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International Ruby Conferences Fall 2017

  • 10 min
  • Sep 01, 2017

Maryna Z.


Dear Ruby Programmers,

Fall isn’t only about Halloween, pumpkin carving, and cozy gatherings by the fire. Fall is also about exciting Ruby conferences that take place all over the world. So pick the conference you like, grab your suitcase, and go find new knowledge and skills!

1. RubyConf Colombia

RubyConf Colombia

When: September 8–9

Where: Medellin, Colombia

RubyConf Colombia is the largest event for Ruby developers in Latin America. The event is being held this year for the third time.

At RubyConf Colombia you’ll get to meet skilled Ruby professionals including Aaron Patterson, a GitHub Ruby and Rails core member; Dana Scheider, software engineer at NewRelic; Gabi Stefanin, software engineer at Shopify; and Zachary Scott, software engineer at Circle CI and an avid open source contributor.

This year’s agenda includes discussions about keeping your codebase sane, contributing to open-source software, the ten-year anniversary of Sinatra, Ruby internals, and much more.

Early birds tickets are already sold out, but you can still buy a regular ticket to the event.

2. Ruby Meditation

Ruby Meditation

When: September 9

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine

Ruby Meditation is a Ukrainian event held several times a year. Started as a meetup, Ruby Meditation draws foreign and local speakers, turning the event into a full-fledged conference.

The current agenda includes four topics: “Workflow & BPMN with Trailblazer” (Nick Sutterer), “React-native from the Rubyist’s Perspective” (Alexey Vasiliev), “Dark Insight: The Basics of Security” (Alexander Obozinskiy), and “Ruby Approaches in the Projection of Professional Growth” (Max Goncharov). Other speakers will be added soon, so don’t miss the updates!

Early Bird tickets are sold out for this event as well, but Sparrow, Owl, and Supporter tickets are still available. There’s also good news for students: you can get a 50% discount with promo code “student.”

You can also get a discount if you’re going to attend the event with a toddler aged 0 to 3. Check out the conditions on the conference’s official website.

3. RubyConf China

RubyConf China

When: September 16–17

Where: Hangzhou, China

RubyConf China has been the largest globally Ruby-dedicated event since 2009. This conference brings together local and foreign speakers who share their experiences, programming best practices, and latest achievements in programming with Ruby.

This September, you’ll be able to hear from Tyler Diaz, a freelance programmer and the youngest YCombinator co-founder; Liu Chang, software engineer at Autodesk BIM 360; and Zhang Tian, an author of Ruby on Rails tutorials and a frequent speaker at RubyConf China.

RubyConf China’s wide range of topics will satisfy even savvy developers: machine learning with Ruby, best practices for functional web development, keynotes on Elixir, and more.

So learn some Chinese and book your tickets!

4. RubyKaigi


When: September 18–20

Where: Hiroshima, Japan

This major three-day event divided into three parallel panels is a great chance to meet savvy Rubyists.

The RubyKaigi conference features talks by Anton Davydov (“Hanami ‒ New Framework in Ruby”), Mat Schafer (“Mapping Your World with Ruby”), Godfrey Chan (“Type Checking Ruby Programs with Annotations”), Aaron Patterson (“Compacting GC in MRI”), and others.

If you’ve dreamt of meeting Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto in person, you definitely should consider visiting RubyKaigi, as Yukihiro will give a keynote on the second day of the conference.

In addition to the awesome lineup, RubyKaigi organizes numerous parties and theme drinkups including Agileware and ESM drinkups, so you’ll be able to discuss Ruby (and not only Ruby!) with dedicated Rubyists just like you.

Super Early Bird tickets are available, so don’t miss the chance to attend one of the most significant Ruby conferences of this fall!

5. RailsClub


When: September 23

Where: Moscow, Russia

RailsClub is a famous Ruby conference that’s been taking place in Moscow since 2013. Since then, RailsClub has hosted many prominent developers including Sandi Metz (author of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby), Bozhidar Batsov (VP of engineering at TopTal), Aaron Patterson, and even Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto.

