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Solve your business problems while meeting your users’ needs. Our team creates custom web app designs that guarantee a great user experience.
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What you get with our web app design services

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Our goal is to create websites that bring profit to their owners and take businesses to the next level.


With the focus on the end user and their needs, we make your website meet the highest demands and ensure user loyalty.


We define your audience’s problems and needs and solve them with technology.


Our team aims to fulfill your business needs and bring you the expected benefits — or even more.


We start with research and keep testing to ensure the end product will fit the market, meet demand, and stay within your budget.


Our experts create detailed roadmaps and helpful development kits to speed up the release time.


Starting from the basics, we develop details incrementally to ensure no money is wasted on undemanded features or unnecessary work.

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Our main values

We understand success as fulfilling three main values:

We have a rich component library, so we don’t have to design all elements from scratch. Also, at the design stage, we pay attention to the whole web app structure to make it as efficient as possible, reducing further development costs.
We divide the whole design process into stages and take time to test and approve the results after each of them. Thus, we don’t face problems like a need to redesign the whole concept because something went wrong at the early stages.
Our aim is to fulfill business tasks with the help of design, not just create the look of your web app. That’s why we follow design best practices and conduct thorough user testing to make all our solutions solve specific problems.

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  1. At RubyGarage, we offer all stages of web design services.
    First, we conduct thorough user and market research to ensure we’re designing the right product and to come up with new and efficient ideas.
    Then we develop a UX design, which also involves designing users’ paths, wireframing, and creating prototypes.
    We test the prototypes with end users to ensure the website meets their needs and expectations.
    Finally, we create the visual style of the web application, preparing a style guide, UI kit, and specifications for further development.

  2. The cost of your web app design depends on the type of website and the functionality included. Let us know the details of your project and we’ll tell you the price for designing it.

  3. First of all, a professional custom web design company can not only create the visual style of your website but also add value to the product itself, create a flawless and engaging user experience and a stunning interface design, avoid usability issues, and enhance your business prospects. You should also consider that the right web app design can reduce the cost and time for app development as well as help you avoid risks including the need to redesign your app in the near future.

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Our Advantages

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  2. check icon 13+ years in the development and service design market
  3. check icon 160+ released projects
  4. check icon 150+ In-house specialists
  5. check icon Needs analysis instead of sales talk
  6. check icon Valuable suggestions from experts in the field for your project


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