A Marketplace for Extreme Sports Activities


Fredrik Oseberg, Harald Fagerhaug, Andreas Wennersten





Core Technologies

Ruby Ruby on Rails CoffeeScript JavaScript Redis AWS


A Marketplace for Extreme Sports Activities

Avidyx connects travelers and suppliers who are passionate about extreme sports. This adventure company delivers unique experiences such as skydiving, rafting, and surfing. Avidyx reimagines the way customers find, book, and pay for adventures in the twenty-first century.


The Avidyx founders conducted market research and discovered that there were lots of platforms for tourists that offered guided tours, couchsurfing, apartment rentals, and even pet hotels. Yet despite huge demand for extreme sports activities, this niche was empty.

Fredrik, Harald, and Andreas wanted to create a secure marketplace where travelers and suppliers could find and advertise unique Norwegian destinations along with extreme activities that could be customized to each traveler’s taste.

We were responsible for:

  • Developing a full‑fledged marketplace
  • Creating an easy‑to‑use search engine for extreme sports activities
  • Helping suppliers manage their bookings, fulfilled orders, and accounting
  • Encouraging interactions between travelers and suppliers and providing deep engagement with the platform

Browsing unique destinations

Travelers get access to a whole variety of extreme sport activities

Advanced filters and map movement search

Avidyx categorizes activities based on natural elements and categories like biking and diving. The marketplace also uses geo-location technology to serve customers with nearby activities.

Creating extreme sport activities

Avidyx offers a simplified scheme for activity creation: the process is divided into several easy steps.

Communication tools

Direct chats help travelers enquire all necessary information and adapt an activity to their special needs.


We created an application that combines key features of classic peer-to-peer and business-to-consumer marketplaces. A supplier can act as an individual seller or sign up for a business account and create their own organization.

Business accounts let suppliers build their teams by inviting other users and assigning them roles, managing team members, applying currency settings, validating their organization, or even hiding their organization from the public catalog.

Our development team chose Ruby on Rails as the basic technology for the backend and chose React.js for the frontend because they’re cost-effective, stable, and robust technologies with lots of ready-made solutions.

We took the following steps solutions:

  • Developed a business to help suppliers form their teams and handle their businesses within the platform
  • Built map movement search to make it easier for travellers to find nearby activities
  • Created a calendar with a built-in calculator to give suppliers immediate information about their final payouts
  • Provided direct chat between suppliers and customers to stimulate users to make purchases
  • Developed web push and email notifications to keep users informed and remind them about the latest offers
  • Automated accounting to help suppliers keep records of financial transactions
  • Implemented integrations with Stripe and PayPal to ease payment processing and with Facebook to provide easy and secure sign-in for customers and suppliers

Technology Stack


RubyGarage helped Fredrik, Harald, and Andreas develop a fully fledged competitive marketplace that serves personalized activities and unique destinations for adventure lovers. At Avidyx, suppliers can create their own organizations, gather teams, and run their businesses efficiently.

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