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We check your medical software products to help you achieve HIPAA compliance, build reasonable security strategies, detect and close security gaps, and become a reliable healthcare provider.
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What’s in our HIPAA consulting services?

We are your reliable HIPAA compliance consultant that provides a thorough security risk assessment (SRA) of potential vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information (ePHI) as required by the Security Rule. Here are the services we offer.

Preliminary risk finding

We perform an in-depth analysis of your product and a high-level assessment of its risks and vulnerabilities. This helps us prepare for a further security risk assessment and plan our next actions to ensure your HIPAA compliance.

Security risk assessment planning

We define the most optimal and cost-effective strategy for your system security risk assessment. Our specialists develop and document test plans and a security risk assessment plan for your organization.

Security assessment test design

Our quality assurance specialists prepare all necessary assets and define tools to conduct security testing of your software. We develop test checklists and test cases to check each aspect of your system’s safety.

Holistic security review

To evaluate the protection of every corner of your software product, our team performs detailed manual and functional testing to identify system vulnerabilities and security gaps.

Security risk analysis

Our QA engineers together with business analysts conduct a comprehensive security risk analysis for your IT solution. It maps out your assets, potential threats, and operational risks so you know what to protect.

Internal & external vulnerability assessment

We perform a technical cybersecurity assessment that includes penetration testing from outside and inside perspectives. The assessment allows us to identify your product’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Gap analysis

Our experts identify those product areas that need improvement in order to conform to security rule provisions. Then we use this information for planning any remediation efforts and as proof of due diligence.

PHI inventory

A PHI inventory allows for a complete account of all PHI in your IT system. We develop a map with information such as the system name and physical location of PHI This map also indicates major control elements (e.g. encryption and backup functionality) and risk factors.

Security and vulnerability management plan development

Based on a security risk assessment and your organization’s environment, our security QA specialists develop a full security and vulnerability management plan that allows you to stay HIPAA-compliant.

HIPAA guidelines and useful materials

Your staff should be aware of and follow HIPAA security rules, standards, and requirements. We give you a full scope of recommended resources and useful materials to train your staff and help them understand HIPAA in the deepest way.

Remediation recommendations

We create documentation with reasonable and appropriate HIPAA compliance steps where you can find technical recommendations on how to reinforce your system’s protection and eliminate the most threatening vulnerabilities.

Documentation templates

You’ll receive a complete set of documentation for all required policies and procedures. To help you manage your compliance on a continuous basis, we provide you with templates for all necessary documentation.

We help businesses achieve full HIPAA compliance for their software products

Our HIPAA compliance consultants allow healthcare businesses to determine the soft spots in their IT product safety and remove them to ensure appropriate protection of patients’ information.

Health Marketplace

Health Marketplace is an online platform that brings together healthcare experts and patients. We helped our clients build HIPAA-compliant software that lets individual medical specialists and hospitals deliver their services to patients in a secure way.

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ExpertBox is a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine software that allows medical practitioners to grow and optimize the delivery of healthcare services. The RubyGarage team helped ExpertBox build robust yet secure functionality to ensure the confidentiality of the PHI.

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Medshop Express

Medshop Express is an online store that offers a wide range of healthy living products, from medications to beauty products. Our team helped Medshop Express implement necessary features to let customers quickly order healthcare products and securely pay for them.

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Real benefits of our HIPAA consulting services

Our services help you identify security deficiencies of your software and show you how to use HIPAA recommendations to find and eliminate the root cause of identified vulnerabilities. Here are the benefits you get when choosing us as your HIPAA compliance consultant:

Reduced costs

Our services allow you to reduce costs by allocating security resources to preventive efforts rather than post-event remediation.

Solid security foundation

We build a solid basis for your company’s protection measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your and your users’ information.

Maximum support

We give a full consultation to your company’s IT management specialists on how to develop, maintain, and improve existing security controls.

Enviable reputation

We help you demonstrate due diligence in your organization’s efforts to manage the risks and liabilities inherent in your security policy and establish your organization as a reliable service provider.

Complete HIPAA documentation

We prepare a complete set of required documentation and working documents to keep the compliance process simple and transparent for your organization.

Reinforcement of your IT product

After our holistic security review and SRA, you’ll get a lot of useful tips, recommendations, and advice on what you should improve in your system’s technology layer to become better protected.

