Investment and Trading Platform

An Investment and Trading platform for Beginners and Professionals

An Investment and Trading platform for Beginners and Professionals



Core Technologies

PHP AngularJS MySQL AWS Java Swift


A Crowdsourcing Platform for Trading and Investment

This application is an intuitive social investment platform that uses the power of crowdsourcing and technology to help people learn risk-free trading and empower them to make better investment decisions.


Our client had a goal of making investing fun and fruitful for average people. He came up with an idea to combine crowdsourcing and technology to help people make better investment and trading decisions. Our client decided to build a unique platform where users can learn how to trade, share their experience with others, and make money off real deals in the market. When the client came to RubyGarage, he already had the first version of the platform developed. But he wanted to significantly upgrade functionality and the development workflow. Faced with these challenges, he reached out to our team.

Our RubyGarage team was responsible for:

  • Streamlining the application development flow
  • Ensuring updatability of the application
  • Optimizing the app for mobile devices
  • Implementing communication functionality
  • Developing a trading simulator to teach users how to trade
  • Enabling users to buy and sell real stocks
  • Providing users with helpful trading tools

Informative Dashboard

Informative Dashboard

A dashboard allows users to keep track of stock market information to make smart investment decisions

Stock Market Simulator

Stock Market Simulator

Users can complete the interactive investing education course and learn how to trade

Real-time Chat

Real-time Chat

Users can communicate with other traders straight in an app


Our RubyGarage team thoroughly analyzed the project and its existing codebase.

To meet our client’s requirements and deliver a functional application that brings value to its users, we decided to give this platform a complete overhaul.

Our team not only had to implement lots of new features but also wanted to make the application technologically advanced. We focused on delivering a reliable application that works flawlessly regardless of the number of users and that meets the toughest security standards.

In close collaboration with our client, we drew up a detailed project roadmap specifying the scope of work and the timeline.

Our team:

  • Adopted software development best practices such as an Agile methodology, test-driven development, and continuous integration and delivery to streamline the development flow
  • Switched to a domain-centric architecture to make the trading and investment platform easy to upgrade and maintain
  • Developed fully functional mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Implemented a live chat with the support of multiple chat windows on one screen, group chats, and notifications
  • Built Sandbox, a trading simulator that imitates the behavior of the NASDAQ/NYSE exchanges and helps novices learn how to trade
  • Integrated the platform with complex APIs to allow users to trade on real markets
  • Developed analytical tools such as an Advanced Stock Screener and Stock Analyzer to provide helpful insights into stock markets

Technology Stack


RubyGarage helped our client turn his amazing idea into a full-fledged application that helps people make successful investment decisions, collaborate with one another, learn from professional stock traders, and build a more prosperous future. Since its release, the platform has attracted thousands of users and raised more than $100 million in funding.

This investment and trading app is a unique social platform that not only unites people interested in trading but also educates them and trains them to make smart investment decisions. The application allows anyone to build their financial freedom by using the power of crowdsourcing.

Investment and Trading Platform

Founder of the investment
and trading platform

As an entrepreneur, I guess by nature I get a thrill in undertaking projects without knowing how. Stepping into a risky venture involves massive amounts of thinking, research, advice, courage, and trust. All the while understanding that, despite all of the aforementioned, your entrepreneurial path will be like no other and failure is definitely on the table. An easy thing to write… not an easy thing to actually do. In order to move forward on this path you must trust that where you’re stepping is going to be solid business ground. Before I stepped into mobile app development, I talked to many people and got many recommendations for companies to work with. And although many of the companies recommended to me were very reputable, there was something different and exciting about RubyGarage. After several in-depth Skype meetings, there was no question that they were my app developer. It wasn’t that they understood me/my app right off the bat. They didn’t and they didn’t hide that at all. They remained open-minded, continued to question and together we brought a wild idea to life. The finished product is the real deal! Throughout the whole process I felt safe to brainstorm with them in a business realm I had no idea about knowing their advice would be accurate and sound. That safety has fostered a great partnership. One I hope to have with them for a long time. I highly recommend RubyGarage on so many levels. A decision to go with them is a right decision.

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