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All-in-one appointment booking software to facilitate business operations, reduce administrative work, expand to new markets, and provide your clients with a frictionless booking experience.
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  • custom booking system
  • custom booking system
  • custom booking system

Your scheduling will no longer be hectic or disaster-prone with a custom booking system

Manual scheduling is tiring, messy, and time-consuming. Add an extra layer of professionalism to your business by letting your customers schedule their own appointments.

Create your scheduling product step by step, from idea to launch, first users, growth, and scaling.

  • Decide on the scheduling product you want to create

  • Get your fully tailored product

  • Increase your revenue with a consistent flow of customers

Centralize your scheduling to clock more billable hours fast

Forget about using slow, inefficient methods to manage your schedules such as phone calls, calendars, and spreadsheets. Take the stress out of your scheduling with a custom booking system suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


We offer a booking solution that perfectly suits appointment-based business entities like gyms, beauty salons, barbershops, and spa centers. Our software lets your clients make appointments themselves and releases you from inefficient booking management.

Online and offline consultations

A wide variety of robust features allow medical practitioners, tutors, lawyers, and advisors to concentrate entirely on running consultations. You can free more time for the proper preparation by eliminating the necessity of manual booking management.

Service providers

Our solution suits a vast variety of service providers, from fitness trainers to driving and cooking schools to photographers. With a custom booking system, you can streamline the way you deliver services without manually managing your schedule.

Entertainment activities

Automation has become crucial for a lot of industries, and entertainment isn’t an exception. By embedding a booking widget on your website, you can let your visitors know your schedule and book tours, exhibitions, and other activities.

Rental services and marketplaces

Renting sports facilities, coworking spaces, or inventory is smooth with booking automation. Our booking software helps your clients find services by category, date, time, or location and book those that match their preferences.

Test drives and house tours

Booking software helps real estate companies and car dealerships easily arrange walkthroughs and test drives for their clients to facilitate decision-making. Clients can book home tours and test drives without visiting or calling your agency.

Get inspired by our recent
booking-based solutions


Bookapitch is a custom marketplace for booking sports pitches. The RubyGarage team designed and implemented a responsive design and the simplest possible user journey to streamline registration. We developed booking functionality, integrated Stripe and PayPal for online payments, and created an analytics tool to track sales and customers.

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Avidyx is a marketplace where vendors can offer extreme sports activities and manage their bookings, orders, and accounting. For Avidyx, we created a robust calendar with a built-in calculator to let adventure lovers book and pay for exciting experiences online.

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Campsited is an online marketplace that connects people keen on camping with camping park owners. We developed a comprehensive listing catalog, created a smooth booking process, and integrated a convenient payment system to help vendors streamline their businesses.

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Centralize your bookings and leverage the powerful advantages of a custom booking system tailored to your needs

Get a solution with prebuilt features and a pixel-perfect user interface to drive engagement, boost participation, and create the best experience for your app users.

Scheduling solution for every device

Scheduling solution for every device

Provide customers with the comfort of booking appointments, consultations, activities, and facilities from any device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.

Minimal time to market

Minimal time to market

Take advantage of prebuilt and thoroughly tested components to create a fully functional booking system fast and outpace your competition.

Uncompromised security

Uncompromised security

Assure the privacy and security of your users’ information with a solution that complies with GDPR and HIPAA requirements, uses SSL encryption, and performs regular backups.

Maximum customization

Maximum customization

Get a booking system that fully delivers to meet your personal or your company’s needs. We build solutions with entirely customizable workflows and designs.

Packed with killer features to escalate your revenue

Provide exceptional service with a proper scheduling flow. Make use of a powerful feature set to work productively and earn more.

Seamless management functionality for companies and individuals

It doesn’t matter whether you need to manage your personal schedule or the schedule of your employees — our solution helps you adjust daily and weekly availability in several clicks.

Seamless management functionality for companies and individuals

Extended feature list for a steady revenue stream

Take advantage of a powerful feature set that helps you streamline your business processes and provide a smooth customer experience.

Extended feature list for a steady revenue stream

Impeccable usability for your and your customers’ satisfaction

Provide your employees and customers with a seamless user experience and easy-to-use functionality.

Impeccable usability for your and your customers’ satisfaction

Seamless management functionality for companies and individuals

It doesn’t matter whether you need to manage your personal schedule or the schedule of your employees — our solution helps you adjust daily and weekly availability in several clicks.

Scheduling for individuals or the whole team

We provide the highest level of scheduling automation. A booking solution can help you minimize the efforts required for proper management from both individual experts and enterprises.

Streamlined onboarding

A comprehensive onboarding process allows you and your team members to easily fill in personal account information, set up available services, and get acquainted with the system in a matter of minutes.

Simple availability management

Individuals and admins can configure regular weekly work hours and day-specific availability for themselves as well as for their teams. By automating scheduling for employees, managers can simplify performance monitoring.

