International Ruby Conferences in Winter 2016-2017

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Viktoria K.


Winter is coming, and the biggest International Ruby conferences of the year are making their final preparations for your arrival! This winter promises to be cold, but you can stay warm by going to any of the conferences we’ll talk about in this article. Take your pick among Australia, India, and Taiwan for gorgeous weather and exciting programs.

1. Ruby Conf Taiwan

International Ruby Conferences in Winter 2016-2017

When: December 2–3, 2016
Where: Taiwan

Ruby Conf Taiwan is the biggest event related to Ruby programming in Taiwan, and has been held since 2010. It’s known for being the most international tech gathering in Taiwan. The only Ruby conference on the island, since its debut Ruby Conf Taiwan has attracted many foreign speakers and participants. Year over year, Ruby Conf Taiwan attracts more and more people from all corners of the globe.

Ruby Conf Taiwan also was the first conference in Taiwan to provide simultaneous translation from Chinese to English during the conference. We can say thanks to three people – iHower, Mu-Fan Teng, and Eddie Kao – who launched this conference and created the Ruby Taiwan community that currently organizes it.

This year, Ruby Conf Taiwan is meeting for the sixth time, and has already announced their speakers and topics. All topics covered at this year’s conference should be useful for both junior and senior developers. During this year’s conference you’ll be able to hear from various CEOs and founders, software engineers, web developers, consultants, architects, and even DevOps specialists. Ruby Conf Taiwan is also graced yearly with the presence of Yukihiro (Matz) Matsumoto himself, the man who created this awesome programming language that’s loved around the globe. This year’s speakers come from Heroku, Travis CI, Red Hat, GoGoVan, GitLab, and many other companies.

On the first day, topics will include the psychological phenomenon of programmers, how to write complex data pipelines in Ruby, and the idea that code is a human. During the second day, speakers will try to help you solve onboarding problems with Ruby, understand what large scale Rails applications are, and explain how to build maintainable command-line tools with MRuby. You can read about all the talks here. The full two-day schedule is at the bottom of the page (linked above).

Come to Ruby Conf Taiwan 2016 and discover spectacular new things about your favorite technology!

2. RubyConf India

International Ruby Conferences in Winter 2016-2017

When: January 27–29, 2017
Where: Kochi, India

RubyConf India is a global event that’s been complementing other RubyConf events across the world annually since 2010. This Indian edition of the international Ruby programming language conference is organized not for profit by a group of volunteers. RubyConf India aims to help gather, educate, entertain, and involve Ruby developers throughout the country and beyond.

Last year’s conference left participants impressed with the solid lineup of speakers. Last year also saw a larger turnout, suggesting a growing community of Rubyists. Expect this year’s event to be ever better!

This year’s RubyConf India is a two-day, single-track event focused on different parts of the Ruby/Rails ecosystem plus related technologies (data stores, front-end frameworks) and related teams (QA, product management, clients).

Speakers who have already been announced include: Elle Meredith – development director at @thoughtbotNYC and an organizer for and Women's Work Jelly; Jerry D’Antonio- contrarian, libertarian, curmudgeon, metalhead, Catholic, Akron Code Club organizer, concurrent-ruby creator, and Software Engineer at Riot Games; and finally Richard "Ruby Hero" Schneems who writes Ruby at Heroku, maintains, and co-organizes Keep Ruby Weird.

Visit the official RubyConf India 2017 website and follow them on twitter to stay up on the latest news.

3. Ruby Conf AU

International Ruby Conferences in Winter 2016-2017

When: February 9–10, 2017
Where: Melbourne, Australia

RubyConf Australia is an annual premier Ruby conference that in 2017 will be in its fifth edition. It’s organized under the umbrella of Ruby Australia, which is the main supporter of the active Ruby Community in Australia. Year after year, RubyConf Australia brings the finest Ruby minds in the region together to share ideas and socialize. And it also strives to be a welcoming and accessible even for as many people as possible from other continents.

As the organizers have announced, this year RubyConf Australia got more than 150 requests to speak. That number is impressive. And the list of this year’s speakers is already known. At RubyConf Australia 2017 you’ll be able to hear from many amazing speakers from around the world who are coming to sunny Australia to share their knowledge of all things Ruby-related, both technical and non-technical.

Meet the Rubyists, DevOps, software developers, engineers, cloud developers, and top Ruby minds: Aaron Patterson, Aja Hammerly, Karolina Szczur, Katie McLaughin, Piotr Solnica, Shana Moore, and Tim Riley.

There’s still a fair amount of time to buy early bird tickets and join RubyConf Australia 2017.

Go, Go, Go!

If you haven’t managed to get to any big Ruby Conferences yet, then this winter is the perfect chance to escape from the cold and warm up with fellow Rubyists. Each of these events covers a wide variety of technical and non-technical aspects related to Ruby, work to promote a stronger Ruby Community, and make sure you have a little fun!

If you would like us to mention your upcoming conference in a future post, just send us an email .


Viktoria K.


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