This year, the RailsClub conference is gathering prominent Ruby developers Piotr Solnica (author of rom-rb and dry-rb), Nick Sutterer (Trailblazer creator), Luca Guidi (Hanami framework creator), Anton Davydov (Hanami core team member), Bozhidar Batsov, and others.

The agenda of the conference hasn’t been announced yet, so stay tuned for additional information. And if you’re super-determined to visit the event, buy your tickets on the RailsClub main page.

6. EuRuKo


When: September 29–30

Where: Budapest, Hungary

The gem of all these awesome September events is EuRuKo, an established conference that’s held annually in different European cities.

This year’s agenda includes keynotes on topics including “Data-Driven Production Apps” (Sai Warang), “Distributed Systems: Your Only Guarantee Is Inconsistency” (Anthony Zacharakis), “Issues with Asynchronous Interaction” (Anna Scherbinina), and “Ruby 4.0: To Infinity and Beyond” (Bozhidar Batsov).

And we don’t want to spoil the surprise, but Yukihiro Matsumoto is giving a keynote on the first day of the event! If you can’t go to Japan to meet with the Matz, think of visiting Budapest and EuRuKo instead.

You can buy your tickets to this significant Ruby event or apply for the Diversity Program.

EuRuKo’s Diversity Program supports less privileged and under-supported groups of Rubyists who can’t afford going or are hesitating about going to the conference. To see the program conditions and who can apply, visit this page.

Have fun in Budapest at EuRuKo!

7. Southeast Ruby Conference

SouthEast Ruby

When: October 5–6

Where: Nashville, Tennessee

In October, the Asian and European Ruby communities hand the baton to the American community of Rubyists. And there’s a funny coincidence: this event takes place in Nashville at a venue called Ruby Nashville, so you won’t forget where to go!

Southeast Ruby hosts local speakers who’ll give keynotes on relevant topics in web development including open source software, chatbots, skinny models and skinny controllers, and database performance.

You’ll also get to hear from experienced developers including Avdi Grimm (head chef of Ruby Tapas), Josh Lewis (senior web Developer at Heroku), Tim Riley (director at Icelab), and Damir Svrtan (team lead at Infinum).

Be an early bird and get your tickets at a reduced price, or wait and pay the general admission fee!

8. RubyConf Jakarta

RubyConf Jakarta

When: October 6–7

Where: Jakarta, Indonesia

RubyConf Jakarta is the very first Ruby conference to take place in Indonesia. This non-profit event is held by enthusiasts for the purpose of networking and supporting the Ruby community that’s gaining momentum in Indonesia.

There are five speakers lined up so far: Koichi Sasada, a Ruby core committer; Sau Sheong Chang, an avid programmer, author, and speaker; Nick Sutterer, creator of Trailblazer; Aaron Cruz, a chatbot developer; and Yukihiro Matsumoto. Matz will give an opening video conference keynote. Keynote topics will be revealed soon, so stay posted.

This conference is a nice chance to witness the origin of Ruby/Rails popularity in exotic Jakarta, and if you feel like being a speaker, respond to the call for papers!

9. London Ruby Unconference

London Ruby Unconference

When: October 7

Where: London, England

Just as its name states, the London Ruby Unconference is different from your conventional conference. Unconference is a gathering for enthusiasts of Ruby and everything related to Ruby (Elixir, Crystal, etc.) to share their insights and knowledge with others. The event has no fixed agenda or speakers.

This year, Ruby Unconference’s creators expect to organize 16 sessions on various topics including the Elixir and Crystal programming languages, functional programming in Ruby, reactive frameworks like Volt, and domain-driven design with Ruby.

Feel free to submit a topic you’d like to discuss at Ruby Unconference in London on the official GitHub page!

10. RubyConf MY

RubyConf Malaysia

When: October 12–13

Where: Cyberjaya, Malaysia

Cyberjaya, an IT-themed Malaysian town, is a haven for global technology companies, R&D centers, and modern urban architecture. This town, unofficially called the Malaysian Silicon Valley, hosts a two-day event featuring more than 20 speakers and welcoming 300 guests.

