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Start fast, scale easily, rise strong. Take advantage of RubyGarage software development expertise to start your business, test the waters, or prepare to pitch.
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A tech partner for startups and startup accelerators

We’re a software development company that helps businesses across the globe bring their products to life. Whether you’re a startup founder or a startup accelerator consultant looking for a trusted technical partner, we’re here for you.

For startups

Launch fast with a proven product development company for startups.

Starting with the challenge you intend to solve, we work with you to analyze the problem and find solutions to best address it.

We prepare a roadmap of our further steps, then move to the product design stage. At this stage we deliver a user experience and user interface that meet your business goals and delight your users. Finally, we help you develop your product and launch it on the market.

We usually start with building an MVP, as this is the most robust approach to product development. However, if you need to build a prototype first, we’d be happy to help you.

For startup accelerators

Help your startups grow their products while we take care of the software.

RubyGarage can be your dedicated technical partner thanks to our well-established product development workflow.

About 20% of startups fail in their first year. Poor technical implementation is among the top reasons for failure. With 7+ years of experience in development software for startups and a stellar track record, we’re truly a reliable technology partner.

Products we’ve built for Upcall, Shopperations, Pair Finance, Billfront, and other startups have turned their founders into rising stars of top accelerators including Y Combinator, Techstars, and Uptech.

Take your pick

Whether you’re looking for a prototype to receive funding, an MVP to validate your product, or a full-fledged solution built from scratch, we’re here to lead you all the way through.

Create a product prototype

Get your product prototype by building a simple test version of your software.

We can create a test version of your product in one of two ways. The first option is to create a clickable prototype. The second option is to prepare an MVP of an MVP, or a so-called Minimum Loveable Product that will demonstrate the core product functionality and design and can help you make a great pitch.

You can get a refined prototype in about 2 months with limited resources and budget.

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Build a startup MVP

If you need to validate your business idea fast, think of building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It takes us about 4 months to deliver an MVP. We use this time to research your business model and market, define a development roadmap, and build a solution.

Our approach allows us to shorten the delivery cycle and win time for you. You’ll get user feedback early on and know exactly what you need to improve first.

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Startup product development

We go through seven clear stages seven clear stages to bring your idea to life.

We start with business modelling and requirements engineering to set up business goals. Then we proceed with the UX and UI design stages, resulting in backend and frontend development. Eventually, we take care of infrastructure management.

We ensure that your product meets your “now” needs, but we lay a strong technical foundation so we can scale it seamlessly whenever the time comes.

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Startup rescue mission

If you need to rebuild or enhance your product, you can take advantage of our startup rescue services.

We provide code audits with plans for improvements, add new functionality, or even completely rebuild your product if fixes aren’t enough.

Clients often turn to us in search of a diligent software development partner after a previous vendor has failed.

We understand startup culture and its most common issues. And what’s more important, we know how to address them quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Applications we can build together

It’s true that we specialize in web development, but we offer much more.

With RubyGarage, you can build a custom application for mobile, a blockchain solution, a chatbot for social media and voice assistants, or an app with augmented reality.







Check out stories of our clients’ success

Our clients appreciate the holistic view of startups that we bring to the table. Here are just several stories of how our approach has helped our startup clients launch fast and grow steadily.

An online tool for shopper marketers

One of the co-founders of Shopperations (who has a strong shopper marketer background) came up with the idea to build a custom SaaS product to help her colleagues in retail organize their workflows. RubyGarage was happy to build a product prototype to help the founder succeed in the Uptech and Techstars accelerators and get funded during the seed round stage. Then we brought the entire product to life. We continue to maintain this product and consult on the marketing strategy.

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Investment and Trading Platform
An Investment and Trading platform for Beginners and Professionals

Our work on this project began with a rescue mission for the mobile app. We enhanced the initial application, streamlined the development process, and laid the foundation for further app scalability. RubyGarage’s contribution helped this crowdsourcing solution successfully get funded and grow dynamically: currently, the platform is supporting over 483 million users across the globe and is exploiting blockchain technology.

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A social voting application for market validation

Our client reached out to us with an idea to build a social voting mobile app. Our team of business analysts, designers, and developers created an MVP so our client could test the idea and gather user feedback. As a result of market validation, our client was able to successfully shift the target audience to business owners and turn their consumer product into a strong marketing business tool.

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Outbound call center software for startups

As serial entrepreneurs, Upcall’s founders had fully experienced the challenges of outbound sales. They brought together their expertise and understanding of the market pain points and decided to launch Upcall, a platform that provides on-demand call services. When the founders decided to extend the platform’s feature set, they chose the RubyGarage team. We made the platform scalable and implemented integrations with Intercom, Slack, and Twilio. We also used machine learning tools for voice recognition.

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Our startup clients love working with us

We bring together ideas, people, and technology, which results in the birth of game-changing products. We’re happy to contribute to our customers’ successes.

We do it all in-house

We bring to the table a well-established product development process, a clear organizational structure, and carefully nurtured professionals.

Our company consists of five offices: Business Analysis, Project Management, Design, Software Development, and Quality Control.

When you start working with us, you get a dedicated product team with specialists from every office. This team stays with you until your product is successfully released.

We can always extend your team fast at any stage of product development.

  1. Product design

    • Business analysis
    • Requirements engineering
    • User experience design
  2. Product development

    • User interface design
    • Backend development
    • Frontend development
    • Infrastructure management
  3. Support and maintenance

    • Product updates
    • New feature development
    • Software maintenance

Why RubyGarage ?

Start small and move fast with RubyGarage custom software development services.

  • Expertise

    We bring 7+ years of Ruby on Rails development expertise, a can-do attitude, and the best specialists to help your business start fast and grow seamlessly.

  • Scalability

    Our architectural solutions allow you to avoid scalability issues that might come up when your user base passes the one million mark.

  • Quality

    We focus on software quality at every stage, following programming best practices including automated testing, continuous integration, and code review as well as unified coding standards.

Scrum metrics ensure that product development stays on the right track

We follow the Scrum methodology and measure the success of our teams with key metrics. These metrics help us ensure project health, guarantee team performance, stick to the development plan, and identify risks or needs for changes early on.

  • Team velocity

    Our product managers measure the velocity of teams and each team member. This ensures that your project is on track and that we can deliver the expected result within the deadlines.

  • Predictable burn down

    We track completed work against the total work scope. This metric allows us to manage project health and stick to the plan.

  • Resolution time

    We make sure that the time it takes to resolve a task remains consistent over time. If the time to complete development tasks increases, we extend the size of your team.

  • Software quality

    The feature is only completed when it passed all tests and meets customer requirements. That's why we take a complex approach to tracking and analyzing actionable metrics: from tests coverage to customer satisfaction.

Ruby on Rails is a symbol of the startup culture

Ruby on Rails is our core technology among the range of tools that our customers pick for their products. Here’s what else we have in stock to help you start fast.

  • Ruby on Rails

  • React / React Native

  • Swift

  • Kotlin

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  4. check icon 150+ In-house specialists
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