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RubyGarage provides web app design services that focus both on solving business problems and meeting user needs. We create custom web app designs that guarantee a great user experience.

Our recent web design projects

The best way to evaluate our expertise in web app design services is to check out the case studies where we show how our research-driven design approach helped our clients solve real business problems.

Planning and Collaboration Platform

Shopperations is planning and collaboration software that helps shopper and retail marketers organize their workflow efficiently, collaborate with internal teams, and increase productivity.

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Real-time event analytics for offline marketing

Exposure Analytics is a software platform that helps event organizers to gain insights into visitors behavior. The digital analytics connects with video cameras and Wi-Fi sensors to get and processes data according to a complicated mathematical model.

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A Marketplace Where Creative Artists Meet Their Fans

Pindify is the creators’ market for art, text, film and music that allows creators to publish,distribute and earn on one platform. Users can explore digital content posted by creators and sponsor their favorite artists by subscribing to the service.

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All our projects go through a research-based process

RubyGarage finds the most effective solutions for business needs with a research-driven approach. We pay attention to every step of the web app design process and create products that solve real business problems.

  1. At the beginning of every project, we conduct a kick-off meeting and other activities to define business goals and stakeholder expectations.

  2. We generate the most beneficial solutions for each project with the help of thorough research on the market and competitors.

  3. We set up a product structure and work on design ideas that meet business goals and solve customer pain points.

  4. At this stage, we turn ideas into reality by creating wireframes, a style guide, mockups, and a clickable prototype.

  5. At the end of our design process, we conduct usability testing to see how users interact with your product. Then we introduce improvements based on their feedback.

We do it all in-house

RubyGarage is more than just a web app design company. We cover all product development processes, from business analysis to design, development, and support.

  • User experience design

    We believe that successful projects are born at the intersection of business goals and user needs. We stick to a research-driven approach to satisfy the needs of your business and the expectations of your users. This approach allows us to create web app designs that solve particular business problems and provide intuitive user experiences that engage users.

  • User interface design

    Our team creates user interface designs for web applications that follow current trends and common UI standards. This allows us to strike a balance between usability and visual appeal in every project we make. Attractive products please the eye and increase user retention and loyalty.

  • Web development

    RubyGarage is a full-stack web design and development company, so we do everything you need in one place. We offer technical guidance, web development services, and infrastructure management to cover the whole process of product development. Our core Ruby on Rails technology allows us to produce high-performance, secure, and reliable apps.

Take your vision to a new level with our expertise

As a company, we have more than 7 years of experience in web app design services. In that time, we’ve completed 100+ projects and satisfied more than 80 clients. We have considerable expertise in creating custom web app designs for various industries including travel, healthcare, FinTech, ecommerce, and social networking. Our clients appreciate our detailed approach to solving business problems and meeting user needs.

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RubyGarage provides a full range of services, from business analysis to product delivery. Our expertise in design and development allows us to adjust to the needs of any business and user. Find out more about the services we offer.

  • Web app development

    Along with web design services, we also provide web app development services. Check out how reliable web apps are built at RubyGarage.

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  • Mobile app design services

    RubyGarage creates custom design solutions for all types of mobile apps. Whether you need an iOS, Android, or cross-platform mobile app, we can build it. Learn more about this service here.

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  • UX review

    If you want to review your product’s usability, choose our UX design review services. See how we conduct an audit of your existing product design and what suggestions we can make to improve your app.

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