International Ruby Conferences in November 2016

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If you’re a passionate Rubyist and are looking to add some Ruby events to your calendar, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ll highlight international Ruby conferences that will take place this November in the US, Italy, and Israel.

You may have already been to a number of Ruby conferences, but perhaps you're looking to stretch your wings and fly to a new country this fall. Here are three great opportunities to mix travel with professional development.

RubyConf Cincinnati

RubyConf Cincinnati

When: November 10–12, 2016

Where: Cincinnati, Ohio

The International Ruby Conference, better known simply as RubyConf, is an official (and fun) event where both established and passionate new Rubyists from all over the world gather to share their ideas and show off new projects, and enjoy being a part of the Ruby community.

RubyConf is the most prominent international Ruby conference, and has been held since 2001 in various US cities including Orlando, San Francisco, New Orleans, Denver, San Antonio, San Diego, and Miami Beach. This November, RubyConf is popping up in Cincinnati, the Queen City.

The variety of Ruby-related topics addressed at this conference has been increasing year over year. This November, over the course of three days, you’ll be able to dive deep into Ruby with talks by around 40 speakers. And as always, RubyConf will start with a keynote by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Other conference speakers are Ruby/Rails developers, software engineers, consultants, and top minds from such companies as Heroku, Braintree, Google, 8th Light, Airbnb, NewRelic, and GitHub. You’ll meet a co-organizer of the Keep Ruby Weird Conference, an organizer of the NYC.rb community, an author of Ruby Wizardry (No Starch Press - an illustrated guide to the language for children), and so on.

The categories of talks for this year’s RubyConf 2016 are: Ruby Dive Deep, War Stories, Testing, Comparative Ruby, Weird Ruby, Performance, Ruby and Рardware, Lessons Learned, Learning and Teaching, Life Beyond Bootcamps, Tools and Toys, and some other unspecified categories. Several concrete topics will be discussed within each category. For more detailed information about RubyConf, take a look at the full program on their official website.

If you’re going to attend RubyConf this year for the first time, keep in mind that you can find a bunch of videos from all previous conferences since 2008 so you can get up to speed with previous speakers and topics.

No matter if you’re a Ruby newbie or veteran, RubyConf Cincinnati 2016 would love you to join them to discuss emerging ideas, collaborate, and socialize with fellow Ruby enthusiasts.

Rails Israel

Ruby Conferences in November

When: November 14, 2016

Where: Tel Aviv, Israel

Ruby on Rails has changed the way we develop web applications. It’s become an incredibly powerful, outstanding framework. Naturally, the popularity of RoR has led to a lot of conferences. While most take place in the US or Europe, Rails Israel is the biggest international Ruby on Rails conference in the Middle East.

Rails Israel is celebrating its fourth anniversary this year. Since 2012, this one-day programming event has brought together Rubyists and speakers from all over the world: South America, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Leading voices from past conferences have included Akira Matsuda, Yehuda Katz, Chad Fowler, Konstantin Haase, Sergio Gil, Steve Klabnik, Terence Lee, Ben Lovell, and Xavier Noria. Rails Israel has seen around 1,000 attendees since its inception, and conference speakers have covered topics from database management to MVC hierarchy and many more.

This year’s fourth annual Rails Israel conference will bring together about 400 members of the Ruby Community to discuss interesting developments in Rails, Ruby, and beyond. You’ll hear from industry leaders from well-known startups including Heroku, HM Treasury, TopTal, GitLab, Astrails, Infinum, and Trailblazer. Topics will include computing, object-oriented Ruby, inconvenient object-oriented computing, deployment, and React RB. For more conference information, check out the Rails Israel agenda.

Hurry up and get your Early Bird Tickets, and don’t forget to take your friends. Rails Israel 2016 is waiting for you.

Italian Ruby Day

Italian Ruby Day

When: November 25–26, 2016

Where: Florence, Italy

Italian Ruby Day is an annual Ruby gathering that started in 2011, and is the only annual Ruby-related conference in Italy. Ruby Day is the perfect place to meet incredible Ruby programmers from all over Italy and even other parts of Europe. Ruby Day is the Italian venue for showing off Ruby projects, comparing notes, and rubbing shoulders with other members of the community.

Since the first year of Ruby Day, which was supported by Mikamai, this conference has given Italian developers opportunities to be inspired, get acquainted with new people and hang out with old friends. Italian Ruby Day is full of interesting talks followed with slides, videos, and other useful materials.

After Ruby Day’s success in Turin last year, the sixth edition will take place this November 2016, bringing leading Italian and international rubyists together. While having fun, you’ll be able to improve your skills by attending professional workshops and useful talks from top speakers dedicated to the Ruby world.

On the first day of this conference, software engineers, Ruby/Rails programmers, freelance Rubyists, and Rails Core team members will cover a wide range of subjects. You’ll hear talks about challenging Ruby methods, whether Ruby can still be innovative, integrations tests, and much more. On the second day you’ll get the chance to get your hands dirty by taking part in hard-but-helpful workshops. You can find a list of all speakers and their topics on the Ruby Day Twitter page.

In addition to two days of insightful talks, all Ruby Day attendees will get free t-shirts and much more. The ticket price for this conference also includes lunch at the conference venue, a free t-shirt, and some other items.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend Ruby Day 2016 in Florence, learn some new tricks and just have fun.

See You There

We hope to get to one of these conferences this November. So if you’re going to any of the conference on this list, let us know. We’re always happy to meet new people and get together with old friends.

If you would like us to mention your conference in a future post, just send us an email.

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