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Get a stable, scalable, and ready-to-run web application that meets the highest industry standards developed using React.js.
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What we offer as React.js development company

As a React.js web development company, we provide a comprehensive bundle of services. RubyGarage has vast experience using React.js to build top-notch full-scale web applications.

React.js web app development

Get a live web application developed by industry-experts fast. We will create a ready-to-run web app with a smooth user interface, taking advantage of the React.js frontend library’s many benefits. RubyGarage delivers web applications upon the scheduled deadlines.

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Migration to React.js

If your existing solution doesn’t satisfy your needs, we can help you get to a new level by implementing new technology. We will migrate your existing web app to React.js to avoid building a new solution from scratch.

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Ongoing support

Our large team of skilled React.js developers will be glad to help you resolve any issues or answer any questions. With RubyGarage, you can maintain, enhance, and upgrade your web application stress-free. Our experts will ensure that your app works properly.

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SPA development

We build single-page applications (SPAs) using React.js. Our developers can create an application that interacts with users and updates its content without reloading the page. Get a SPA that has a back end that can update information on the visible page in real time.

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Recent projects by RubyGarage

Develop top-tier web applications that match the highest website development standards. Web applications built by RubyGarage specialists work fast and meet our clients’ expectations.

Design crowdsourcing marketplace

DesingBro is a unique marketplace that helps skilled professionals and clients meet each other and make deals. Our React.js development company helped turn an idea into a ready-to-use platform where people can get professional assistance with crafting designs.

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Online fashion platform

MilanStyle is a luxury apparel shopping platform that offers access to the best items from numerous brands. We used React.js to build an online platform with a convenient interface that includes filtering, listing, and product update features to facilitate a high-end shopping experience.

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Marketplace for creatives

Pindify is an online platform where creatives can list their work online. Our experts built the front end of this subscription-based website using React.js. The site’s interface loads shared content fast. The UI works swiftly on all devices so subscribers can explore exclusive content with no issues.

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When do you need React.js development service?

Have a task related to frontend development? We can help if you need to:

  • Develop the front end of your website when you already have an API built by third-party tools like Contentful or Firebase
  • Enhance your web application’s user interface
  • Build a dynamic web interface with a large number of interactive elements
  • Create a mobile app from your existing web application
  • Build a modern front end for a new application from scratch
  • Migrate your web application to a better tech stack
  • Pick the best solution for your new product
  • Build a web application that works fast while having a complex user interface

What to expect from our React.js web development service

React.js development
We provide the following deliverables when developing a React.js web application.

Ready-to-run web application

Our React.js development company will deliver a ready-to-go web application that meets all your requirements. You won’t have to worry about the hassles of setting up a server and getting your website live.

Higher ranks on Google

Thanks to fast server-side rendering, web applications built on React.js are SEO-optimized. Google bots access all pages of React.js websites and scan them with no issues.

Optimized time and development costs

React’s component-based model can reduce the development time. Meanwhile, React.js offers the ability to reuse existing code, allowing you to release a new web application in less time and for less money.

Enhanced app performance

All React.js web applications that we develop have excellent performance. They load fast and update content swiftly thanks to the virtual DOM. Fast updating of user interface elements is one of the primary reasons why many recognized companies choose React.js.

Better user experience

React.js is considered one of the best frontend libraries for quickly rendering web interfaces. Users like when websites load and update content quickly.

Fewer errors and bugs

Our React.js developers thoroughly test web applications before delivering them to clients. Therefore, our React.js web development company helps get rid of most bugs and website freezes.

Fast communication and individual approach

We’re committed to providing an individual approach and short response times. To avoid possible misunderstandings, we thoroughly analyze your needs. Our well-polished workflow makes cooperation seamless.

Reasons to use React.js in frontend development

React.js is a top choice among many well-known companies due to its standout features.

Rich user-interfaces

To draw people’s attention, it’s vital to create an alluring user interface. React.js lets you create engaging frontend designs with lots of interactive elements. Moreover, it enables you to update page content in real time.

Flexible and scalable development

There’s always plenty of space for innovations when using React.js. Since React code has a modular structure, it’s easy to maintain and scale your applications.

Open, rich toolset

React.js is an open-source technology that’s free to use. Developers can access a large variety of open-source React libraries. Also, React has a rich ecosystem, including must-have tools like Flux, Redux, and Node.js.

Fast development

The time it takes to develop a product is one of the crucial factors in frontend development. With the help of prebuilt components, React.js developers can write code lightning fast. React reduces the time and budget needed to develop a website’s front end.

High performance

React.js is a frontend library that has a lot of great features to deliver outstanding performance. The virtual DOM and server-side rendering are core features that help user interfaces work fast.

SEO-friendly markup

Thanks to server-side rendering, React.js web applications can deliver well-structured HTML code fast. This improves search engine optimization (SEO) and allows users to add all the meta tags required for enhanced SEO.

Easy transition to React Native

React Native is a framework for developing mobile applications. React.js developers can easily switch to React Native. When you have a React.js web app, you can create a mobile application while reusing many elements.

Trusted by great companies

Many famous companies have chosen React.js for developing web interfaces. Meta (formerly Facebook), Dropbox, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, and Walmart have all switched to the React.js frontend library because of its benefits.

Strong community support

React.js is the most popular frontend library, and it has an extensive community. A lot of active users share helpful insights about React.js on the internet. Community members also help each other resolve issues and overcome obstacles.

What clients say about our React software development company

Our clients highlight our expertise in the web app development niche.

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