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California, USA

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NZXT is the website of an American computer hardware manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. The online store contains a catalog with a range of computer cases, components, and accessories for the PC gaming market. NZXT has served 50,000 US customers. However, the founder of NZXT wasn’t satisfied with the platform that the website ran on.


NZXT was built on a SaaS solution. Over time, the online store started expanding its user base and product range, and it became necessary to add new features and ensure stable operation. But the SaaS solution that NZXT ran on couldn’t handle these new features and guarantee stable performance, so our client could only make limited edits and customizations.

Our team needed to solve this problem by providing a new, cost-efficient solution for the online store and developing the required functionality to scale this growing business, provide a satisfying customer experience, and increase brand awareness.

Our team needed to:

  • Migrate from a SaaS solution to a custom-built solution and assure a gradual migration without delays in the store’s operations
  • Build the features necessary for the ecommerce site to manage goods, customer support, and payments
  • Provide a unique design to promote brand awareness

NZXT's home page efficiently showcases the products

NZTX home page

The website features a convenient catalog with plenty of filters for exhaustive search

NZXT features NZXT online store


Our development team decided to migrate from the SaaS solution gradually to make this process as smooth as possible. We developed a new full-featured version of the online store, designed to make the business more flexible and increase its value.

In order for the online store to operate continuously, the RubyGarage team came up with a solution to migrate in two phases and to do so quickly.

We provided the following solutions:

  • Built a new custom online store on Spree Commerce
  • Developed a functional and intuitive control panel for managing goods, processing orders, and handling shipping
  • Implemented a marketing automation tool for an efficient upsell strategy
  • Created a convenient catalog with goods for a bigger and better customer experience
  • Added blog functionality to attract people and stimulate them to make purchases
  • Made a powerful tool for moving existing products, customer profiles, and past orders to the new custom-built store
  • Redesigned the UI/UX in collaboration with our UGEM design studio to make user navigation easier and express the brand identity

Technology Stack


The RubyGarage team made it possible for our client to configure the online store to suit their business requirements today and be able to scale it to suit their requirements tomorrow. We provided a functional and scalable online store that can handle the inevitable increases in data and transactions.

The new custom-built website has helped this business grow online and has also strengthened its branding, as the site was designed and built precisely to fit our client’s requirements. Our design team created a website design that aligns with the needs of the client’s brand in order to connect effectively with the target market.

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