Mobile Application Design Services

Mobile Application Design Services

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Looking for effective design solutions? We create simple, clean, and attractive mobile app designs for business.

Our recent mobile design projects

To evaluate our expertise in mobile app design services, check out the case studies where we show how our research-driven design approach helps both solve real business problems and meet user needs.

A Social Voting Application for Market Validation

Vootex is a social voting application that allows companies to verify their ideas before releasing products. Vootex gathers valid feedback and provides analytics quickly to help businesses perform valid product testing quickly and cost-efficiently.

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An iOS App for Finding Great Places to Dine

Vittles is an iOS app for foodies to discover tasty places to eat near them. This app offers a rich variety of filters coupled with geolocation technology to suit even the most demanding tastes. Vittles also helps restaurants to expand their market reach and acquire new customers.

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A Storytelling Mobile App for Travelers

Maplify is a mobile app that helps travelers create complete travel itineraries, collect all trips in a single place, and share their adventures with others. Maplify makes it easy for people to share their thoughts and impressions about places they’ve visited.

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A Planning Poker Application for Agile Teams

Scrummer is an application for Planning poker developed by the RubyGarage team. Scrummer makes estimation sessions productive and fun as it features a Fibonacci sequence to estimate tasks coupled with funny plots on each card and lively animated mascots.

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Design is exploration

Our research-based approach allows us to generate the most effective solutions for your specific business needs. At RubyGarage, we pay close attention to every step of the mobile app design process, from understanding your product vision to prototyping to user testing.

  1. Every project starts with thorough requirements elicitation. We define business goals and align stakeholder expectations for the product.

  2. We conduct preliminary research of your competitors, target audience, and market to identify the most beneficial design solutions.

  3. After deep investigation, our team establishes the product structure and generates design ideas to address business goals and customer pain points.

  4. At this stage, our team turns ideas into concrete prototypes by creating wireframes, a style guide, mockups, and a clickable prototype.

  5. In the end, we conduct usability testing to review overall user interaction with the product.

We’ve got you covered

The RubyGarage mobile app design company is your one-stop shop. Our full-stack team does it all – from iOS and Android app design services to development and testing.

  • User experience design

    Our goal with design is to create a quality user experience with intuitive navigation and clear layouts. To create a mobile app that’s easy to use, we stick to best practices and follow common design standards. As a result, you get a product that both meets your users’ needs and achieves your business goals.

  • User interface design

    We create user interface designs for mobile apps according to Design Guidelines from Apple and Google. Our user interfaces strike a balance between usability, function, and visual appeal. We help our clients not only create attractive products but also enhance their brand competitiveness and increase user engagement.

  • iOS and Android app development

    RubyGarage provides a full range of iOS and Android development services. From mobile application design for iPhones and iPads to multiple Android devices, we provide complete mobile development services and create quality, cost-effective products. The mobile apps we build are high-performance, secure, and reliable.

Design for your end user. We’ll show you how.

Our wealth of experience comes from seven years of successful web and mobile app design services, with more than 100 launched projects in various industries. Our clients appreciate our complex approach to solving business problems and our long-term and reliable partnership. We have considerable expertise in designing mobile apps for niches including healthcare, social networking, travel, ecommerce, and FinTech. Having accomplished hundreds of projects, we use our best practices to make your business ideas a reality.

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RubyGarage is your reliable technology partner at every step. Whether you’re looking for custom mobile app design, development, or review, we can do it. Find out more about our services.

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  • UX review

    We conduct UX reviews to help you detect and eliminate UX issues and get a streamlined product. If this is something your product needs, read more about our UX design review service here.

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