Software Engineering culture

We help organizations of all sizes implement modern technologies to gain advantage

Increase sales

Being able to reach out to the right people at the right time is essential for business. RubyGarage helps you do this by providing relevant technology solutions that streamline the sales cycle and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Streamline operations

Efficiency is the keystone of business success. Our team empowers your business to increase operational efficiency and speed up delivery by implementing modern technologies and setting up an automated work environment.

Facilitate HR management

By introducing automation to HR processes, we help your organization eliminate productivity drain in your HR department, manage employees effectively, and hire and retain the best talent.

Optimize finances

Redefine the function of your finance department to increase revenue. Our team implements cutting-edge technology solutions that automate financial services, drive down operational costs, and facilitate strategic decision-making.

Build. Scale. Transform.

We work with startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprise companies, helping them build new products, scale existing solutions, and transform business processes.

Build new software

RubyGarage helps entrepreneurs and businesses turn their startup ideas into full-fledged applications.


is an end-to-end outbound sales and marketing platform that helps businesses acquire new customers. Upcall brings together callers and marketing and sales professionals in need of outbound call services.

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is a quality-oriented design crowdsourcing platform that connects clients with professional designers. DesignBro provides customers with superior designs at affordable prices and allows skilled designers to make money.

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is a unique online shopping platform that combines the world’s best online stores and brands in one place. MilanStyle offers convenient filtering and product listing, personal wardrobes, and Stylenotes for enhanced customer experience.

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Scale existing solutions

Our team helps businesses upgrade their existing software solutions to meet the ever-evolving market needs.


is a social trading and investment platform that helps beginner and professional investors communicate, learn how to trade, and make better financial decisions. SprinkleBit has attracted thousands of users and raised over $13 million.

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Exposure Analytics

is an advanced event analytics platform that helps marketers and brands gain valuable insights into visitor behavior. Clients of Exposure Analytics include Toyota and Mercedes-Benz.

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is a planning and collaboration platform for retail and shopper marketers. Professionals from small and large companies, including Heineken, use Shopperations to manage their workflows and increase productivity.

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Transform business processes

We help enterprise companies gain a competitive edge by leveraging modern technologies.

Custom Communications WorkFlow

is an all-in-one enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that facilitates business scaling and management. This ERP system automates business processes within the company and increases overall productivity.

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Blue Sky Path

is an advanced e-learning platform that provides online educational content to users worldwide. This learning management system allows businesses and individuals to create, manage, and monetize their educational content.

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is a unique end-to-end social CRM for the real estate industry. This fully functional platform connects real estate agents to clients, helping them find the most suitable properties in the shortest time.

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Throughout the software development lifecycle, we closely collaborate with our clients to deliver prime products

Our team covers all phases of software engineering – from conceptualization to development to improvement. We build strong and collaborative relationships with CEOs, CTOs, and product owners to roll out valuable applications.


  • Conceptualize
  • Develop
  • Test
  • Deploy
  • Monitor


  • Process
  • Software
  • Team


  • Monitor
  • Research
  • Optimize

Our software development process is led by a unique culture. This is why we excel at quality

Our software development culture is based on the most efficient modern methodologies, approaches, and practices. We build functional, reliable, and secure software products that bring value to users.


RubyGarage follows Agile software development practices, where requirements and solutions evolve to deliver successful software products. Agile is based on iterative development and collaboration of cross-functional, self-organizing teams. We use Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme Programming. The key practices we apply include:

  1. Customer participation
  2. Test-driven development
  3. Pair programming
  4. Continuous integration and delivery
  5. Code refactoring
  6. Coding standards
  7. Short releases
  8. Planning games

User-centered design

Our goal is to build applications that not only solve specific problems of their target audiences but are also intuitive and pleasant to use. To do this, we practice user-centered design – an iterative design process where designers focus on end users and their needs. Here are some of the techniques our design teams use:

  1. Stakeholder interviews
  2. User interviews
  3. Competitor analysis
  4. Personas
  5. User flows
  6. Wireframing
  7. Prototyping
  8. User testing


Our team uses DevOps to deliver software solutions and services in the most effective way. The DevOps methodology removes barriers between development and operations, enabling organizations to build, test, release, and upgrade software faster and more efficiently. The major DevOps practices we use are:

  1. Configuration management
  2. Application performance monitoring
  3. Release management
  4. Infrastructure as code
  5. Microservices
  6. Test automation

Technology matters

At RubyGarage, we select core software development technologies based on the benefits they bring to the business. Cost, quality, and timing are the three criteria we emphasize when picking out a tech stack.


Our goal is to help businesses get their applications up and running at a reasonable price. For each project we work on, we select a technology stack that allows us to reduce costs of software development and infrastructure maintenance.


Quality is the cornerstone of our software development process. At RubyGarage, we use only reliable technologies that are supported by professional communities and upgraded on a regular basis to meet the strictest CISQ standards.


We build software fast. To reduce the time to market, our RubyGarage team has established a streamlined development flow. We also use technologies and out-of-the-box solutions that speed up product implementation.

Internally, RubyGarage is all about professional growth and development

We’re constantly working on improving the skills of our team members and contribute to the active Ruby community in our city.

  • Mentorship

    Mentorship helps our team enrich their knowledge and provides an ongoing exchange of ideas and opinions. Learning by doing is the key to successful mentorship. That’s why we’re focused on helping mentees deal with practical tasks.

  • Software development academy

    RubyGarage has been running a software development academy since 2011. Our programs teach Ruby and Ruby on Rails programming, building Ruby gems, TDD and BDD basics, and code refactoring. One of our key values is exchanging useful knowledge with our peers.

  • Supporting the local community

    Not long ago, we started a series of events for Ukrainian technology professionals. The first event we hosted was a two-day long intensive Agile certification training workshop that gathered project management professionals. Our plan is to keep strengthening our IT community.