Ruby on Rails Development Services

Ruby on Rails Development Services

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If you’re looking for a great Ruby on Rails development company, then look no further! We come with 7+ years of Ruby experience. We’re competent RoR web development specialists who deliver efficient, reliable, robust, portable, and maintainable code.

What's included in our RoR services?

We offer Ruby on Rails software development for web services and web-based apps. With us you can build a scalable solution, create new functionalities for your existing system, or tackle technical issues. See our Ruby on Rails web application development services.

Development for startups

We provide Ruby on Rails rapid application development services to help you launch an MVP fast – something every startup is looking for. At the same time, we build scalable web architectures so you don’t need to worry about handling the traffic of hundreds and millions of users when your product grows.

Enterprise modernization

Business-critical enterprise solutions normally take lots of time to develop. With our efficient engineering processes, we implement enterprise features fast while ensuring scalability and flexibility. We can help you transform your organization with custom software that runs quickly and smoothly on Ruby on Rails.

Maintenance & support

We maintain the integrity of our code and provide regular updates. Our ongoing maintenance packages include software updates, website speed optimization, backups, compliance with constantly updated web standards, user experience improvements, security improvements, and more.

Code audit

We perform code audits and further consultancy for our partners who have existing code bases but are looking to build a strong foundation for their future business needs. A software code audit is a code review where we analyze your software’s architecture and code quality to define what needs to be done in order for your solution to perform at its best.

Rescue mission

If your project has started going off the rails, we can help you out with a rescue mission. This service involves auditing code, consulting on a revival plan based on our findings, and executing this plan. When on a rescue mission, we don’t make any changes to your existing functionality or business model. We simply improve your code base.

Ecommerce development

Above all, we bring to the table about a decade of experience in building flexible, high-performative, and stable ecommerce platforms with Ruby on Rails. We've created dozens of marketplaces and online store management solutions for our clients, addressing specific purposes and meeting business needs.

Our recent Ruby on Rails projects

The best way to evaluate our Ruby on Rails app development expertise is to explore our case studies where we talk in length about how we’ve helped our clients and share their feedback about our work.

A CRM for real estate agents

Box+Dice is a customer relationship management solution that lets real estate buyers collaborate with agents through live chats. We upgraded the application’s architecture, systematized development standards, and improved development culture in the distributed team. This helped our partner achieve an efficient and secure solution.

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An ERP system

Custom Communications was having difficulty managing their scope of operations and required a significant upgrade to their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. We completely reinvented their ERP system and designed a domain-centric scalable architecture that makes adding new functionality easy.

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Health Marketplace
Online consultations

This online marketplace lets health practitioners and patients receive consultations through video and text chats. During our code audit, we detected a number of code smells and security vulnerabilities as well as several major problems with the architecture. Our team refactored the code and fixed all critical problems in the application.

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Design crowdsourcing marketplace

DesignBro is a marketplace for affordable design services of the highest quality — this app brings together customers and designers from all over the world. For this project, we implemented an SPA architecture that lets us enhance the user experience, ensure fast data transfer without compromising performance, and reduce server load.

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Developing an application with Ruby on Rails?

Our Ruby on Rails application development competencies

Skills matter. But when it comes to making decisions, experience is what we can truly rely on. Over many years of web software and Rails application development, we’ve built up competencies that are hard to replicate.

  • Fast and cost-effective development

    For RoR application development we use open source software solutions, our own ecosystem of ready-to-use tools, and an Agile methodology that improves our team’s productivity. This way we speed up web development and reduce costs. Also Ruby on Rails itself is a technology for fast product development.

  • Uncompromised code quality

    We achieve high code quality thanks to the quality of our development process. We practice Extreme Programming (XP), an agile software development methodology with its own coding standards, continuous integration, code ownership, automated testing, and other practices aimed at reaching high levels of software quality.

  • Simple infrastructure management and fast deployment

    Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) is one of our key DevOps practices. The idea of this approach is to keep configuration scripts in a source repository so these scripts can be treated just like any other software system. With this dynamic infrastructure, implementing changes is safe and easy. We stick to the IaC approach for all our projects.

  • Software built to scale

    We implement an architectural style that allows for highly scalable distributed systems. MonolithFirst, Clean Architecture, and Domain-Driven Design are three architectural patterns that make it easier for us to move from a monolithic or three-tier architecture to a service-oriented architecture and in turn to microservices.

  • Proactive prevention of vulnerabilities

    The Secure Development Lifecycle standardizes security best practices across all our projects and allows us to build hack-proof apps. We use Ruby security gems and assessment services to prevent major attacks like brute forcing, account hijacking, session-related threats, and various errors and business logic vulnerabilities.

Our favorite part: the tech stack

We’re a Ruby on Rails web development company not only because we love Ruby on Rails (though it’s definitely a major reason) but also because this technology helps us write better web apps in less time and with fewer errors.

Web server
App frameworks
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React Native

The strongest Ruby on Rails developers in town

Our best minds will be involved in developing your project. Our technical architects have extensive experience developing and supporting high-load systems. They’ll be in charge of ensuring the quality of your product.

  • Volodymyr Vorobiov


    Volodymyr Vorobiov
  • Oleksandra Ivanenko

    Product Management Team Lead

    Oleksandra Ivanenko
    Product Management Team Lead
  • Yaroslav Zahoruiko

    Back-end Team Lead

    Yaroslav Zahoruiko
    Back-end Team Lead
  • Vladyslav Honchenko

    Front-end Team Lead

    Vladyslav Honchenko
    Front-end Team Lead
  • Alina Belskaya

    HTML/CSS Team Lead

    Alina Belskaya
    HTML/CSS Team Lead
  • Elena Kulik

    Quality Assurance Team Lead

    Elena Kulik
    Quality Assurance Team Lead

Our clients

The vast majority of our clients continue working with us after the project is complete.

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