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Determine if the source code of your current web platform or mobile application can handle your future business needs or if it’s time to upgrade.
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When you need our software audit service

A source code audit can be helpful if you need to:

Switch developers

A software audit will help you understand the state of your code. Not all software engineers write clean and well-structured code. Therefore, it’s recommended performing a comprehensive code audit before switching developers within your team to avoid unexpected issues.

Extend app functionality

Our experts will analyze your code and offer solutions to extend your app's functionality. The source code audit report we deliver will help you understand how you can improve your code, develop new features, and ensure they work seamlessly in your application.

Ensure your app is up to date

It’s vital to keep your application up to date. Our experts will analyze your application’s code to ensure it uses the latest libraries and solutions. Our code audit service will also help you discover if your app has received the latest security updates.

Check your app for high-risk areas

Applications that process and store sensitive data should be secured according to the top standards. Our software audit service will help you detect existing and possible vulnerabilities in your application’s source code so you can eliminate them.

Long-term benefits of a source code audit

We will analyze the code of your frontend, backend, and mobile applications and provide a detailed report. This will give you the following long-term benefits:

  • Improved product quality

    Improve the overall quality of your application’s code by getting rid of architectural errors, flaws in business logic, typos, and security breaches with our code audit services.

  • Reduced expenses

    Save money by finding issues early. Avoid the need to rewrite large pieces of code by getting a comprehensive code audit during the initial product development stage.

  • Higher customer satisfaction

    With our code audit service, you can be sure there will be fewer bugs in your application. Consequently, you can expect more satisfied users.

  • More accurate estimates

    Increase the accuracy of estimates with a research-backed code review. Clean code and detected issues will help you establish realistic development time frames.

  • Improved site ranking

    Get a website that has a better search engine ranking by resolving indexing issues. A comprehensive SEO audit is part of our service.

  • Lower maintenance costs

    We will help you make your application’s code clean and well-structured. Consequently, our software audit service will help you spend fewer resources on code maintenance.

Our values

We believe that a successful code audit aligns with three main values:

Cost efficiency
We ensure the code quality is high to minimize your application’s maintenance costs. To do that, we check every line in the source code.
Time efficiency
We run automated checks to speed up the code audit process while ensuring all issues are found. This helps us not waste time performing code audits manually.
We focus our manual efforts on critical parts of your app to ensure all quality standards are followed and all configurations and integrations are done right.

Our clients choose RubyGarage because we excel at:

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Quick facts about RubyGarage

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  1. Although you don’t need a code audit all the time, there are some cases when you need to check your code quality:

    • To ensure code quality is sufficient for fast onboarding when you want or need to change development teams
    • To make sure the existing codebase can handle planned scaling of your app
    • To get a comprehensive report on risk areas of your app and suggestions on solving issues
    • To ensure you’re following modern trends and standards
  2. At RubyGarage, we provide a full codebase quality assessment, which involves detecting all bottlenecks and security issues as well as validating the app architecture, checking DevOps processes, and analyzing frontend search engine optimization.

  3. When choosing a vendor for your source code audit, pay attention to the following:

    • Experience — Both years of experience and number of successfully completed projects
    • Portfolio — Case studies proving the successful outcome of the services you need
    • Reviews — What real clients say about a company’s services
    • Workflow — Defined processes for providing a service to ensure its efficiency

Make sure your application is of exceptional quality. Audit your source code.

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