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Matthew Stibbe




California, USA

Core Technologies

Ruby on Rails Spree Angular PostgreSQL AWS

Medshop Express

Medshop Express offers over a million healthy living products at extremely competitive prices, from dietary supplements and baby food to skincare products and first aid supplies. Since 2002, Medshop has served nearly 500,000 satisfied customers all over the world. Yet Alex Fazelli, the founder of Medshop Express, was dissatisfied with the platform that the site ran on.


Medsop was built on a SaaS solution. And while the online store was bringing in lots of traffic, it was showing a low conversion rate. The SaaS platform didn’t allow Fazelli to create a custom referral program or customize integrations and the website interface. It simply lacked tools to solve these problems and increase sales.

We needed to find a new, cost-effective solution for this ecommerce store and develop the necessary functionality to increase the conversion rate, create custom referral and loyalty programs, customize the UX, and provide deep integration with social media.

We had a short amount of time to:

  • Migrate from a SaaS to a custom-made solution and ensure a smooth migration
  • Develop essential features for the online store to manage payments, shipping, and customer support

The main page of Medshop carries over its clear yet sleek design

Health and beauty products Medshop main page

The design of product pages makes it easy to quickly digest the content and product features

Medshop Express health products Medshop Express product page Medshop Express products

Medshop is optimized for mobile, so customers can browse a store from any device

Medshop Express for mobile
Medshop Express mobile optimization


Our development team created the new website for Medshop Express from scratch. We equipped the new version with numerous integrations and developed a custom rewards system to increase the conversion rate. In response to our client’s preferences, we also added forum and blog features.

We needed to move loads of data to the new version of Medshop and do it with minimal downtime so that customers wouldn’t notice any changes in how Medshop operated and could continue shopping on the site.

We provided the following solutions:

  • Built a new custom online store on Spree Commerce
  • Used Amazon Web Services to handle the server load and ensure performance and scalability without downtime or security leaks
  • Implemented a marketing automation tool for an efficient upsell strategy
  • Implemented integrations with Stripe and PayPal to ease payment processing; UPS & Fedex to manage shipping; Zendesk to provide customer support; and Facebook, ShareThis, and Juicer to engage customers via social networks
  • Developed an effective tool for transferring hundreds of thousands of products, user profiles, and past orders
  • Created a custom one-page checkout so that customers don’t need to create accounts to make purchases
  • Developed a unique referral program with a multi-level marketing model
  • Added forum and blog functionality to engage visitors and stimulate them to make more purchases
  • Redesigned the UX in collaboration with our UGEM design studio to increase sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment

Technology Stack


RubyGarage helped Alex Fazelli create a new version of Medshop Express with customized and extended functionality and transform this online drugstore into a personalized service with the infrastructure of a large company.

Our development team went full force to make Medshop available for customers while we were migrating to the new ecommerce platform, guaranteeing that all features worked properly. The development solutions we provided have saved time and money on adding new functionality and have contributed to customer acquisition.

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