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Get your easy-to-use APIs fast. We develop highly secure and resource-efficient back ends and APIs for enterprise-grade apps and consumer-facing products.
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When do you need custom API development?

You need

  • A mobile or desktop application
  • Greater smart device market penetration
  • To upsell your customers on direct API access

You want to

  • Use modern frontend frameworks on your project
  • Access the same data in many different places or ways

You want to avoid

  • A complete refresh when loading data on your website
  • Unauthorized access to crucial data

What you get with our API development services

API development services
Our experienced team and efficient framework provide many benefits:

Intuitive API design

Your developers won’t need to waste time learning how to work with the API. We ensure a smooth UX for developers to let them do their jobs faster, more easily, and with fewer resources.

Smart authentication

Advanced authentication ensures access to your API is provided only to those who really need it, whether they’re paying customers, internal developers, or business partners.

Smart permissions system

Smart authentication rules enhance your API’s protection. We build role- and route-based permission systems to prevent the unauthorized use of all or specific parts of your API.

Encrypted API traffic

API traffic encryption restricts access to sensitive information. We use SSL or TLS encryption to add another level of security and keep API keys secure.

Complete rate-limiting control

We add an advanced control system to your API to prevent users from scraping all your data or simply crashing your app by flooding it with requests.

Logging & analytics system

A logging and analytics system will help you monitor API usage. You can set the API log file to record each request and response or only those that fail.

Complete documentation

You can quickly onboard developers with our clear and detailed documentation describing allowed requests, the format and type of data inputs, and system responses.


Our APIs can grow or shrink their capacity depending on your team’s or customers’ needs. Your API can handle 100 users today and 10,000 tomorrow with no performance degradation.

High speed

We develop custom APIs that provide responses within 100 milliseconds — the average rate for successful APIs. This ensures that your applications can work smoothly and quickly.

Our main values

At RubyGarage we define success with three main values:

Cost efficiency
We select the technologies that will allow you to implement all your solutions with minimal resources.
Time efficiency
We have a clear workflow that implements Agile best practices, allowing us to deliver fast and efficient results.
Our aim is high-quality and scalable products. That’s why we use development best practices and pay special attention to quality assurance and fault tolerance testing.

Why businesses choose


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We’ve created lots of top-notch mobile, desktop, and web applications by equipping them with robust and solid APIs.

More facts about RubyGarage

Still not sure why you should choose RubyGarage as your API development company? Consider some numbers.

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  1. API development is the development of server-side logic that allows websites, mobile apps, and desktop apps to interact with other software behind the scenes. It includes all the code needed to build out the database, server, and application, from database migration to custom API integration services to setting up the server-side technologies that make a website tick.

  2. When you have or want to develop a mobile or desktop application, you need to create an API for it. Developing a custom API will help you ensure that it fulfills all your business needs and prospects, such as creating applications for devices like smart watches or TVs. A custom API also helps you deal with data-heavy websites, ensuring users can access what they need without long page refreshes. And with a custom API, data access is managed according to your needs. You can create as many user groups as needed and only give them access to certain data.

  3. We select the technology stack according to the project needs and complexity. For easier and more straightforward tasks, we might use BaaS solutions like Firebase to speed up API creation. For complex tasks, we create APIs from scratch using the Ruby on Rails framework. Either way, we always choose the most profitable solution for each case.

It’s time to build your high-performing and stable API

Our Advantages

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  2. check icon 13+ years in the development and service design market
  3. check icon 160+ released projects
  4. check icon 150+ In-house specialists
  5. check icon Needs analysis instead of sales talk
  6. check icon Valuable suggestions from experts in the field for your project


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