Case Studies

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A Marketplace Where Creative Artists Meet Their Fans

Pindify is the creators’ market for art, text, film and music that allows creators to publish,distribute and earn on one platform. Users can explore digital content posted by creators and sponsor their favorite artists by subscribing to the service.

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Planning and Collaboration Platform

Shopperations is planning and collaboration software that helps shopper and retail marketers organize their workflow efficiently, collaborate with internal teams, and increase productivity.

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Investment and Trading Platform

An Investment and Trading platform for Beginners and Professionals

We created a platform that lets average people as well as industry experts help others navigate the markets and make better investment decisions. It also teaches users how to trade and lets them practice on a simulator before jumping into real trading.

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An online make-up store with a unique referral program

An online franchise of the German make-up brand that we created for the US market. ArtDeco customers can purchase high-end makeup products without signing in, receive discounts via a unique referral program and subscribe for automatic reorders.

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An iOS App with a Moon Age Calculator

MoonAge is the first calculator of its kind. With MoonAge, you can now find out how old you are by tracking your moon age. The app also shows you under what kind of moon you were born and sends you daily horoscopes.

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Medshop Express

An Online Drugstore for Health and Beauty Products

Medshop Express is a US-based online store offering medical and health products for people of all ages. They offer an exceptional selection of products – over 37,000 items – in dozens of healthy living categories. It splits the workflow into projects with their own tasks, files, discussions, and helps users check out the current agenda and get into the working process quickly.

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Collaboration and Project Management Software

Siasto is advanced collaboration and project management software that allows businesses and enterprises to seamlessly share data, documents, and tasks with 360-degree visibility of the organization’s current state.

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An Online Store for PC Gamers and Builders

NZXT is a new custom-built website of an American computer hardware manufacturer. This is a functional and scalable online store that can handle the inevitable increases in data and transactions.

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