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At RubyGarage, we’re passionate about fostering a community of learning and growth. Our blog is a hub for entrepreneurs, particularly those navigating the complexities of developing marketplaces. Here, we delve into the nitty-gritty of technology choices, market analysis, user engagement, scaling strategies, and monetization models. If these topics spark your interest and you’ve got insights to share, we’d love to hear from you!

Who Should Write for Us?

Our audience primarily consists of entrepreneurs and innovators focused on marketplace development. They look for detailed, actionable insights that can help them understand and solve the unique challenges they face in their journey. If you have expertise in areas like tech, entrepreneurship, marketplace dynamics, or related fields, your knowledge could greatly benefit our readers.

How Does the Guest Posting Process Work?

1. Topic Approval

  • From Your End: Have a topic in mind? Great! Send it over for our review.
  • From Our End: Not sure what to write about? No worries. We can suggest topics that align with our blog’s focus and our audience’s interests.

2. Outline Approval

Before diving into writing, we ask for an outline of your proposed article. This helps ensure that the content is on track to meet our readers’ needs and adhere to our blog’s themes.

3. Text Approval

Once you’ve penned down your article, our team will review it. We may suggest edits or modifications to ensure it resonates well with our style and standards.

4. Publication

After final approval, we’ll publish your article under the RubyGarage banner. Rest assured, you’ll receive full credit as the author and contributor, and we’ll proudly share your insights with our community.

Ready to Contribute?

We’re just a contact form away if you’re excited to share your knowledge and experiences with a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. Reach out to us with your ideas, and let’s embark on a journey of sharing knowledge and driving innovation together.

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What’s What’s next?

  1. Reviewing the Topic. We will carefully examine the topic you've proposed to ensure it aligns with our blog's direction.
  2. Evaluating the Outline and Proposal. Your outline and proposal will be thoroughly reviewed by our team to assess their relevance and depth.
  3. Contacting the Author. If your material meets our criteria and expectations, we will reach out to you to discuss the possibility of further collaboration and next steps.