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What’s included in web application testing services

At RubyGarage, our testing experts offer the following types of web QA services:

Functional testing

Functional testing includes verifying data integrity, verifying the system workflow, and identifying invalid redirects or dead pages.

Interface testing

This type of website QA service covers not only the GUI but also all other interfaces your web application has.

Usability evaluation

Your web application’s user interface must be intuitive and form a positive experience. Through usability testing, we check navigation and controls, verify content, and confirm that data flows and screens are intuitive.

Performance testing

A well-developed web application must respond fast and be ready for possible load spikes. RubyGarage provides load testing, soak testing, stress testing, and spike testing services.

Compatibility testing

Prior to the launch of your web application, you must be sure it’s compatible with operating systems and browsers your users work with. The list of operating systems and browsers that will be covered by the QA activities is always a topic for discussion and approval.

Security testing

Unauthorized data access is one of the main issues web software faces. Our team will perform thorough security testing, including tests of possible code injection, cross-site scripting, sensitive data exposure, and cross-site request forgery.

Web testing automation

We conduct regression, functional, and performance QA automation. Within both keyword-driven and data-driven approaches, autotests cover most processes in other ways running manually.

Compliance testing

Each niche or business domain has its own set of requirements your web app must adhere to. Our QA team will ensure your app is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and any other law, regulation, or standard.

Localization testing

For a web application, being ready for the local market isn’t just about translation into a certain language. Apart from translation quality, our localization testing team will check for cultural fit, user experience, and other important aspects of your web app that can affect its local success.

See our recent web testing projects

Check out web applications that the RubyGarage QA team has helped to improve.

A Social CRM for Real Estate Agencies

We’ve implemented this technology platform from scratch, including thorough testing of all of its features. Different data formats, multiple roles, many browsers and resolutions, and complicated functionality made the testing process rather challenging. Now it's a bug-free end-to-end solution that integrates transaction, media, and customer relationship management.

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Planning and Collaboration Platform

Creating this planning and collaboration software, we’ve focused on the highest possible quality. The software niche is highly competitive, so it was necessary to polish UI ideally. Our QA engineers did their job in the best way. The users’ feedback proves that the software is well designed and thoroughly tested.

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A Marketplace Where Creative Artists Meet Their Fans

Pindify is a polished creators’ market for art, text, film, and music. We developed full-fledged, technologically advanced web and mobile applications with a polished UI/UX. Created for a demanding audience, Pindify needed to be free of flaws to win over users. The marketplace keeps growing, demonstrating the QA team’s success.

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Benefits of RubyGarage web application testing services

Wide and rich experience

Our team has wide experience in different kinds of projects, from simple websites to complex business applications. Our experience will help us test your web applications better.

Individual approach

We choose the approach that is most fitting for your particular case.

High flexibility

Taking into account the nuances of the industry, we’ll analyze your needs and offer an optimal set of QA services that you can easily change if needed.

Choice of testing tools

We’re ready to adjust our processes and toolset based on your preferences.


Our clients are at the center of our business. We do our best to provide not only web testing services but also client satisfaction thanks to transparent communication, detailed documents, and fast response times.

What will you get with RubyGarage
web testing services?

Our QA experts will handle all components of testing your requirements. With our help, you’ll get:

High-quality product

Get a stable web application that meets your requirements.

Satisfied users

When users like what they see, they stay longer on your website and there’s a greater chance they will buy your products or order your services.

High conversion rates

The better the quality of your website, the more traffic it will bring in. More traffic means more popularity, and thereby more potential clients.

Guaranteed security

Every business owner wants their website to be protected from data leaks, and end users want their sensitive information to be kept safe.


When your service is one of the best in your market, it’s a good reason to be proud and motivated to set even bigger business goals.

Risk mitigation

Assessing and mitigating certain types of risks are part of the testing process.

Happy clients

Get positive reviews from your customers.

Why work with the RubyGarage QA team?

The RubyGarage QA team:

  • Is ISTQB® certified
  • Has ISO 27001 certification
  • Provides scaling testing without management hassles
  • Has a complete set of test automation tools
  • Has 8+ years in testing software
  • 90+ projects delivered in diverse industries
  • Employ the best practices in QA testing services

Phases of web testing

At RubyGarage, we have a web application testing workflow. Here are the testing phases we usually go through:

  • Requirements gathering

    First of all, we must clearly define your web application’s needs and goals.

  • Test planning

    Based on the requirements gathered in the previous phase, we build a QA activities plan. The planning process results in a test plan document.

  • Decomposition into test cases and test scripts

    An integral part of the QA process is decomposing the scope of testing into test cases and test scripts.

  • Test case execution

    The next phase is the execution of test cases and scenarios. Our engineers run tests and look for any deviations from the expected results.

  • Bug reporting

    In the ideal situation, all test cases pass. In real life, however, all failed cases are formed into bug reports for further research and removal.

  • Bug re-analysis

    All reported bugs are then tested once again. You must be sure that your web application runs smoothly.

  • Test closure

    A successful QA process ends when the software passes all tests.

    The workflow we offer isn’t a dogma but a topic for discussion. Our engineers are ready to follow your processes and recommendations.

Frameworks, tools, and solutions


Still wondering why your web app needs testing services?

During the QA stage, we’ll help you determine whether your web product is ready for its first users. Here are the main reasons why web application testing is important.

  • Increases user satisfaction

    When your users experience a well-designed app that has no bugs and whose UI is comfortable and easy to understand, they will be satisfied.

  • Higher profits

    One purpose of testing is to make sure a web application works on devices and browsers. The more devices your app supports, the more users it will have.

  • Faster performance

    Quality assurance helps you find bottlenecks in the application workflow and eliminate them, making your app up to several times faster.

  • Better feature validation and prioritization

    With QA, you can find the most valuable features, improve them, and prioritize features based on their value.

What clients say about our Web application testing services

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