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International Ruby Conferences Summer 2018

  • 10 min
  • May 24, 2018

Daryna P.


Have you made your plans for this summer? We’re not talking about your vacation but rather about hot Ruby events coming soon. We’ve prepared a list of nine high-level conferences you can’t miss. Get familiar with different perspectives, talk over projects with other Rubyists, ask questions, solve problems, and learn.

#1 RubyC


When: June 2–3

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine

RubyC is the biggest Ukrainian conference on Ruby, Rails, and related technologies. The conference encourages Rubyists to collaborate and learn from each other.

RubyC will host Ruby enthusiasts from all over the world for the sixth time but in a new location ‒ the Premier Hotel Rus in Kyiv. Participants can get a 15 percent discount on their stay at the Premier Hotel Rus for the time of the conference.

This year’s conference will gather leading Rubyists from the US, Germany, the UK, Serbia, Italy, Ukraine, and Poland including Charles Nutter, a Java Champion and Ruby Hero; Andrzej Krzywda, CEO of Arkency and former Ruby and Rails teacher at the University of Wrocław; and Nick Sutterer, author of Trailblazer, the advanced business logic framework.

We’re excited to announce that our CEO and RubyGarage co-founder Volodymyr Vorobiov will also be speaking at RubyC. Volodymyr is a software development consultant, an experienced speaker, and a creator of a Ruby/Ruby on Rails web development course. He’ll introduce the clean architecture approach and follow you all the way from a startup to an enterprise.

If you plan to spend a summer weekend at RubyC, hurry up to buy tickets. You can get a 10% discount on two or more tickets. Come and experience the unique Ukrainian culture.

#2 Saint P Rubyconf

Saint P Rubyconf

When: June 10

Where: Saint Petersburg, Russia

In 2017, altruistic Ruby developers from Russia launched a new format of meetup ‒ the confday – to educate their peers, discuss the latest news, and learn about innovations that can transform businesses. The event was free and gathered 120 Ruby lovers.

This year, conference organizers are expecting even more participants. Saint P Rubyconf is devoted to the best parts of Ruby. If you’re tired of Ruby haters and don’t see Ruby dying, register right now. You’ll get more than 7 hours of lectures to cooperate with like-minded professionals.

Among the star speakers will be Bozhidar Batsov, VP of engineering at Toptal and author of RuboCop, who will go over everything you need to know about RuboCop; and Nick Sutterer, an active speaker at many European conferences, a Rails contributor, and author of Trailblazer. The theme of Nick’s speech hasn’t been announced yet, so it’ll be a surprise for conference participants. Follow the Saint P Rubyconf Twitter account and stay tuned.



When: June 16

Where: New York, NY

The Gotham Ruby Conference (GORUCO) is a one-day event held in the city that never sleeps. This technical conference embraces the best of Ruby’s practices and values.

Ruby is much more than a computer language. Ruby is my community, my tribe.

Mike Dalessio, one of the organizers of GORUCO.

The speakers at this conference will not only explore technologies but will also touch on the human side of software: human-to-human interactions, verbal communication, and how people organize themselves into teams.

This year’s agenda covers writing better code, building efficient APIs, reducing Ruby memory usage, and more. Be ready to meet Ruby opinion shapers ‒ Jessica Rudder, an application engineer at GitHub and a brilliant speaker; and Aaron Patterson, a Ruby and Rails maintainer at Github.

GORUCO organizers pay special attention to providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere for sharing experiences. So come and take away inspiration for your future projects.

#4 Ruby Conf Kenya

Ruby Conf Kenya

When: June 22

Where: Nairobi, Kenya

Ruby Conf Kenya is coming again to the safari capital of Africa. The conference focuses on Agile methods, open source models, and entrepreneurship. The agenda promises to satisfy programmers of all levels from newbie to savvy.

Ruby Conf Kenya will feature talks by Kirsten Westeinde, a senior software engineer at Shopify; Johnny Winn, the host of the Elixir Fountain podcast and longtime Elixir/Ruby evangelist; Joannah Nanjekye, a software engineer, aeronautical engineer, and author of the book Python 2 and 3 Compatibility; and PJ Hagerty, a developer, writer, speaker, musician, and founder of

Register in advance to be able to visit this conference and spend two productive days amid Rubyists and language enthusiasts.

#5 Paris.rb Conf

Paris.rb Conf

When: June 28–29

Where: Paris, France

Paris.rb Conf has been the largest Ruby conference in France since 2012. Started as a monthly gathering of tech lovers, Paris.rb has become the biggest Ruby meetup in Europe with more than 2,753 members. The conference offers high-quality talks about Ruby and beyond.

This year you’ll hear from Christophe Philemotte, head of engineering at EURA NOVA; Eileen Uchitelle, a senior systems engineer on the platform systems team at GitHub and a member of the Rails Core team; Bozhidar Batsov, the author of RuboCop and an editor of the community Ruby and Rails style guides; Vladimir Dementyev, a mathematician, a mentor for Rails devs, and the author of Anycable and TestProf; and Jenna Blumenthal, a backend developer on the Amazon integration team at Shopify.

You can either buy a one-day ticket for Thursday or Friday or a two-day ticket for the whole conference. The good news is that students can buy tickets with a 50 percent discount. Hurry up to get your ticket.

