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We deliver full-cycle product design services including business analysis, product architecture, requirements engineering, UI/UX design, and usability testing to blend the best design practices with the power of technology in order to meet the needs of your users and your business.
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Our Product Design Services

From data modeling to brand reinforcement. Product design comprises many services, each of which helps you get the most out of your product.

Requirements engineering

Our team conducts an in-depth product analysis and elicits business, functional, and non-functional system requirements based on your needs and objectives.

Data modeling

We define a data model that represents all of your system’s entities, attributes, and data characteristics. It’s the basis for developing a high-quality product with an efficient data structure.

UX research

We study end users’ usability expectations, competitors’ UX solutions, and market best practices. By analyzing patterns of user behavior, our team investigates users’ pain points and finds solutions to them.

UX design

Our team develops a complete set of UX prototypes that form the basis of the product’s design. Typically, UX development includes developing a product sitemap, designing user flows, wireframing, and prototyping.

UI design

We create the full set of visual elements that make up the product. UI design services usually include developing a moodboard and UI concept, creating a full set of UI assets, and crafting UI mockups for all screen resolutions.

Brand identity

This is an extra part of product design services. The goal of brand identity is to transform your product into a strong brand with a powerful visual component that creates a positive perception of your product.

Our recent product design projects

We’ve helped multiple brands create custom product designs that achieve their business goals and meet their customers’ needs. Check out some of our success stories.


Vootex is a social voting application for market validation. We implemented a complete product design, including UX solutions for clear data visualizations. Among other things, our team defined the client’s requirements and carried out competitor analysis.

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Milanstyle is an online fashion platform for which we created an intuitive online shopping experience to re-engage with customers. We crafted a unified visual design system to achieve consistency, improved navigation, and filtering.

View project


Shopperations is a collaboration platform for retail and brand marketers. Our team co-developed this SaaS product, ensuring its smooth workflow. We designed an intuitive UX and a tool to visualize the results of data analysis in a convenient format.

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Reap the benefits of our product design services

Our product design services bring unmatched advantages to your product. Our goal is to combine beautiful design with product utility.

Get a user-centered solution

Using the design thinking framework, we focus on end users’ needs and expectations, making sure your product is viable.

Build a business-centered product

We concentrate on creating the ultimate business attractiveness for each element of your product, saturating them with business value.

Enhance product functionality

We conduct deep user experience research to ensure each feature of your product is intuitive and provides significant value for the end user.

Save money

We build interfaces from smaller to larger, thinking through each component. This helps us maintain conceptual and functional integrity, reducing development costs.

Streamline product development

Our team relies on unambiguous functional requirements to guarantee that developers are precise in meeting your customers’ needs.

Get a scalable solution

We use flexible development methodologies, user testing techniques, and a continuous development cycle to maintain a system that’s open to changes and upgrades.

Embrace a cross-platform experience

Our goal is to allow users to switch between platforms and engage with your product on the move. We deliver a seamless experience across multiple devices.

How is product design done at RubyGarage?

Product design is a comprehensive process that leads to ultimate product transformation. From a vision to a scaled and constructed solution, we work through all stages while aiming for maximum benefit.

Stage 1. Business requirements engineering

Stage 1. Business requirements engineering

We elicit and document business requirements to guide the design of your system. This helps us avoid software errors and streamline development. This stage comprises:

  • Business analysis & requirements elicitation
  • Creating a data dictionary
  • Developing an entity relationship diagram
  • Drafting a data flow diagram
  • Creating a product glossary
  • Documenting business requirements
Stage 2. Non-functional requirements engineering

Stage 2. Non-functional requirements engineering

We specify system attributes, such as security, reliability, and responsiveness. Knowing how a product must perform helps us meet users’ needs and ensure market success. During this stage, we:

  • Elicit and analyze non-functional requirements
  • Document non-functional requirements
Stage 3. UX Design

Stage 3. UX Design

With a clear focus on your end users, we strive to reveal their needs in order to deliver them the best possible experience. UX design includes:

  • Refining design requirements
  • UX research and analysis
  • Creating a sitemap
  • Designing user flows
  • Developing wireframes and prototypes
  • Writing UI texts
  • Validating and approving the UX
Stage 4. Functional requirements engineering

Stage 4. Functional requirements engineering

We gather requirements describing the functions your software must perform. They cover all product features and the ways users engage with them. This stage includes:

  • Eliciting functional requirements
  • Documenting functional requirements in Gherkin scenarios
  • Verifying and approving functional requirements
Stage 5. Brand identity

Stage 5. Brand identity

This is an additional stage during which we identify opportunities to bring your brand to life. If necessary, we create a bold and dynamic new identity for your product that helps it win the market. Here’s what we do during this stage:

  • Research and elicit brand requirements
  • Create an identity moodboard
  • Design and approve the logo
  • Design patterns and the brand’s visual elements
  • Create brand illustrations & infographics
  • Design social media branding elements
  • Develop brand guidelines
Stage 6. UI design

Stage 6. UI design

The UI focuses on the product’s aesthetics, maximizing your product’s responsiveness and accessibility. Our goal is to create a solid UI approach that stands the test of time. This stage consists of:

  • Developing a UI concept and moodboard
  • Designing mockups and prototypes for all screen resolutions
  • Designing UI assets (icons, banners, patterns) and illustrations
  • Developing interaction animations
  • Developing a UI component library
  • Creating a design specification (style guide, UI kit)

Product design deliverables

Designing a product involves creating the essential features and crafting a user experience tailored for your audience. This process results in tangible deliverables that support your product’s development.

Product data model

А comprehensive database architecture model for your product is a key element of product development, supporting consistent use of data across the system.

Product glossary

This is a project dictionary containing definitions of all terms used in the product. It helps the development team maintain a consistent understanding of each product element.

Full product requirements

We compile a complete set of system specifications that includes business, functional, and non-functional requirements and forms the basis for software development.

UX research report

UX research gives insights on how to solve your system’s usability problems and takes a close look at your competitors’ UX designs, helping you create a unique solution.

Complete UX solution

A comprehensive UX solution creates emotional bonds with users, builds relationships with them, and aligns with your primary business objectives.

UI mockups for all resolutions

You get a completely tailored UI solution for your product. Every system screen is rendered in all states so you can see how your product will look and function.

Product design system

Get a full set of design artifacts and specifications that you can apply to easily scale and develop your product, including a style guide, UI kit, and UI components library.

Responsive UI solution

With a responsive UI, your product will follow current trends and be equally attractive to those using it on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

When do you need product design services?

Product design is part and parcel of product development. When overlooked or neglected, it results in wasted resources, unmet customer needs, and lost profit. Product design services are especially helpful if:

You need

  • A seamless UX journey
  • UI visuals that create a wow effect
  • A smart architecture solution
  • A scalable product
  • A full set of product requirements

You seek to

  • Add value to your product’s features
  • Reinforce your system’s capabilities
  • Enhance your business prospects
  • Test your hypotheses with real users
  • Meet market best practices and design trends

You want to avoid

  • Usability issues
  • User engagement risks
  • Inaccurate estimates
  • Overpaying for development
  • Redesign when upgrading the system

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