Buffer time for better services

Our solution lets you set extra time before and after appointments to make sure you and your employees have enough time to prepare for appointments, record essential meeting details, or take a small break.

Effortless schedule checks

Once the schedule is set up, users can easily keep track of their bookings in a calendar. The system also lets specialists see the workload at a glance as it displays the total number of work hours per week.

Multiple service categories

Workspace owners and admins can create as many service categories as needed. Clients can filter services by category and quickly find what they’re looking for.

Service details

The system lets admins describe each service, set the service duration, and highlight its value and benefits. Details are visible to clients during the booking process to answer most of their questions.

Assignment of experts to specific services

No more confusion and miscommunication with clients in large teams. Our solution lets you assign experts to specific services to let clients effortlessly find the services they need.

Reporting and analytics

Get software that provides meaningful insights into your business. Regular reports and advanced analytics let you find opportunities to boost your productivity and improve your services.

Extended feature list for a steady revenue stream

Take advantage of a powerful feature set that helps you streamline your business processes and provide a smooth customer experience.

View booking details

Our booking system lets service providers check the details of upcoming bookings to ensure they’re prepared. It specifies the name of the service, the duration of the meeting or stay, and the client’s name and contact information.

Convenient payments

A variety of payment methods lets clients choose the most suitable options. The solution we offer supports secure payments with Stripe and PayPal and allows service providers to generate and send invoices to clients.

Automatic reminders & notifications

Timely reminders help to reduce no-shows and increase attendance by 23%. Our solution automatically sends three appointment reminders to all meeting attendees at different times before the meeting by email, push notification, or SMS.

Calendar synchronization

Our booking system supports synchronization with Google, Outlook, and Apple calendars. Thus, service providers can centralize bookings in one place to prevent double bookings and all the inconveniences caused by them.

Versatile booking widget

An easy-to-use booking widget can be placed on your website to let visitors arrange bookings. To accept bookings from multiple channels, you can also leave the link to your booking page on your social media account or email it to clients.

Branding options

We create a booking system with a unique design that conveys the values and mission of your company. Branded software allows you to increase your brand awareness, enhance your reputation, and attract more clients.

Configurable rescheduling conditions

You’re free to configure rescheduling terms and conditions the way you need or even forbid rescheduling for your services. In case rescheduling is allowed, your clients can change the date and time of bookings instead of canceling them.

Simple rescheduling in case of an emergency

Emergencies happen. If you or your employees cannot deliver services when planned, it’s not necessary to cancel bookings. You can simply send reschedule requests to clients and see if they accept the new time slot.

Recurring appointments

The booking software we build helps you increase customer retention. Let your loyal customers make recurring appointments for your services. That’s an optimal solution for services like counseling or teaching.

Choose a specialist option

With our booking system, your clients can not only book the required service but also choose a particular specialist to meet with or a certain item to book. This feature helps you satisfy any customer’s demands and build loyalty.

Round robin assignment

An automatic assignment system allows you to evenly distribute bookings among your employees to maximize their efficiency. You can adjust auto-assignment settings to meet the needs and specifics of your business.

Impeccable usability for your and your customers’ satisfaction

Provide your employees and customers with a seamless user experience and easy-to-use functionality.

Intuitive UI

A simple UI provides clients with a hassle-free appointment or service booking process. At the same time, comprehensive flows within the system let your team quickly get acquainted with the main functions and start working.

Mobile app

With a mobile app, you and your team members can conveniently check booking appointments on the go. Your clients are also free to book services from any device whenever they want and wherever they are.

Simple booking management

Our booking solution provides users with an intuitive booking management process that lets them reschedule or cancel bookings with little or no effort. In case a service provider initiates the rescheduling, the client can accept or deny the request.

Simple service category search

Clients don’t need to endlessly scroll pages in search of required services or items. An advanced search system allows clients to look for services by category and quickly find what they came for.

Automated time zone management

You no longer need to manually check the time difference between you and your clients as the system synchronizes booking times automatically. Also, users can change time zones depending on their location at the time of reservation.

Simple refunds in case of cancelation

Our booking system takes into consideration clients’ possible plan changes. In case a client wants to cancel a prepaid booking and the booking rules allow for cancelation, the client can receive money back.

Promo codes

With our solution, you can create promo codes to attract more clients and grow your customer base. Provide clients with promo codes for discounts or to extend a trial period when signing up.

Review form to improve your services

You can enable or disable reviews for the services you and your team deliver. Collecting reviews lets your clients leave their feedback about your consultation or service and helps you improve the quality of your work.

Clear scheduling timeframes

A configurable minimum scheduling notice helps you avoid last-minute bookings you have no time to prepare for. A maximum future time prevents clients from making bookings that occur too far in the future for you to be able to plan.

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