Built for Teams

Multipurpose HR Software with a Mobile PTO Tracking App

Multipurpose HR Software with a Mobile PTO Tracking App


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Built for Teams

Multipurpose HR Software with a Mobile PTO Tracking App

Built for Teams is the ultimate HR software with convenient paid time off tracking, dynamic organizational charts, document management, and recruiting and onboarding systems, among other things.

The Built for Teams mobile app allows employers to create an unlimited number of leave policies including sick leave, vacation days, holidays, unpaid leave, personal leave, and even walk your dog days. Enhanced self-service lets employees submit time off requests online, view their time-off balances in real time, check the status of pending requests, and get full transaction histories. Moreover, the Built for Teams app sends notifications to managers and allows them to approve employee requests right from the app.


Built for Teams is cloud-based software that was already on the market when its founder came to RubyGarage. The app needed to be migrated from one frontend solution to another to optimize the overall functionality.

In addition, after thorough market research our client realized the need for additional features such as paid time off (PTO) tracking.

The Built for Teams CEO was looking for a reliable partner to migrate the app and build a mobile application to help facilitate employee self-service with PTO tracking on the go.

We were responsible for the following tasks:

  • Figuring out the current state of the software to implement a successful migration, avoiding downtime and failures
  • Rewriting the codebase of the existing app to ensure reliable and stable functionality
  • Enabling employees and managers to perform self-service whenever and wherever they are
  • Eliminating the need to use a desktop computer

Personal Profile

Personal Profile

Every employee has their own profile for tracking current time off balance and remaining hours for this year.

Team Tab

Team Tab

In this tab, all workers can see the list of those who are currently absent, time off terms, and the reasons.

Calendar Tab

Calendar Tab

The calendar highlights employee’s time off with the color that corresponds to the reason of absence. The user can see all time off details including the history and approvals.


First, the RubyGarage team started with thorough code analysis to make sure the migration would go as smoothly as possible.

Second, we conducted market and competitor analysis of the mobile HR apps. We found that lots of small and midsize businesses lack mobile options that would make their workflows more productive and portable.

We scrutinized existing technologies and decided to build Built for Teams on React Native. With React Native, it’s faster and cheaper to create MVPs because the same codebase can be used for iOS and Android.

In addition, it’s much faster to build a cross-platform app than to develop separate native apps.

We took the following steps:

  • Conducted a code audit and refactoring so we could make changes to the project quickly and without breaking existing functionality
  • Created a cross-platform mobile app that interacts with a database, web services, and a variety of third-party APIs
  • Developed PTO tracking functionality with push notifications to alert users about the latest updates to the system

Technology Stack


We successfully migrated an existing web app to another frontend solution and built a neat PTO tracking tool that allows users to conveniently track their vacation days, sick time, and other paid time off.

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