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International Ruby Conferences Winter 2018

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  • Nov 30, 2017

Irina M.


What could be better than starting the year by attending one of these international Ruby conferences? Ruby events are set to take place at the beginning of 2018 in Germany, South Africa, India, and Ukraine. So don’t lose any time – find out more about what each conference has in store and take your pick.

1. Ruby on Ice

Ruby on Ice

When: January 26–28, 2018

Where: Tegernsee, Germany

Ruby on Ice will be opening its doors in the south of Bavaria for the first time in 2018. This debut conference is being organized by Ruby Berlin e.V., a non-profit association working to promote and teach Ruby in German-speaking countries. Ruby on Ice will follow the best traditions of such established conferences as EuRuKo and eurucamp and is designed to appease both advanced Rubyists and beginners.

The conference will include many engaging and thought-provoking talks, for example on how to embrace bugs and through them fail your way to better code as well as how music can make you excited about programming again. Ruby on Ice will offer entertaining events indoors as well as outdoors in the snow thanks to the venue’s proximity to the Bavarian Alps.

Ruby on Ice will gather 13 international speakers to lead talks and workshops over the span of three days. Presenters will include Andy Croll, Benjamin Reitzammer, Jan Krutisch, Piotr Szotkowski, and Tobias Pfeiffer. You can read more about what speakers have prepared here.

Early birds tickets are already sold out, but you can get regular tickets as well as apply for diversity tickets offered to members of underrepresented groups in tech.

2. Rubyfuza


When: February 1–3, 2018

Where: Cape Town, South Africa

Rubyfuza is Africa’s premiere annual Ruby conference and will be held for the fifth time in 2018. The event will once again take place in Cape Town and will warmly welcome speakers and guests from all over the world. Rubyfuza is the biggest tech gathering in Africa, bringing the finest international Ruby minds to socialize and discuss budding developments in the community.

Set against an exotic backdrop, Rubyfuza promises to be an exciting opportunity for international speakers, and the call for proposals is still open. Anyone who desires to participate is welcome to submit their proposal until December 14. Just like last year, the conference will feature talks on all things Ruby both technical and non-technical.

Register now and follow the event on Twitter to keep up with the latest announcements regarding the speakers and schedule.

3. RubyConf India

RubyConf India

When: February 9–10, 2018

Where: Bengaluru, India

Since 2010, RubyConf India has been gathering Ruby developers from numerous countries with an agenda to educate and promote professional collaboration. The conference is set up by a group of volunteers who are passionate about Ruby and are excited to bring together more and more like-minded people each year.

This year’s single-track event will span over two days and will feature talks focused on Ruby/Rails frameworks and tools as well as major developments related to the programming language and other thrilling highlights in the tech world.

Like last year, RubyConf India is anticipating a lot of fascinating speakers. The call for proposals is open until December 15, so you still have a chance to contribute to the line-up. So far, the speakers announced for the event include Avdi Grimm, an acclaimed Ruby Hero, head chef of his own podcast RubyTapas, as well as renowned author of Confident Ruby, Objects on Rails, and Exceptional Ruby; Zach Holman, a San Francisco native, one of the first GitHub engineers, and CEO of During; and Siddharth Sharma, a Ruby developer with over 10 years of experience and currently the CTO at

Visit RubyConf India’s official website for more details and to register. You can also follow the conference on Twitter.

4. Special Ruby Meditation #20

Ruby Meditation

When: February 17, 2018

Where: Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine’s most prominent and popular event for Rubyists, Ruby Meditation, is held several times a year, and next year it will be starting out early. Ruby Meditation will be bringing together bright minds to celebrate its special 20th edition in the spirit of mutual love for Ruby. A great atmosphere, entertainment, and engaging conversations are guaranteed!

The conference is still in the early planning stage, and is actively looking for speakers who are eager to share their experiences and communicate with fellow savvy developers. Don’t miss your chance to contribute to Ruby Meditation and don’t forget to follow the updates to be the first to learn about exciting presenters and topics.

Early Bird and Supporter tickets are still available, so get on it and book quickly! Sales for Sparrow tickets will begin on January 1, while Owl tickets will be up for grabs starting January 15.

You can follow Ruby Meditation on Twitter to stay in the loop and can check out the event’s official website for more information.

In the meantime, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay posted on the latest news and events in the Ruby community or start a discussion in the comments below.

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Irina M. over 1 year ago
Yep, the city is called Kyiv, already fixed. Thanks for noticing!
Victor Shepelev over 1 year ago
Thanks for the list. Small note: I believe the city is called Kyiv.

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