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Cut lengthy emails and intermediaries from your conversations with our chat app solution.
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Focus on your business. We’ll take care of all in-app interactions

Custom software development is long, risky, and expensive. Our feature-packed chat app solution allows you to create a communication hub in months instead of years.
Create your chat-based product step by step, from idea to launch, first users, growth, and scaling.

  • Define the product type

  • Get your fully tailored chat-based product

  • Scale and grow your business

Leverage the versatile chat app solution created with business in mind

No need to create your product from the ground up. With our chat app solution, you can easily create a chat-based product for any industry and any type of business.

Social media apps

Chat functionality is the basis for social media apps. If you plan to create a platform like Instagram or Tinder, our solution offers all must-have chat features mixed with an intuitive interface to make communication between your users convenient and pleasant.

Online consultations

Looking for a reliable and secure chat for your consulting business? We’ve packed our solution with HIPAA and GDPR compliance, SSL encryption, regular data backups, and more to make it suitable for any venue, be it a clinic, school, or law firm.

Corporate networks

If you need to build a robust corporate chat to foster communication between team members, our solution has all the necessary features to do it. A comprehensive system of notifications, unlimited chat history, and file sharing aim to streamline team work and boost productivity.

On-demand services

In mobile apps like Uber and BlaBlaCar, built-in chat is a must. An advanced feature set aimed at providing effective communication will help service providers and customers stay connected and informed even on the go.

Web stores and marketplaces

Get feature-rich chat functionality for your e-store, product, or service marketplace. Provide customers with a seamless communication tool to improve the shopping experience, skyrocket sales, and boost revenue.

Broadcasting platform

Our chat solution makes broadcasting more engaging. Create a video streaming product with a strong and loyal community and ensure your customers’ satisfaction, allowing users to communicate live.

Need to get a feature-packed chat fast?

Advantages of a ready-made solution for your chat-based product

Get a solution with prebuilt features and a pixel-perfect user interface to drive engagement, boost participation, and create the best experience for your app users.

Mobile and web solution

Mobile and web solution

No matter what device your users prefer, you can ensure a perfect user experience with our chat app solution for mobile and web products.

Minimal time to market

Minimal time to market

Launch your chat-based product within a few months using a tested UI/UX based on best practices that is already appreciated and approved by clients worldwide.

Streamlined communication

Streamlined communication

Leverage continuous communication and keep all necessary communication history at hand. Use private and group chats to meet different communication needs.

Simple data sharing

Simple data sharing

Chat users can be sure that everyone included in a chat gets access to the necessary content – including images, video and audio files, documents, and links – and can access this content at any time.

Supreme data availability

Supreme data availability

Chat history and shared files are available even offline. Advanced search options allow for accessing information whenever users need it.

Top security

Top security

No matter what industry your product is for, we made sure our chat solution is secure, complies with HIPAA and the GDPR, and uses SSL encryption.

Discover all the advantages of our chat app solution

A feature-packed solution to meet all your business needs

No matter your industry, our solution has all the features you need to ensure effective communication with your users or between them.

Unlimited communication

A functional and intuitive way to communicate in private or group chats

Unlimited communication

Multimedia sharing

Let chat users have an easily accessible place to share all files in one platform.

Multimedia sharing

Simple group chat management

A straightforward way to create, monitor, navigate, and edit communication channels with invited chat members.

Simple group chat management


Keep your users informed and make sure they don’t miss a thing with our comprehensive notification system.


Unlimited communication

A functional and intuitive way to communicate in private or group chats

One-on-one chats

Private chats allow users to communicate with each other when and how they need.

Group chats

Users can create an unlimited number of chats and invite an unlimited number of participants.

Pinned chats

By pinning chats, users can always have the chats they open most frequently at hand.

Pinned messages

Users can pin important messages so every chat member can access them quickly and easily.

Adding users to a chat

Chat creators can send email invitations to new chat members with or without permission to see the complete chat history.

Message management

With copy, edit, and delete options, chat users don’t have to worry even if they send the wrong message to the wrong person.

Unread messages

With the unread messages option, chat members will never miss important information.


Users can use @ to mention one or several people in a chat.

Access to shared files

Whenever users need to check on or download shared files, they can find them in one place.

Message history

There’s no chance of missing a message thanks to a limitless communication history and the ability to access all messages whenever users need.

Multimedia sharing

Let chat users have an easily accessible place to share all files in one platform.

Upload files

Our solution allows chat users to share any files they need for efficient communication, from invoices to personal photos.

Store files in one place

Users can view all shared files in the Chat Summary via the preview so they never download the wrong file.

Download files

Chat users can access files anytime and wherever it’s more convenient: in the chat history or on their devices.

Search for files

Users can easily find files by using the search field and typing a file name.

Show a message with a particular file

When users can’t remember what a particular file is about, they can find the message to which the file was attached.

Delete a file

No chance of mistake! If users share a file accidentally, they can delete it for all users.

Simple group chat management

A straightforward way to create, monitor, navigate, and edit communication channels with invited chat members

Create public or private chats

Users can create new chats and edit them by adding a chat name, image, and description.

Invite users to a chat

To add people to a chat, the chat creator either searches for registered users via a search field or sends new users an invitation by email.

Manage chats

Chat creators have access to rich functionality, including the ability to view the number of users, add and delete users, and mute a chat.

Filter chat lists

Users can find a chat via a search field by typing in its name. They can also pin chats for easy access.

Deactivate invitation

The link to join a chat becomes inactive once the chat is deleted or the chat creator cancels the invitation.

Resend invitation

Sometimes emails get lost and invited users get stuck with a pending status. In such cases, the chat creator can re-invite users.


Keep your users informed and make sure they don’t miss a thing with our comprehensive notification system.

Email invitations

Chat members don’t have to register and can join a chat with an invitation link sent via email.

Push notifications

Mobile users don’t need to open a chat to see if there’s something new. They’ll always be informed with push notifications.

Email notifications

With email notifications, chat users can always be sure they won’t miss an important message or file.

Deactivation notifications

With timely email notifications, users are informed if they were excluded from a chat or if the chat was deactivated.

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