This October at RubyConf MY you’ll hear from good old Ruby gurus including Aaron Patterson (he’ll give a keynote), Tim Riley (“Functional Architecture for the Practical Rubyist”), and Aja Hammerly (“Syntax Isn’t Everything: NLP for Rubyists”).

There can’t be a great Ruby conference without networking, so on the last day of the event there’ll be a party hosted by GitHub as well as a pub crawl, so you’ll be able to discuss Ruby matters in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Grab your Early Bird tickets before they’re sold out!

11. Keep Ruby Weird

Keep Ruby Weird

When: October 27

Where: Austin, Texas

Keep Ruby Weird has been held annually since 2014. It’s a super-casual event that features not only Ruby-related topics but also career, community, and art-related discussions.

This year’s agenda hasn’t been announced yet, but Keep Ruby Weird’s creators promise lots of hugs, friend-making, fun, and programming stuff, of course. Get your tickets to attend the most weird and fun Ruby event ever!

12. RubyWorld Conference

RubyWorld Conference

When: November 1–2

Where: Matsue, Japan

The RubyWorld Conference is a major Ruby event that’s been held for nine years and is supported by an executive committee chaired by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Matz regularly takes part in the conference, and this year won’t be an exception: as he’ll kick off the conferences with a keynote.

Keep an eye on RubyWorld’s agenda and remember that you can go to the conference only if you’re registered. Meanwhile, you can read an inspirational letter from Matz!

13. Kiwi Ruby

Kiwi Ruby

When: November 2–3

Where: Wellington, New Zealand

Our next stop is New Zealand! Kiwi Ruby is the very first Ruby conference to be held in this country of amazing green scenery.

The event will feature local speakers who’ll talk about Ruby technology, work efficiency, and the latest trends and best practices in programming. Talks will include “A New Ruby Toolbox” by JoJo Hall, “Security Without Friction” by Graham Jenson, and “Ruby Writing Machines” by Mark Rickerby.

Kiwi Ruby is a 100% child-friendly event. While you enjoy yourself, experienced caregivers will take care of your kids and entertain them at onsite childcare.

Kiwi Ruby provides scholarships for members of underrepresented communities and those who can’t afford going to the event. If you feel like supporting that initiative, you can donate a ticket.

14. RubyConf

RubyConf New Orleans

When: November 15–17

Where: New Orleans, Louisiana

RubyConf is an established Ruby-related event that’s been held since 2001. Here’s what Yukihiro Matsumoto says about RubyConf:

“The oldest and most authentic Ruby conference in the world… I love the community; I’m proud of being part of it.”

The agenda for this year isn’t available yet, but keynote speakers are already known: Chad Fowler, Sandi Metz, and Yukihiro Matsumoto.

Hurry up to book your tickets (the price starts at $400) or apply for a scholarship.

The scholarship program offers free tickets to the event for under-supported groups, Ruby newbies, or those who can’t afford a ticket. In addition to a ticket, each scholarship recipient gets a guide who gives friendly support at the event, recommends talks based on interests, shares insider tips, and introduces Ruby newbies to experienced and established developers.

There’s also good news for newly-minted parents: childcare is available, so you can entrust your kids to caregivers and head to the event.

15. RubyConf Brazil

RubyConf Brazil

When: November 17–18

Where: São Paulo, Brazil

If you go to Brazil in November, save the date for Ruby Conf Brazil conference. The event is organized for the 11th time and it's one of the most significant Ruby-related events taking place in Latin America.

Traditionally, the event includes the topics on Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Agile best practices. However, you'll be also able to hear about emerging technologies like Elixir, Crystal, Clojure, and Go.

The fastest and the earliest get the best price for tickets, so hurry up to get the best deals!

You can see how lively and thriving the Ruby community is! From Japan to the USA, here are fifteen great events you can attend this fall.

To stay posted on the latest news and events in the Ruby world, follow our Twitter feed and feel free to start a discussion!


Maryna Z.


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