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RubyGarage develops e-commerce & retail software solutions for global e-commerce brands, online marketplaces, and startups. We’ve worked with over 50 clients in the retail industry and have gained extensive expertise building online e-commerce & retail software and technology platforms that connect all parts of the e-commerce value chain.

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We provide e-commerce & retail consulting services, taking care of the technology layer of your business while helping you sell more and manage better.

Convert customers faster

We use a variety of technologies and services to help you increase your website conversion rate, including dynamic pricing, location-based offers, product management functionality, secure and convenient payments, and more.

Operate more efficiently

Using our e-commerce platform, you can enable integrations with customer support, payment processing, inventory management, shipping, marketing, product reviews, and analytics services to operate more efficiently.

Manage inventory better

An inventory management solution allows you to better manage your e-commerce business across all your sales channels. Always know which products are in stock and which will be sold out soon.

Reach more consumers

If you’re looking into an omnichannel strategy, we have the capabilities in place to help you achieve it. Our mobile storefront solution can be easily customized to meet your needs. We’re also good at developing custom mobile shopping apps and chatbots for messaging platforms.

Handle the load of millions of users

Building large-scale systems keeps every engineer at RubyGarage excited about coming to work each day. We use microservices to design and deploy flexible architectures. Distributed architectures allow our applications to cope with millions of users without performance issues.

Increase customer loyalty

Intuitive user interfaces, personalized product offers, custom referral systems, easy repeat purchases, and customer support all increase customer loyalty. By implementing these features, we create consumer-centric products that offer the best experiences for your buyers.

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What we offer

With our vast retail domain knowledge, we offer full-cycle application development for mid-sized and large enterprise e-commerce businesses, online marketplaces, and startups building solutions for the retail industry.

For e-commerce owners

For e-commerce owners

RubyGarage is the best fit for companies who are setting up or transitioning to an enterprise-level e-commerce store. With our customized software solution based on the open-source Spree Commerce platform, you get all the functionalities required by your store to set up, sell, ship, and market products. Our analytics module lets you derive insights from visitor behavior and increase sales. And our mobile storefront solution lets you sell your products using a mobile sales channel.

For marketplace owners

For marketplace owners

If you’re looking to set up a multi-seller platform in your business niche, we can develop a solution for you. We’ve built a number of marketplaces for B2B and B2C companies that operate on both local and global markets. Based on our experience in online marketplace development, we’ve designed a core platform with some basic functionality that can be easily customized according to your needs. With our help, you can build an online marketplace that easily scales and offers consistently high performance.

For startups

For startups

Our experience as e-commerce software developers makes us a great choice for startups building products for the retail sector. We’ll help you analyze your market, prioritize features, develop core functionality, and launch a beta version. Then we’ll work with you to improve your application until it satisfies the needs of your customers. We apply a lean approach to product development and offer the complete package of services needed to create an MVP: prototyping, design, development, and quality assurance.

Why RubyGarage?

It’s simple. We’re the one-stop shop for all your technology needs.

Technology consulting

We offer consulting services for clients who want to get expert technology advice or don’t have technical people on their teams. We offer two types of consulting.

The first is focused on delivering improvements to existing systems. For this, we perform audits and provide step-by-step recommendations on what should be done to solve your problem.

The second type is technology consulting for clients who want to start a project but aren’t quite sure what technologies they need to build it. We provide a technical proposal that lists all required tools and services to create a product.

The technologies we choose are high-tech and low-cost. And if we recommend a technology, that means we have experience working with it. As experts in e-commerce, we know exactly what will work best to meet your business needs.

Software development

You can get a lot done with less labor and money. This is our approach to software development. Our drive for cost efficiency is supported by a well-established Agile product development workflow, a clear organizational structure, and cohesive team.

For every project, we set up a team of narrowly specialized professionals consisting of:

  • 1 Product managers to manage processes, documentation, and product quality.
  • 2 UI/UX designers to provide product concepts and user interface design.
  • 3 Web and mobile app developers as well as DevOps to build software.
  • 4 Quality assurance specialists and automation professionals to test the implemented functionality and ensure quality.

Infrastructure management

E-commerce businesses often face a problem: their platforms grows faster than their infrastructure can scale. With RubyGarage, you can rest assured that increased traffic won’t harm your business.

We lower your operational costs and deploy faster by using cost-effective and automated infrastructure management solutions such as Terraform and Chef.

We treat infrastructure like software. This means you can manage it with the same tools and processes as any other software project. Infrastructure as code approach allows your in-house teams to work quickly and efficiently.

We set up and support cloud-based infrastructures using Amazon Web Services.


We also provide integrations with a great number of:

E-commerce platforms

E-commerce platforms

Shipping services

Shipping services

Sales channels

Sales channels

Payment systems

Payment systems

What we use to build software for retail

RubyGarage started as a Ruby development company. We still use the Ruby on Rails framework as our main technology for creating custom and scalable web apps, including e-retail software. We also provide mobile iOS and Android app development for retail and consumer product companies and use data science and machine learning for big data processing.


Ruby on rails
Spree Commerce


React Native



Technology is driving the future of retail. Staying behind is not an option

Our e-commerce software development case studies

We’ve built e-commerce shops, online marketplaces, CRMs for online retail, shopper software, retail analytics software, and many other custom retail projects. See what we’ve already done for e-commerce businesses and startups.

SaaS platforms for retailers

SaaS platforms for retailers

Exposure is a real-time analytics system for events and retail spaces that uses IoT technology to gather data on visitor behavior through Wi-Fi networks. We built this product for one of our UK-based clients.

Online marketplaces

Online marketplaces

DesignBro is a London-based platform for crowdsourced design competitions. The marketplace lets designers participate in contests and lets businesses get top-quality designs for reasonable prices.

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