UX Audit Service

Get precise recommendations on how to improve your product’s user experience, raise the conversion rate, and get a competitive advantage with our UI/UX design review services.
Check your product’s quality

When you need a UX audit

You need

  • A consistent product design
  • Loyal users
  • Higher conversion rates

You seek to

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Boost your product’s performance
  • Ensure design responsiveness

You want to avoid

  • Losing users because of a poor UX
  • Redesigning your product right after the initial release
  • Usability issues

What you get with our UX audit services

Our UX design audit services are aimed at improving your project in the following ways:

  • experience

    Streamlining the user experience

    Our UX review service helps you identify and eliminate design-related user experience issues and achieve an easy-to-use product.

  • conversion rate

    Increasing the conversion rate

    Our UX review team identifies barriers to conversion and finds effective design solutions to remove them.

  • satisfaction

    Increasing user satisfaction

    User engagement, retention, and loyalty directly depend on user satisfaction. During a UX audit, we streamline your product’s user experience so customers keep returning to your app.

  • advantage

    Gaining a competitive advantage

    We discover how to make your product’s unique value more appealing to users. A UX audit allows you to refine your user experience to gain an edge over competitors.

Our values

We believe that success comprises three main values:

Cost efficiency
After conducting a thorough UX audit, we form recommendations on how to eliminate issues and achieve your business goals in the most efficient and money-saving way.
Time efficiency
We suggest conducting a UX review not only for ready products but at the design stage to ensure consistency and performance from the start.
We check every structure item and path of your product to ensure all issues are identified and suggest solutions so your product is of the highest possible quality.

Our clients choose RubyGarage because we excel at:

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  1. A UX audit is a checkup of your website’s or app’s design aimed at identifying and eliminating issues, gaps, inconsistencies, or other imperfections in your user experience.

  2. At RubyGarage, we not only check your product’s user experience but also inspect the product’s UI design, conduct competitor analysis, and perform user testing. We handle all activities necessary to improve your users’ experience, optimize your conversion rate, and give you a competitive advantage.

  3. If you’re not sure of the quality of your product’s design or think your product might perform better than it does, that’s a reason to conduct a UX audit. An audit will help you identify product weaknesses and find solutions to eliminate them. As a result, you can get a more consistent and pleasant-looking product, a smoother user experience, and consequently higher conversion and retention rates.

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Our Advantages

  1. check icon Free & non-binding offer
  2. check icon 13+ years in the development and service design market
  3. check icon 160+ released projects
  4. check icon 150+ In-house specialists
  5. check icon Needs analysis instead of sales talk
  6. check icon Valuable suggestions from experts in the field for your project


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