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Box+Dice is a CRM for real estate


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Box+Dice is a cutting-edge real estate technology company that provides agencies with a complete end-to-end solution. Their Social CRM helps real estate agencies build relationships with customers and connects agents to customers more efficiently than ever.


Having been in the real estate market for over 12 years and having recognized that social channels are game changers for businesses and customer relations, Box+Dice decided to shift their focus from building a regular CRM for real estate agencies to building a technology platform that would bring together people and processes.

To keep delivering an effective solution for real estate agencies, Box+Dice needed to make technical changes to their product. They chose the RubyGarage development team as their partner because of our professionalism and strong technical expertise.

We were responsible for the following tasks:

  • Redesigning the architecture to ensure performance and scalability
  • Setting up a streamlined and scalable development process
  • Accelerating implementation of features
  • Ensuring easy extension of the technology stack
  • Reducing the time required for testing
  • Increasing application quality

Cloud accounting

Box+Dice cloud accounting

Keeping data scalable, secure, yet reachable from anywhere

Portal loading for agents

Box+Dice property information

One central place with property information at their fingertips

A new strategy for staying connected with customers

Box+Dice contacts

Learning customer preferences, easy appointment scheduling, live chat


Together with Box+Dice, our RubyGarage team analyzed the existing code base and approach to development.

Based on the challenges we needed to prevent, we suggested changing the application’s architecture, systematizing development standards, and automating key processes.

We took the following steps:

  • Scaled the architecture: we set up a domain-centric architecture so engineering team could develop, replace, and test software components without decreasing app performance.
  • Systematized development standards: we rearranged the development workflow and coding standards to ensure application security and make the code easy to work with.
  • Automated processes: we set up Continuous Integration (CI) servers and Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) to increase the speed of development and contribute to efficient teamwork.

Technology Stack


On a global scale, the new approaches we offered were intended to save time, reduce efforts and costs for adding new functionalities and scaling the application, and deliver clean, quality code.

The right customer-focused technology, designed to empower real estate agents and delight clients, significantly improved customer relationships – which are the key to growing businesses, increasing sales, and closing deals.

Box + Dice

Travis Williams

CEO of Box+Dice

Box+Dice worked with RubyGarage for several months on a complex project that required a cross section of skill sets and a dedicated team of passionate people. Our project lacked proper planning at our end at the beginning and RG were quick to highlight this early so that it could be addressed without affecting the outcome.

They were professional, responsive and diligent at all times. Specifically, the quality of people and processes enabled this complex accounting project to be a success on all levels. I have no hesitation in recommending RG for projects that require extra attention to detail and a professional, systematic approach to software development.

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