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Get a cross-platform and native-like mobile app developed quickly with the help of design systems and ready-made solutions.
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We develop applications that look and feel native on both platforms using a single codebase, saving your time and money.

When to choose React Native
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Need to build a fast and modern-looking mobile app? Our React Native app development company can help you if you need to:

  • Build both iOS and Android applications for your business to reach your audience
  • Quickly launch a mobile app of outstanding quality
  • Create mobile apps for both iOS and Android at the price of one application
  • Support your iOS and Android applications without extra fuss
  • Transform an existing web application into a mobile app

What you get with our React Native development services

React native development
Our React Native app development company provides benefits to every project we build.


All apps we release are up to 99.9% crash-free, as our React Native app development team applies quality control standards approved by the React community.


We build cross-platform mobile applications that work seamlessly on iOS and Android devices without compromising their performance or design.

High app performance applications

Our React Native applications use the same native platform APIs as iOS and Android apps. Therefore, they perform like native apps and outperform other cross-platform solutions.

app design

We strictly follow Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines and Google’s Material Design guidelines to build mobile applications with native-like UIs.

Easy-to-update functionality

The modular structure of React Native applications makes it easy to update the functionality of existing apps and reuse modules that work with both web and mobile APIs.


It’s about 30% faster to build a React Native app supporting iOS and Android than to develop native applications separately. And the performance, user experience, and quality don’t suffer.

Budget-friendly solution

With React Native, it’s possible to use the same codebase for Android and iOS apps. This saves a lot of time and expenses so you can allocate more resources to promoting your product.


Our React Native app development services allow you to stay on top of modern trends so you can safeguard your business against future technological changes.


Shared code, a standardized development approach, ready-to-use components, and a modular architecture make maintaining and adjusting React Native apps straightforward.

Our values

We consider a project successful when it complies with our three main values:

Cost efficiency
We have our own library of prebuilt solutions, including a login page, shopping cart, and personal accounts so we don’t have to create this functionality from scratch. Our design system helps us decrease development costs.
Time efficiency
Our goal is to deliver quality products as fast as possible to end users with our time-proven workflow. In addition, we use Agile best practices and the Scrum framework to ensure development efficiency.
High quality
With a test-driven development approach, we develop high-quality code for all applications we build. Moreover, we provide unit and end-to-end tests with 100% coverage to ensure all our products are stable.

Our clients choose RubyGarage because we excel at:


Our clients

The vast majority of our clients continue working with us after the project is complete.

Quick facts about RubyGarage

Still unsure about choosing RubyGarage as your React Native mobile app development company? Consider some numbers.

Years of experience
Successful projects
Glowing reviews
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  1. If you’re not sure what technology to choose for developing your app and React Native is one of your options, consider these benefits:

    • Single codebase for Android and iOS apps: having only one codebase for two apps reduces the development time and cost
    • Native-like performance and design: apps built with React Native look as if they were built separately for iOS and Android
    • Ready-made solutions and libraries: prebuilt solutions and tools speed up and simplify app development
  2. When looking for a vendor, you can use trusted platforms like Clutch , GoodFirms , WADLINE , and TopDevelopers . On these platforms, you can not only find potential development partners but also see their ratings and clients’ reviews, which will help you find a highly qualified and trustworthy company.

  3. The cost for an average React Native app varies from $20,000 to $30,000 and depends on the functionality you need and the app’s architecture. To get more precise numbers, get in touch with us and let us know the details of your project. Then we will be able to provide estimates of budget and time.

What React Native application do you have in mind?

Our Advantages

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  3. check icon 160+ released projects
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  5. check icon Needs analysis instead of sales talk
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