Product Ideation Services

Our product ideation services let you easily decide how, where, when, and if your product should evolve.

Discover critical indicators and evidence that will help you make product decisions and find solutions to crucial problems in your software product.

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Our product ideation services

We use a structured method to come up with solutions that are in demand. To help you create a product that attracts and brings value to users, we carry out the following activities:

Market and competitor analysis

We perform an in-depth analysis of your competitors to identify major industry trends, key markets, and promising niches. With RubyGarage, you’ll get a full understanding of how your target market operates in order to form your product’s unique value proposition.

Target audience analysis

We identify your potential users and research their needs and desires. We also segment your target audience by forming customer personas and ideal customer profiles. This helps you design your product based on a user-centered paradigm.

Solution concept definition

We help you get a comprehensive understanding of your product concept. Our ideation services help you minimize product uncertainty, establish a clear product vision, and create a thought-through strategy.

Business model design

We clearly define the business contours of your project: the top problems customers face (and solutions to them), key product metrics and KPIs, your unique value proposition, your target audience and customer segments, your project cost structure, and revenue streams.

Feature set design and estimation

We use previously identified user roles to create a full set of killer features and maximize your product’s value for users. You’ll get a transparent estimate of each product feature and each specialist on your team, allowing you to plan how you’ll distribute investments.

Team establishment and scheduling

We design your project team’s structure to effectively achieve your product goals in the scheduled time frame. You’ll receive an optimal list of professionals for product development and an involvement plan for maximum clarity as to their roles on your project.

MVP scope design

We list and prioritize the product functions that are most advisable to implement in an MVP version of your product. With an MVP, you can validate your business hypotheses with minimal risk and investment and have the opportunity to improve your product later.

Technology stack proposal

We propose backend and frontend technologies that will make your product successful. We select advanced technologies that are relevant for your business and ensure maximum viability and technological resilience.

Our product ideation services in action

The product ideation services we provide help companies create software products that offer great value and exceptional quality.

Exposure Analytics

To create a real-time analytics platform, we gathered and clarified technical requirements, conducted a thorough competitor analysis, identified risks, and worked out solutions to eliminate them. Eventually, we created a secure and reliable system that helps marketing specialists measure the success of offline events.

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Avidyx is a marketplace for extreme sports activities that connects travelers and service providers. We analyzed the target market and the niche, then identified the product’s technical requirements and the business needs of the Avidyx founders to build a profitable full-fledged marketplace.

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DesignBro makes design sourcing simple and affordable for small and midsize businesses. Before development, we identified the major pain points of businesses searching for designers and designers looking for challenging new projects. This helped us build a high-value software platform.

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Still wondering how to make your software product special and attractive to users?

Advantages of ordering our product ideation services

The experience we’ve gained on diverse software development projects has helped us create a highly beneficial product ideation process. Here are the benefits you get when working with RubyGarage:

  • Clear product vision

    We help you get a complete understanding of your product’s environment, your users, and your business model. Our in-depth research provides invaluable insights on target market trends, niche best practices, and competitors’ strong and weak sides.

  • Reduced risks

    Our product ideation services help you spot potential risks and take them into account when planning software product development. By identifying possible pitfalls, we prevent issues such as rework and release delays.

  • Value-added product

    We determine your target audience’s critical pains and needs. This helps us come up with features that bring the most value to your product’s users. Then we set up a cost-efficient development approach based on the features we’ve defined.

  • Long-term perspective

    We create a strategic development plan that will help you scale your software and grow your business. This plan serves as a step-by-step guide to development and includes complete lists of features for the first, second, and subsequent releases.

Product ideation flow

Build EXPLORATION VALIDATION Prototype Research Evaluate Learn Ideate Test Goal
EXPLORATION VALIDATION Research Prototype Evaluate Learn Ideate Test Build Goal

We provide a broad selection of valuable outputs

During the software product ideation, we use our own unique methodology based on the best IT market practices and the most efficient ideation strategies. To make product ideation worthwhile, we create an extensive list of deliverables that ensure a rapid and productive development process.

Product business model

Get a complete, thoroughly described business model for your solution based on the Lean Canvas framework. A Lean Canvas is a strategic document you can refer to as a roadmap at each stage of product development.

Target audience report

Understand your target audience’s pains and the real-life problems your product needs to solve. Thanks to customer personas and an ideal customer profile, you’ll get to know who your users are and what they expect from your product.

Competitive market analysis report

Get a holistic view of trends in your target industry, market, and niche. See the positions of your direct and indirect competitors, get to know their strong and weak sides, and avoid their mistakes.

Competitors’ functionality report

Get a functional decomposition of your competitors’ products to figure out what functionality adds to their value and what features they lack. This allows you to identify a unique value proposition and market positioning for your own product.

Solution concept definition

Receive a ready-to-use concept for your software product. Based on thorough research and analysis, our team creates a concept that establishes the basis for your product strategy and product feature set.

Detailed product feature set

Get a list of vital features for your product. We decompose the product’s functional modules into epics and user stories, then rate them according to their importance. In this way, we create a prioritized list of features to implement in your product's first release.

Development cost estimates

Get a detailed estimate of each product feature. We develop estimates for each team in your company and create a full budget for product development that include all necessary expenditures so you know exactly how much you’ll need.

Defined team set

Obtain an optimal list of specialists who should be involved in the development process. You’ll get a complete list of team members required for your project along with their required skill levels.

Project schedule baseline

Get a clear, step-by-step project implementation plan based on your optimal team so you can anticipate the duration of the project and the date of your product release.

MVP scope and estimate

Receive a clear plan for MVP implementation that includes a set of minimum necessary functions that your product needs in order to reliably validate product hypotheses with a minimum initial investment.

Technology stack proposal

Receive a detailed proposal for backend and frontend technologies based on the best modern technological practices and focused on the most efficient way to achieve your project goals.

AWS hosting goal and cost description

Get a comprehensive proposal for configuring your software product’s server infrastructure. Our specialists clearly define the goals of AWS hosting and carefully estimate the required costs.

Set up an efficient development flow with the right list of features, an advanced technology stack, and a suitable team.

Why do you need our product ideation services?

When providing product ideation services, we leverage our extensive experience in supporting and developing software solutions for various markets. You can take advantage of our expertise in the following cases:

You want to

  • create a successful and competitive product that will meet the needs of your target audience and market trends
  • design a killer feature set that will make you stand out from the competition
  • ensure that your product can solve real problems of potential users
  • have a clear vision of your product’s business opportunities

You need to

  • validate your business idea and hypothesis
  • estimate the cost of development and have a clear vision of the development baseline
  • get deep knowledge of your target market, niche, competitors, and customers’ wants and needs
  • reduce business risks during product development and make a profitable investment in your project

What clients say about our product ideation services

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