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Core Technologies

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Wanderist is a travel marketplace that reinvents travel services and helps travelers experience cities in a new way. At Wanderist, each traveler can set their own preferences, launch a contest, select among custom itineraries that are carefully planned by local experts, and choose the itinerary that best matches their interests.


Lucas Rix, an avid globetrotter and creator of Wanderist, was looking for a partner that could help him personalize the travel experience and connect travelers with local experts.

He wanted to build a sustainable environment where travelers and local experts сould repeatedly interact with each other to create, purchase, and enjoy unique itineraries.

We needed to develop a tool that would effectively:

  • Satisfy expectations of the diverse target audience by delivering a unique experience to each traveler
  • Build trust between travelers and local experts
  • Provide a tour guide feature to guide travelers through their itineraries even when offline
Wanderist for travelers

Itinerary page represents the whole traveling experience from the day one

Wanderist itinerary page

On Wanderist, the process of selecting preferences is interactive and time-saving

Wanderist preferences Selecting preferences on Wanderist

Users get geolocation-based updates in real time

Wanderist mobile applicaation


Our development team conducted comprehensive analysis and came up with a solution that brings maximum personalization to the travel experience.

We created an application that combines key features of classic and contest marketplaces and lets travelers get custom itineraries by launching contests.

We provided the following solutions:

  • Created UI/UX design that simplifies the user journey
  • Applied engineering best practices to build a fully functional marketplace from scratch
  • Developed a mobile app that guides travelers during their itinerary
  • Implemented multiple integrations (map services, social media, and a payment gateway) to provide users with real-time location-based information and enable payment processing and direct transactions for local experts

Technology Stack


RubyGarage helped Lucas Rix create Wanderist, a fully fledged competitive marketplace that offers major functionality of both classic and contest marketplaces. Wanderist serves travelers with custom itineraries based on their interests.

The mobile app that we built has a tour guide feature that leads travelers during their journeys. The intuitive user interface and a wide range of integrations help users create and buy itineraries in an efficient and timely manner.

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