Mobile application development services

If you’re looking to leverage mobile technology for your business, our best app developers are at your service. We provide iOS and Android mobile application development services so you can reach your customers on their favorite devices.

What you get with our custom mobile application development company

Because RubyGarage has expertise in both native and cross-platform technologies, we always find the right balance among price, quality, and project requirements so we can offer the best solution for your particular situation.

iOS app development services

The number of people who own Apple iPhones is growing year over year. You certainly want to offer your unique solution to this huge user base! We develop iOS apps for iPhones and iPads using the Swift and Objective-C programming languages and Apple’s own development tools and guidelines.

Android app development services

Did you know that Android users show higher brand loyalty than iOS users? An Android app will certainly pay off! We do Android mobile application development from scratch and can port your existing iOS application to Android. We use Java and Kotlin to build apps for Google’s world-champion operating system.

React Native app development services

We build cross-platform apps that run on both iOS and Android from a single code base. Code written in React Native is operating system–agnostic, yet apps written in React feel just like native apps written in Java or Swift. Using React Native speeds up mobile app development for iOS and Android.

AR app development services

Augmented reality offers great possibilities for customer engagement – and not only for entertainment. We build context-aware AR apps that use location data to improve the usefulness of retail, travel, and other applications. We implement 3D features in apps using the ARKit and ARCore frameworks.

Recent mobile app development projects

If you want to know more about mobile application development with RubyGarage, it’s best to take a look at our amazing projects. We’ve developed all kinds of apps – marketplaces, finance apps, mobile solutions for IoT, and a whole lot more.

A marketplace for

Pindify lets creators connect with those who appreciate their art and earn money from their creative works. The app brings together musicians, visual artists, and photographers who share their content with eager fans. We helped build this platform from the ground up by providing web and mobile software development services.

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A social investing

SprinkleBit helps people grasp the complexities of the stock market and investing by learning from other traders’ actions. We built an app for iOS and Android for this startup. One of the app’s features is a stock market simulator in which users can trade risk-free with SprinkleBucks. Users can also buy and sell real stocks on SprinkleBit.

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A market validation

Vootex is a social voting application that allows companies to verify their ideas before releasing products. Vootex gathers valid feedback and provides analytics quickly to help businesses perform valid product testing quickly and cost-efficiently.

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What is your application idea?

Mobile app markets we focus on

We create mobile applications of any complexity for B2C and B2B use cases. Our clients come from many different industries. Over the years, we’ve built up specific knowledge and expertise in creating applications for the following niches.


Travel applications that we’ve developed can be divided into two broad groups: apps that help users plan trips and apps that keep users organized while traveling.


We build messengers and social networking applications and implement social elements for any type of app from finance to shopping to healthcare.


We create mobile marketplace solutions that provide customer support, offer a range of payment options, send real-time notifications, and boast other engaging features.

Health & fitness

We integrate mobile apps with sensors and wearable devices. The projects we’ve worked on include patient management and telehealth solutions and personal trainer apps.


We can help you develop mobile apps for financial services, including trading and investment platforms, personal finance apps, payment apps, and digital wallets.


As one of the best mobile application development companies we offer our own products – built in-house – to cover the most common ecommerce use cases.

Human resources

With our help, you can create apps that allow organizations to function more effectively. We build apps for micro-learning, video interviewing, paid time-off tracking and more.

Enterprise mobility

We offer custom mobile app development for organizations looking to provide their employees with mobile access to enterprise data and improve employee productivity.


We build software for automotive use cases including real-time GPS vehicle tracking, driver behavior monitoring, mobile parking solutions, and AR for advertising purposes.

What does the mobile app development process look like?

From getting a request to creating a mobile app to launching it on the market, we go through a number of Agile iterations together with our clients. Each step in the process described below is an ongoing activity.

Product design

Business analysis

During business analysis, our BA specialists determine high-level features and functional, and non-functional requirements of the software project.

UX design

We build prototypes, making sure that the app’s look and feel is native to the platform and delivers a positive user experience.

Product development

UI design

User interfaces we design are convenient, simple, and comprehensible. We focus on striking a balance between app design and functionality.


Our backend developers build an app on the server side using Ruby on Rails. This backend app lets your frontend app’s API interface with the database.

Mobile app development

The app development process is divided into iterations. We plan each iteration together with our clients and deliver results (implemented features) in the form of demos.

Support & maintenance

We provide support and maintenance packages after the product release. We handle updates and improvements, and adding new features.

Our technology expertise

Our technology stack includes not only programming languages and tools needed to build apps for iPhones and Android smartphones but also technologies to develop apps for smartwatches, smart TVs, and IoT solutions.

React Native
Android Wear
External devices
App frameworks
App server
Pub/Sub Messaging

Our team of mobile app development experts

Our mobile app development team includes senior-level business analysts, user experience experts, backend developers, and mobile engineers who are well-versed in building native and cross-platform applications.

Eugene Petrenko


Mykola Voronin


Volodymyr Vorobiov


Dmitriy Gerasymenko


Yuliia Zakharova


Dmytro Hrechukha


Our clients

The vast majority of our clients continue working with us after the project is complete.

Quality, Dedication, Skill, Innovation, Awareness, Communication, Infrastructure, Support, and Documentation are the nine reference-points I include in every hour per price. No other company comes even close to the numbers RubyGarage represents.

Christoffer Wallin

Founder of Pindify

The finished product is the real deal! Throughout the whole process I felt safe to brainstorm with them in a business realm I had no idea about knowing their advice would be accurate and sound. That safety has fostered a great partnership. One I hope to have with them for a long time. I highly recommend RubyGarage on so many levels.

Alexander Wallin

Founder & CEO of SprinkleBit

The RubyGarage team definitely excels in their technical approach. Along with elegant technical solutions for big data storage and management, displaying detailed analytics, and ensuring security, RubyGarage handled all of the design concept for our application. They came up with an idea for how to wrap a market research tool into an appealing and interactive social voting application.

Vlad Gorodetsky

Founder of Vootex

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