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Built for Teams

Multipurpose HR Software with a Mobile PTO Tracking App

Built for Teams is a multipurpose HR tool for quickly building organizational charts, conveniently monitoring paid time off policies, and rationally managing company documents.

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An iOS App for Finding Great Places to Dine

Vittles is an iOS app for foodies to discover tasty places to eat near them. This app offers a rich variety of filters coupled with geolocation technology to suit even the most demanding tastes. Vittles also helps restaurants to expand their market reach and acquire new customers.

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Outbound Call Center Software for Startups and Midsize Companies

Upcall is an end-to-end outbound call platform that brings together business owners (or campaigners) who need outbound call services and callers who make calls. It helps business owners ramp up their sales and customer engagement.

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Clinix: An Online Telemedicine Platform

Clinix is a telehealth platform that brings together certified medical professionals and patients in Paraguay. It allows patients to consult with doctors, receive treatment advice, and get medical prescriptions from anywhere at any time.

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E8 Data: A Unique Social Network for Traders

E8 Data is a unique charting tool for cryptocurrencies that offers better consolidation of data to let users make reasonable financial decisions and encourage community building.

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An Online Health Insurance Provider

Our team created a unique brand identity that conveys the Welfaire company’s values. The style of branding materials distinguishes Welfaire from other insurance companies and makes it attractive to customers.

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A Job Search Marketplace for Actors and Production Companies

Almontage is a job search marketplace that aims at reducing the complications that production companies face when hiring actors and crew members. For this project, we created a design that simplifies the talent search and acquisition process for production companies and allows people to easily find jobs in the film industry.

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A Price Comparison App to Save Money

PriceHunter is a money-saving app that allows users to check prices for products in real-time. Find out how the RubyGarage team created a branding strategy for this product.

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Learn how we build software

Learn how we build software

RubyGarage’s goal is to get valuable products out the door as fast as possible. We split the development process into small iterations and deliver value to our clients with every release.

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