Paris.rb Conf is the perfect place to share a plate of bread and cheese with some wine and see what other people are doing outside of your work. Stay informed about news related to Paris.rb 2018 by subscribing to their mailing list. You can also watch videos from the 2017 conference to see what you can expect.

#6 Brighton Ruby Conference

Brighton Ruby Conference

When: July 6

Where: Brighton, UK

The Brighton Ruby Conference is welcoming Ruby-curious minds for the fifth time this year. It’s a single-day, single-track event organized by Andy Croll, a designer, Ruby on Rails Chap, inspiring speaker, and writer.

The agenda is available on the official website. Talks are designed for experts but also for people who have recently joined the community. Among the keynote speakers will be Sarah Mei, a chief consultant at DevMynd Software, founder of Bridge Foundry, and director at Ruby Central (the organizers of RailsConf & RubyConf); Katrina Owen, an ecosystem engineer at GitHub and co-author of 99 Bottles of OOP; Tekin Süleyman, a senior Ruby/Rails consultant and Rails Girls Manchester organizer; and the fabulous Andy Croll.

The Brighton Ruby Conference promotes equal access and offers free diversity tickets for attendees from un­der­rep­re­sented demographics. Additionally, participants can save 10 percent on their tickets using the code BINSWAN. So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket right now. Don’t miss this chance to meet the Ruby community and learn what’s new with Ruby.

#7 Southeast Ruby

Southeast Ruby

When: August 2–3

Where: Nashville, Tennessee

Thanks to its huge success in fall 2017, Southeast Ruby is returning to Nashville in 2018. Last year’s program included sessions and workshops on open source software, chatbots, skinny models and skinny controllers, and database performance.

The conference agenda for this year hasn’t been announced yet. We happen to know, however, that a previous keynote speaker ‒ Avdi Grimm, a Ruby Hero, head chef at, and author of the books Confident Ruby and Exceptional Ruby – will hold a talk once again.

Southeast Ruby is looking for speakers from all backgrounds and with all experiences and levels. If your topic isn’t directly related to Ruby but you’re passionate about it, you still have a chance of getting a spot. The call for papers is open until June 1, so hurry and submit your proposal.

Tickets aren’t available yet. Follow the Southeast Twitter account to get the latest news about the conference.

#8 GrillRB 2018

GrillRB 2018

When: August 11–12

Where: Wrocław, Poland

GrillRB is the only outdoor Ruby conference in Poland. The outdoor format creates a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere and lets IT minds feel and integrate better. The two-day event is fully devoted to Ruby on Rails. You’ll hear talks about best practices, the development process, tested solutions, and the future of Ruby.

GrillRB 2018 will be located on Wzgórze Andersa ‒ a grassy hill 2.5 kilometers from the city center. The venue is near major tourist attractions: Panorama Racławicka, Ostrów Tumski, the Wrocław fountain, Wrocław’s Dwarfs, and the historic Old Town center.

Last year’s edition included such experienced speakers as Piotr Solnica, a tech lead at IceLab; Maciej Mensfeld, a Ruby developer and VP of engineering at Strike Social; Przemysław Świercz, a Ruby tech lead at Tooploox; and Marcin Wierzbicki, a Ruby on Rails evangelist and CEO at Appstery.

Conference organizers haven’t provided the complete list of speakers for this year, and you still have an opportunity to charm them with your talk. Don’t hesitate – fill out the call for papers. You can also participate in this conference as a volunteer. Follow the GrillRB Facebook page to get the freshest news about the conference.

Visit GrillRB to participate in workshops and talks and enjoy BBQ with friends and colleagues who love Ruby as much as you do.

#9 EuRuKo 2018

EuRuKo 2018

When: August 24–25

Where: Vienna, Austria

EuRuKo is an annual two-day conference that gathers Rubyists and their friends from all over Europe and beyond. EuRuKo’s hallmark is that every year it takes place in a different European city chosen by conference participants.

This year’s conference will be held in an historic site in Vienna ‒ the Arcotel Wimberger ballroom. Built in 1871, this refined brick-and-glass hotel offers enough space for up to 600 conference attendees and a gallery for a different view of the stage. The venue is a six-minute walk from the Wien Westbahnhof train station, which is comfortable for participants arriving by train.

Last year’s event covered data-driven production apps, distributed systems, asynchronous interactions, and more. Attendees heard from Sai Warang, Anthony Zacharakis, Anna Scherbinina, and Bozhidar Batsov.

Conference organizers promise even more influential speakers from the Ruby community this year, including Ruby creator and famous Japanese computer scientist Yukihiro Matsumoto, also known as Matz. All talks will be recorded so that you can rewatch them anytime you like.

More information regarding the location, speakers, and tickets is yet to come. Get updates via the EuRuKo Twitter account or by signing up for conference newsletters

Follow updates on our blog or follow our Twitter feed to get more Ruby-related news. And, of course, feel free to start a discussion in the comments.


Daryna P.


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Thank you for your comment:) We'll take a look at this conference when creating a list of winter Ruby conferences.
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RubyConfIndia 2019 (10th year) happens at Goa, India on 20-21 Jan 2019

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