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What’s Included in mobile app testing services

The RubyGarage QA department offers the following mobile software testing services:

iOS app testing services

Though the iOS operating system has far fewer variations than Android, checking the quality of iOS apps requires no less thorough research than is required when testing Android apps.

Android testing services

The Android operating system has a wide variety of versions, supported devices, and display resolutions. This makes verification of Android apps rather challenging but also rather important.

Manual mobile testing

Manual testing is the basis of quality assurance. Our QA team provides detailed manual testing of your mobile apps and checks their features, consistency, and usability as well as all aspects that cannot be covered with autotests.

Mobile app automation testing

We have proven expertise in QA automation for both Android and iOS mobile apps, including API testing, unit testing, and UI quality evaluation.

Mobile app usability testing

Functional testing includes verifying data integrity, verifying the system workflow, and identifying invalid redirects or dead pages.

Load testing

Load emulation reveals how your app’s architecture works under pressure. Every mobile application must be ready for scaling up.

Performance testing

Another important characteristic for a mobile app is performance. Today’s users are sensitive to app performance, and each second of delay leads to a loss of users.

Functional testing

Functional testing is about checking your app’s features. Your app must fully meet the requirements specification and work strictly within these requirements.

Compatibility testing

We start with defining the scope of devices, operating systems, and screen resolutions your app must comply with and then test it on them. We also check your app’s compliance with app store requirements.

Localization testing

As part of localization assessment, our team checks not only for proper translations but for cultural matching, usability, and other aspects that differentiate a good localization from a mediocre one.

Security testing

Threats of data theft and unsanctioned personal data use are some of the hottest for mobile applications. The goal of security quality evaluation is to find vulnerabilities using proven methods.

Game testing

Mobile games have lots of screens, scenes, and scenarios. This means a high volume of quality assurance operations is a must.

See our recent mobile testing projects

Here are some of the mobile projects the RubyGarage QA department has worked on:

A Social Voting Application for Market Validation

The development of Vootex, a social voting application, included a heavy QA part before the initial release. Thanks to our QA team, the software is free of significant bugs. Occupying a quite competitive niche, Vootex stays demanding.

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An iOS App with a Moon Age Calculator

MoonAge is the first calculator of its kind. A unique and complicated backend required a wide range of tests to prove its correct work. The team offered a plan covering all the testing needs and then followed this plan. Thanks to polished design and functionality, the app gain mostly positive feedback.

View project

A Marketplace Where Creative Artists Meet Their Fans

Pindify is a highly polished creators’ market for art, text, film, and music. We developed full-fledged, technologically advanced web and mobile applications with a polished UI/UX. Created for a rather demanding audience, Pindify needed to be free of flaws to win over users. The marketplace keeps growing, demonstrating the QA team’s success.

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What you get with RubyGarage mobile app testing services

As a mobile app testing company, the RubyGarage team will, first of all, ensure that your application fully meets the requirements specification and your expectations. Next, they will make sure all app users get the same experience. These valuable steps will save you money by eliminating issues prior to launch.

What you get when exercising your mobile app with the RubyGarage QA department:

A comprehensive, cost-effective, and end-to-end mobile application testing service based on our deep insights and well-defined processes

QA using both modern and legacy mobile devices

All software emulators and simulators required for effective testing

A well-tuned testing environment with different operating systems and hardware platforms

Unique approaches and know-how that allows us to efficiently automate mobile app testing

A brilliant team of engineers and managers providing transparent communication as well as the highest quality of service

Expertise in native, hybrid, and web-based mobile applications

Why work with the RubyGarage QA team?

The RubyGarage QA department is a provider of high-quality services. Our QA team:

  • Is ISTQB® certified
  • Has ISO 27001 certification
  • Provides scaling testing without management hassles
  • Has a complete set of test automation tools
  • Has 8+ years in testing software
  • Finished 90+ project delivered in diverse industries
  • Employ the best practices in QA testing services

Service Phases

The mobile QA process employed by RubyGarage includes:

  • Analyzing project requirements

    Our mobile testing team will study your project requirements and identify any points of concern.

  • Selecting devices and planning the process

    New types of mobile devices are constantly emerging. For each app, we first determine the mobile devices on which we must test. Then, our team plans the overall testing process.

  • Designing test cases

    The team decomposes the overall testing plan into separate test cases.

  • Running the tests themselves

    During this phase, we execute all planned test cases.

  • Analyzing test results

    The mobile QA team researches ad hoc information and test reports, then changes the tests throughout the given cycle.

Frameworks, tools, and solutions


Still in doubt? Let’s find out why your mobile application needs testing services

Thorough and comprehensive testing of mobile apps brings many benefits:

  • Lower development costs

    Automated mobile app QA reduces the cost of manual testing, so you pay less for app analysis.

  • Shorter time to market

    Testing reduces the time to market by reducing the time spent on fixing errors. The earlier a bug is found, the less effort it requires to eliminate it.

  • Higher quality

    Testing an application can enhance its overall quality by identifying performance or other possible pain points.

  • Better device compatibility

    It’s important to test your app before releasing it to the masses in order to ensure compatibility with all different types of devices.

  • Greater user appreciation

    Only regularly updated and properly tested apps will win user loyalty.

  • Robust security

    Without proper testing, it’s not possible to have an acceptable level of cybersecurity in a mobile app.

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