Source Code Audit

Determine if the source code of your current web platform or mobile application can handle your future business needs or it’s time to upgrade.
Let’s audit your code

When do you need our code audit services?

We review your code to ensure your application and its components are high-quality, stable, and secure. Our goal is to make your software easier to understand and cheaper to modify in the future. Take advantage of our code review services to:

  • Extend the functionality of your custom app

    By auditing your code, we help you assess the current state of your app, determine all risks, and offer workable solutions in the form of specific steps.

  • Update technologies and tools

    If you haven’t updated your software for a long time, we’ll determine whether you’re using outdated technologies and if it’s time to shift to newer technologies or tools.

  • Check your code for high-risk areas

    A code review allows us to detect existing and potential issues and vulnerabilities in your software. If we detect problems, we also provide solutions to swiftly address them.

Get long-term benefits for your business with our code audit services

We assess your codebase and compile a detailed audit report that lists your product’s weaknesses. We also offer solutions to upgrade your code so you get the following benefits:

Improved product quality

Due to fixed mistakes like typos, security bugs, architectural errors, and business logic flaws, your software performance improves exponentially.

Minimal maintenance

We’ll check your code to make sure it’s well-written and easy to read. Сlean, high-quality code is less prone to bugs and therefore easier to maintain.

Higher customer satisfaction

With reviewed code, you can be sure there are fewer bugs in your app. Consequently, you can expect more satisfied users.

More accurate estimate

After a code review, estimates for future feature development will be more accurate, so you can carefully plan when features will be finished.

How we review your source code

At RubyGarage, we take a balanced approach to auditing code, combining manual code review with automated code audit tools. This allows us to find common bugs and vulnerabilities as well as detect complex underlying problems.

Stage 1. Technology stack identification

At this stage, our experts list all technologies used in your application including gems, libraries, deployment tools, authorization and authentication approaches, and asynchronous jobs. In addition, our team checks whether these tools are properly configured. At the end of this stage, you get:

  • A report with a list of technologies used in your product
  • Recommendations from our technical experts on improving the current tech stack

Stage 2. Automated security audit

An automated code security audit can detect more than 4,500 web app vulnerabilities to make your application as unassailable as possible. A code security audit consists of:

  • Patch-level verification during which we look for vulnerabilities in current libraries
  • Searching for vulnerabilities in the source code by checking how sensitive data is stored, how data is accessed, etc.

Stage 3. Static code analysis

We perform static code analysis using a set of code analysis tools. You’ll see the results of each analysis along with a short summary and a link to a full report. During this stage, we perform:

  • Bottleneck detection
  • Code quality checks
  • Code smells detection
  • Autotests quality checks
  • Check of style guides and structural similarities

Stage 4. Manual code audit

During a manual code audit, we check if your code:

  • Follows common principles of code design (DRY, KISS, YAGNI, SOLID)
  • Uses design patterns correctly
  • Has and correctly uses architectural layers in addition to MVC
  • Is correctly integrated with third-party services
  • Uses a valid database architecture
  • Has the tools for proper automated deployment
  • Has data backup mechanisms

Stage 5. Issue prioritization and report preparation

At this stage, we make a report with detailed information on each issue and suggest ways to fix it. Our report includes:

  • Issue descriptions with severity levels
  • Issue impacts on app performance
  • Descriptions of issue causes
  • Issue resolution options
  • Customer assurance to prevent repeated issue occurrence
  • Client benefits after issue resolution

We often start our projects with a code audit

We have many clients who come to us with a ready product and want to improve it. In such cases, we start with a code review to analyze the app and come up with the best solutions for the particular situation.


RubyGarage analyzed the existing code base and development approach with our client's in-house team. Based on revealed issues, we suggested changes to the architecture, rearranged the development workflow to ensure the app's security, and made the code base easy to maintain and upgrade.

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Healthcare Marketplace

Health Marketplace lets health practitioners and patients receive consultations through video and text chats. During the source code audit, we detected a number of code smells and security vulnerabilities as well as several major problems with the architecture. Our team refactored the code and fixed all critical problems in the application.

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Blue Sky is a cloud-based e-learning platform that allows users to deliver live and on-demand education to their customers. We carried out a thorough analysis of the product structure and codebase. Then we transformed the app architecture to make it easy to scale, upgrade, and maintain.

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What our customers say about Code audit as a service

Bad software affects every aspect of your customer relations. Make sure your application is excellent

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