, and payment integrations.

Health & fitness

Building an online consultation platform? Use our solution to easily implement video and phone calls, bookings, and payments.

Education & online learning

Build e-learning platforms like Udemy that enhance the learning process with useful integrations and rich content.

Recruitment & human resources

If you’re looking to build another Upwork, choose our solution for comfortable communication between employers and freelancers.

Features of our white-label solution

Profile management (for sellers and buyers)

Every marketplace member can create their own profile, add delivery and payment information, and make any changes. Sellers can manage their listings, reviews, product descriptions, orders, and payments. Buyers can manage their personal information, buying/booking history, feedback, and reviews.


A built-in payment system allows marketplaces to process transactions safely and quickly. The system also provides escrow payments, holding funds until a transaction is successful. This payment method boosts trust between sellers and buyers.

Feedback and reviews

Ratings and review systems make customers trust marketplaces more. They also motivate sellers and service providers to compete and provide higher quality products and services.

Messaging via chat

For greater convenience, your marketplace users can connect via chat. This eases ordering, communication, and tracking.

Authentication and authorization

Verify a user’s identity and give them access to the system.

Wishlist/favorites list

Wishlists get your users engaged with your marketplace and keep them coming back for items and services they love.

Inventory (stock) management

Stock management allows sellers to check product availability and provide customers with real-time product information.

Product listings

Users can create product listings, manage their products, add descriptions and photos, and set prices effortlessly.

Order management

Managing all orders in one place helps marketplace sellers save time on manual tasks and avoid order processing errors.

Shopping cart

A shopping cart is essential for any marketplace, as it bridges the gap between shopping and buying. Usually, a shopping cart stores product information and shows the product list on display.


Users can conveniently manage the list of services they provide, update information about these services, and search/filter listings.

Booking system

Service providers can manage all bookings in one place, filter them, and check booking history. This helps to avoid double bookings and other issues.

Booking calendar

Synchronizing a booking flow with a calendar allows providers to ensure smooth customer experience and get more transactions.

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