How we provide our HIPAA compliance consulting services

Our team of HIPAA privacy consultants thoroughly examines each aspect of your software to discover the privacy issues to which your company is vulnerable.

Stage 1. Initiation

Stage 1. Initiation

At the first stage, we get acquainted with your product and your business specifics to start performing a high-level risk analysis. This stage includes:

  • Conducting the kick-off meeting
  • Presenting preliminary risk findings
  • Defining policies and procedures
  • Conducting a holistic security review
Stage 2. Assessment planning and estimation

Stage 2. Assessment planning and estimation

Next, we create a step-by-step assessment plan and estimate the effort, time, and number of specialists needed for its implementation. This stage involves:

  • Developing a security risk assessment plan
  • Designing assessments and tests
  • Creating the team set and schedule baseline
  • Estimating the service cost
Stage 3. Security analysis and assessment

Stage 3. Security analysis and assessment

Based on possible risks, our specialists conduct a series of tests to find security gaps and give you advice on how to deal with them. At this stage, we:

  • Analyze security risks
  • Manually test the system’s security and vulnerability
  • Conduct automated testing of the system’s security and vulnerability
  • Perform gap analysis
  • Develop a security and vulnerability management plan
  • Create technical recommendations
Stage 4. Providing recommendations

Stage 4. Providing recommendations

At the final stage, we provide you with the assessment results and recommendations on achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance. At this stage, we:

  • Create a security risks analysis report
  • Deliver a security risk assessment presentation
  • Provide HIPAA guidelines and useful materials
  • Come up with security recommendations
  • Onboard your team into the assessment deliverables and results

Deliverables of our HIPAA compliance consulting services

During a security risk assessment, we create comprehensive documentation with an in-depth description of your company’s further actions on the way to achieving or maintaining compliance.

Scope of policies and procedures

You’ll get a full set of templates for necessary documentation based on HIPAA Security and Omnibus Final Rule policies. With these templates, you can establish all HIPAA-required procedures in your organization.

Security risk assessment report

We create a comprehensive report on analysis and testing results that contains a detailed summary of your physical, organizational, administrative, and technical safeguards. Also, we evaluate your product risks and recommend how to reduce them.

Presentation of provided analysis

Our team prepares a detailed and simple presentation based on the results of our assessment. You can share it with your company’s managers and staff to present further actions and procedures they need to follow.

Risk management plan

We develop a detailed risk management plan that allows you to assign responsibilities for each risk detection and elimination activity documented in the security risk assessment report.

PHI inventory report

This detailed report on your organization’s IT assets and your patients’ protected health information (PHI) determines the areas with the highest risk of data breaches that your organization should focus on protecting.

Full database and logs

We provide you with complete raw data from our IT security scans conducted during the assessment of your software’s product protection. This allows your security team to perform their own analysis if required.

Defined list of technical recommendations

We create a document where we define your product’s security gaps, vulnerabilities, and areas that should be improved. This document contains detailed recommendations on eliminating existing privacy issues.

HIPAA guidelines and information assets

You’ll receive a complete series of HIPAA guidelines, useful tips on maintaining HIPAA compliance, and valuable information related to the privacy and protection of your patients’ PHI.

When do you need a HIPAA consultation?

Our team consists of skilled and experienced HIPAA risk assessment consultants that will help you bring your software product’s cybersecurity to the next level.

You want to

  • Be HIPAA-compliant and meet all necessary security standards and requirements
  • Define and implement all necessary technical features for data security and protection
  • Get a comprehensive solution to your IT product’s vulnerability and security issues
  • Have artifacts that prove HIPAA compliance to your partners, clients, and customers

You need to

  • Detect and close security gaps in your IT product as a whole
  • Set up all necessary procedures in your organization to be HIPAA-compliant fast and cost-effectively
  • Get a comprehensive information security strategy for your software product
  • Develop and set up a security management plan to be continuously protected and follow HIPAA requirements

RubyGarage is a trustworthy HIPAA compliance advisor

Our HIPAA risk assessment methodology conforms to ISO 27005 and NIST 800-30 and is based on requirements outlined in the:

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996
  • Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH)
  • 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule
  • Office for Civil Rights (OCR) Risk Analysis Guidance Document

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