Design office

The RubyGarage Design Office melds advanced technologies with a unique and personalized experience to create intuitive products with an eye toward the future. We produce competitive designs to reach various business goals.

Our Design Office solves business problems with design

At RubyGarage, our job is to understand your business needs. We implement research-driven solutions to achieve your goals. The designs we generate are custom, valuable, and efficient.

Streamlined user experience

A great user experience (UX) ensures an intuitive product that’s easy to use. At RubyGarage, we create products with clear layouts so every user can understand them at a glance. We believe that the intersection of user needs and business goals brings tremendous value to a project.

Custom solutions

Because every business has its own goals and challenges, our designers need to find unique solutions for each product. Our design office has a wealth of experience in creating user interfaces for various market segments and business types. This allows us to be more creative in thinking about how to design a product that brings real value.

Appealing product interface

Humans are visual creatures who prefer attractive products over neutral products. We help our clients create attractive products, establish brand affinity with their users, and enhance brand competitiveness. Quality UI design increases user engagement and even brand loyalty.

Reduced development costs

Proper UX design allows you to stay within budget or even cut development costs. The RubyGarage design team has the necessary technical background to create simple solutions that are easy for developers to implement. We find a compromise between quality design solutions and cost of implementation.

Clear product expectations

At the very beginning of product design, our team elicits requirements, conducts preliminary research, and does thorough product planning. This approach allows our clients to get clear expectations for their projects before they’re implemented. With precise product planning, we avoid rework and ensure correct budgeting without cost overruns.

How custom product design is done at RubyGarage

We believe that quality design can’t happen without proper preliminary research and continuous testing. At RubyGarage, we do all of this and more. Here’s how quality product design is done in our company.

Stage 1

Project definition

Creating top-notch products starts with defining project goals and analyzing requirements. We conduct kick-off meetings and other activities to define problems, solutions, unique value propositions, and customer segments.

Stage 2


We conduct target audience and market research. This helps us identify user needs and pain points and then find design solutions to address them. At this stage, we get access to analytics to better understand user behavior, carry out competitor analysis, create personas, and design customer journey maps.

Stage 3


Based on this research, our designers generate ideas to address business goals and solve customer pain points. We gather a range of expert opinions and choose the most beneficial ideas. Finally, we create a list of proposals, a user flow diagram, and a sitemap that establishes the product structure.

Stage 4


By this stage, our team knows what exactly they need to build, so designers start turning ideas into concrete prototypes. We implement prototypes to test products before building them. Our team creates wireframes, a style guide, mockups, and a clickable prototype.

Stage 5

Testing and evaluation

At the end of the product design process, we evaluate the overall design concept by conducting usability testing. We review user interactions with the product and analyze how successfully users can accomplish their goals with the product.

Tools we use