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Exposure Analytics

Real-time event analytics for offline marketing

Exposure allows brands and event planners to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and gain insights into visitors behavior. The system retrieves data from Wi-Fi sensors installed on the territory of an event and processes these data according to a complicated mathematical model.

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Box + Dice

A Social CRM for Real Estate Agencies

Box+Dice is a technology platform combining software and consulting to help real estate agencies grow. It's an end-to-end solution that integrates transaction, media, and customer relationship management.

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A Social Voting Application for Market Validation

Vootex is a social voting application that allows companies to verify their ideas before releasing products. Vootex gathers valid feedback and provides analytics quickly to help businesses perform valid product testing quickly and cost-efficiently.

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A Marketplace Where Creative Artists Meet Their Fans

Pindify is the creators’ market for art, text, film and music that allows creators to publish,distribute and earn on one platform. Users can explore digital content posted by creators and sponsor their favorite artists by subscribing to the service.

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Planning and Collaboration Platform

Shopperations is planning and collaboration software that helps shopper and retail marketers organize their workflow efficiently, collaborate with internal teams, and increase productivity.

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A Social Investment and Trading Platform

SprinkleBit is a platform that lets average people as well as industry experts help others navigate the markets and make better investment decisions. It also teaches users how to trade and lets them practice on a simulator before jumping into real trading.

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Interview Platform for Professional Recruiters

Hinterview is a platform with extensive, world-class video tools allowing recruiters to interview candidates online, save these video sessions, and share them with managers in a matter of minutes.

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An iOS App with a Moon Age Calculator

MoonAge is the first calculator of its kind. With MoonAge, you can now find out how old you are by tracking your moon age. The app also shows you under what kind of moon you were born and sends you daily horoscopes.

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