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We deliver ready-to-run web applications developed using the Vue.js framework with outstanding performance and an appealing UI.
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What we offer as Vue.js development company

Vue.js web app development

Get a ready-to-go web application according to your requirements. Our experts can help you turn a simple idea into a full-fledged project. We deliver ready-to-use web applications that are stable, fast, and have great UIs.

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Migration to Vue.js

If you need to switch to a more capable technology, we can help you migrate your web application to Vue.js without rewriting your existing code. Our experts can migrate your web app to the Vue.js framework from any JavaScript platform.

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SPA development

RubyGarage experts build feature-rich single-page applications (SPAs) that can present and update content without reloading the web page. In essence, you will get a web app with extended functionality that can update data in real time.

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Ongoing support

Our Vue.js development company will help you keep your app up to date. You can count on ongoing support, enhancements, upgrades, and technical improvements to your product. Our specialists won’t leave you hanging after making your web application live.

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When to choose Vue.js application development

There are many scenarios when you may need our expert assistance in developing Vue.js web applications. We can help if you need to:

  • Build a new web application from scratch
  • Build a front end for an existing API
  • Switch your web app to a new technology stack
  • Develop a feature-rich SPA
  • Swiftly create a minimum viable product (MVP) to validate your idea
  • Craft a project that will be able to scale in the future
  • Create a web app that contains a lot of data that will be updated in real time
  • Develop a complex UI that won’t impair your web app’s performance

How our Vue.js development company builds the front end for web applications

We have a reliable and well-polished workflow that lets us deliver products of outstanding quality.

Stage 1. Development planning

We define all stages of Vue.js development in a detailed roadmap. At this stage, we:

  • Investigate business, functional, and technical requirements
  • Conduct UI design analysis
  • Research API specifications
  • Refine features
  • Break down features into tasks
  • Analyze tasks
  • Perform team alignment
  • Craft a release plan

Stage 2. Architecture design

To create a top-grade product, we choose the best technologies. This stage of the Vue.js web development process involves the following steps:

  • Designing the web app’s frontend architecture
  • Defining the technology stack
  • Selecting integrations

Stage 3. Development environment configuration

At this stage, we build a perfect environment so our team can work without interruptions by following these steps:

  • Initialize the Vue.js application
  • Configure the technology stack
  • Set up development, test and staging environments
  • Configure the continuous integration server
  • Set up deployment scripts

Stage 4. Iterative application development

An iterative approach to development helps our Vue.js development company excel in building web applications. Significant components of this technique are planning and implementation, which contain the following steps:

Sprint planning steps

  • Preparing tasks
  • Outlining algorithms and business logic for each task
  • Creating a checklist for each task

Sprint implementation steps

  • Developing static templates
  • Programming and implementing business logic
  • Creating autotests
  • Reviewing code

Stage 5. Production environment configuration and release

Several activities help us ensure that everything works correctly before deployment:

  • Setting up production infrastructure
  • Monitoring load testing
  • Configuring integrations
  • Performing security testing, configuration, and setup
  • Configuring performance, quality, and availability monitoring tools
  • Releasing the frontend web app

Our Vue.js development service deliverables

React.js development
Since we have a clear work process, all our clients get precisely these deliverables:

Future-ready web application

RubyGarage delivers web applications that need no further adjustments or additional Vue.js web development. We launch and test your app so you won’t experience any issues.

Optimized development time and costs

We create diverse and reusable components and assemble existing ones in various combinations. This helps us minimize the time required for development, resulting in lower frontend development costs.

Enhanced app performance

Vue.js guarantees excellent performance due to its virtual DOM. This framework is lightweight and is considered the fastest in rendering user interfaces. Web apps built using Vue.js work swiftly.

Great user experience

Modern websites should swiftly process all requests and update the user interface. Vue.js helps you create fast, interactive user interfaces for web apps that deliver an outstanding user experience.

SEO-optimized web application

Since Vue.js delivers markup fast, Google bots experience no issues accessing websites and scanning their code. Adopting Vue.js helps improve a website’s ranking.

Clean and bug-free code

Our developers compose clean and structured code that any software engineer can easily review. We also examine and thoroughly test web apps before delivering them to clients.

Convenient communication

A well-defined web app development process helps RubyGarage make communication efficient and effortless. We deliver products that meet clients’ needs.

Why we recommend Vue.js for frontend development

Our experts build custom applications of any complexity using Vue.js because of the standout benefits of this framework.

Rich user-interfaces

Vue.js offers the ability to create rich user interfaces. An attractive UI increases user engagement and the ability to convert new website visitors into customers.

Rapid development

Vue.js is a component-based framework, meaning developers can reuse pieces of code. Also, particular Vue.js rules and patterns decrease the time required for frontend development.

Flexible and easy to maintain

The framework’s modular structure makes Vue.js a great choice in the long run. It’s easy to update existing components, add new ones, and maintain your code.


Vue.js is one of the fastest frameworks. Its runtime weighs around 20kB. Meanwhile, it has a virtual DOM to quickly render and deliver HTML code.

Rich toolset

Vue.js has a rich ecosystem including must-have tools such as Vuex, Vue Router, and Vue Server Rendering. It’s easy to integrate Vue.js into an existing project.

SEO-friendly markup

Vue.js can render HTML markup fast, so search engine bots experience zero issues indexing it. Also, the framework’s high performance improves sites’ ranking.

Trusted by great companies

Many famous companies including GitLab, Behance, Alibaba, Trustpilot, Xiaomi, WizzAir, and Grammarly use Vue.js to build their website’s front end.

Simplicity and standardization

As a standardized framework, Vue.js requires developers to follow rules. However, the learning curve isn’t steep. Developers can speedily grasp new skills to compose code using Vue.js.

Strong support and community-oriented development

Vue.js is a community-driven framework. Therefore, the community’s core members release important features fast. Also, it has outstanding documentation and community support to help Vue.js developers solve their issues fast.

What clients say about our Vue.js development company

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