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The RubyGarage team develops robust digital solutions to help healthcare providers seamlessly shift to remote consultations and treatment tracking, optimize medical workflows, cut operational costs, and increase revenue.

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Achieve more with custom medical software

Our medical software development process aims to create products tailored to your business needs and the internal workflows of your healthcare organization. We combine our rich experience with the latest technologies and software development best practices to help you achieve your business objectives.

Move your services online

With reliable medical software, you can build a strong online presence, which is a must during the ongoing pandemic. Our healthcare software development services simplify the shift to the new normal for any organization, from fitness centers to medical clinics

Reduce operational costs

Custom healthcare software development company helps you automate and optimize workflows within your organization and ensure seamless data exchange between departments. In addition, the switch to remote work can help you cut down on facilities rent.

Improve provided services

Advanced medical and healthcare software provides your customers with an excellent user experience. Customers won’t need to waste time booking and accessing your services, as they’ll be available online. Moreover, your clients can be sure their health information is safe.

Operate legally

A properly developed solution helps you reduce stress and concerns related to medical data management. We use reliable encryption protocols to ensure data privacy and follow HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and FDA requirements during healthcare software development.

Expand your customer base

Powerful yet user-friendly custom medical software helps attract new users. The availability of a mobile website or app, booking functionality, and high-quality video conferencing can contribute to your brand image and help you grow your customer base.

Boost customer satisfaction

We create pixel-perfect UIs and well-thought-out UXs to ensure your platform is intuitive for all users. Our specialists carefully think through all the flows your client will go through to eliminate any bumps and issues that may harm the user experience.

Healthcare software projects we’ve created

We leverage our expert knowledge and modern technology best practices to let healthcare providers and their clients benefit from our healthcare solutions. Take a look at our projects for organizations in the healthcare industry

Medshop Express

Medshop Express

Medshop Express is an online shop for selling medicine and other products for healthy living. Our team equipped this solution with numerous integrations and developed a custom rewards system to create a powerful and high-converting website.

Health Marketplace

Health Marketplace

Health Marketplace allows people to connect with healthcare practitioners and receive nutrition, exercise, and treatment recommendations. We enabled on-site payments, ensured platform scalability, and developed an iOS mobile app to create a seamless customer experience.



Clinix is a platform where patients can access top-notch medical consultations without needing to wait in line. It allows patients to consult certified doctors and helps doctors manage their appointments and patients’ medical records online.

we serve

Hospitals and private practitioners

We provide clinical software development services to hospitals and individual practitioners to help them improve the quality of their services. Below are the types of solutions we create for medical institutions:

  • Electronic health record & electronic medical record systems
  • Medical practice management software
  • Telehealth solutions
  • Patient portals
  • Patient relationship management systems
  • Customer relationship management systems

Pharmaceutical companies and drug stores

Our team creates cutting-edge solutions to help health product shops facilitate their inventory management, automate workflows, and boost sales. Here are the types of software products, we develop for our clients:

  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Online stores
  • Inventory management solutions

Sports and fitness providers

From online coaching platforms to mobile workout and diet tracking applications and mental health journals, we can deliver a range of healthcare products. Among the software we develop for our clients are the following:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • Booking systems
  • Video conferencing solutions
  • Chat solutions

Medical device manufacturers

We offer healthcare software development services to help medical technology manufacturers supplement their devices and simplify internal interactions. Custom medical software we can provide them with include:

  • CRMs
  • Online stores
  • Apps for wearables
  • Patient portals
  • Internet of Things (IoT) solutions

Technical challenges we can successfully solve for your healthcare solutions

We implement functionality that is crucial for the successful digitization of your healthcare organization’s services. The technology stack we use helps us effectively overcome the challenges of healthcare software development.

Online booking

Online booking

With an easy-to-use booking system, you’ll no longer need to accept bookings from patients over the phone or via email. Increase your patients’ satisfaction with a powerful self-service tool and give users freedom to choose when and how to access your services.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing

To enable smooth real-time communication between healthcare providers and their patients, we provide high-definition scalable video meetings. Our video solutions allow for delivering high-quality video conferencing in small and large-scale meetings on any device.



Integration with Stripe lets healthcare organizations and individual specialists collect payments for their services and analyze their revenue. Our healthcare solutions allow patients to pay for your services in advance and receive refunds according to your cancellation policy.



Chat is one more convenient communication channel for healthcare specialists and their patients. Advanced messaging functionality allows users to exchange messages and files privately or in groups. Chatting is possible during a video conversation as well as outside of it.

Impeccable privacy

Impeccable privacy

We prioritize the privacy of patients’ protected health information. Our team analyzes the data your app collects and processes and the region where the app will be used to define and follow requirements imposed by regulations like HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and the FDA.

Mobile app

Mobile app

A mobile application for Android and iOS-powered devices makes healthcare services even closer and more accessible for patients. With an application, users can book and pay for services, run and host video conferences, and receive treatment and fitness advice on the go.

Ultimate data security for your healthcare software solution

At RubyGarage, we apply security best practices and diligently follow industry standards to safeguard your patients’ sensitive information.

  • Compliance with regulations

    The medical software we create meets privacy and security requirements in force in the area you’re operating in. With RubyGarage, you can build custom healthcare software that complies with requirements aimed at protecting users’ personal and health information such as those imposed by HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and the FDA.

  • Strong encryption

    During custom medical software development, we use SSL encryption to make sure data you exchange with your patients is sent over the secure HTTPS protocol. Moreover, we use the AES-256 encryption algorithm to secure your patients’ electronic protected health information (ePHI) both at rest and in transit.

  • Secure media streams

    The WebRTC technology we use encrypts audio and video live streams with a reliable DTLS encryption protocol and provides secure audio and video conferencing to you and your patients. We restrict unauthorized users from joining calls and limit call accessibility to 15 minutes before and after a meeting to provide an additional level of protection.

  • Trusted data centers

    Our team uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) to build solid and sophisticated infrastructure for your application. With AWS, your patients’ sensitive data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers that apply multiple forms of data encryption to keep data safe and sound.

  • Regular backups

    We enable automatic backup functionality for your healthcare solution to prevent data losses or corruption. This functionality allows you to transfer encrypted copies of your application and securely store them on a separate server.

Reliable medical software development company to cover your needs

Our immense experience in medical software development lets us create smart healthcare solutions that can take your company to the next level.

Experienced team

RubyGarage is a team with over 9 years of software development experience in the healthcare industry. Our more than 150 in-house specialists follow CISQ standards to build reliable, maintainable, secure, and efficient software.

Value-added product

Our team applies research-driven development to deliver high-value and in-demand software products. We are faithful adherents to the Lean and Agile approaches that ensure development process efficiency and risk prevention.

Full-cycle development

We hire the best talents to ideate, design, develop, test, and release top-notch healthcare solutions. From product concept to deployment to post-release support, you can count on us at every stage of the software development process.

Quick product delivery

To deliver your product on short notice, we use our pre-built functional modules and ready-made solutions for booking, video calling, and chat. Using previously tested components and creating pixel-perfect UIs lets us polish the user experience fast.

Fast team onboarding

We implement a straightforward onboarding flow for your custom medical solution to let you and your staff quickly get acquainted with the app’s functionality. User guides and how-to videos help your organization adopt the software as soon as it’s ready to use.

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Want to bring advanced technology to your healthcare organization to meet customers’ demands and boost revenue?

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