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Julia T.

Business Development Manager

RubyGarage is a software development and service provider company with headquarters in Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), Ukraine and several offices across the globe including the product design office in San Francisco.

From three programmers in 2011, our company numbers more than fifty employees in 2015 and plans further growth and development. The company began its path by creating websites on Ruby on Rails and now offers a comprehensive range of services from business analysis to design, development and promotion of the product after its implementation.

History of RubyGarage

In the very beginning, the company,s founders, Vladimir Vorobyev and Alona Mekhovova, worked as hired employees in typical outsourcing software development companies. They quickly realized that the majority of the companies did not aim to deliver quality products, but tried to sell as many man hours to their clients as possible, which meant bloated budgets, inefficient resource management and sluggish development process.

Ruby on rails ukraine

It was really difficult to stay business-oriented and solve problems for the end customer in such atmosphere. So, they decided to leave their jobs and establish a digital agency offering better quality, timely manner and reasonable cost comparing to other outsourcers on the market. RubyGarage was the name of the company - Ruby, a beautiful gem (and a programming language) and Garage - the place where you feel startup atmosphere every day. This literally means turning gems into beautiful solutions.

About RubyGarage

We position ourselves as a service provider company with a full development cycle and further customer support. The majority of our clients represent small and medium business, marketing companies, digital agencies and startups. While working with the client, RubyGarage’s professionals help to define project’s strengths and weaknesses, create a road map and implement the project with maximum cost and time efficiency.

Our services include business analysis, product design, UI/UX design, front-end and back-end programming, infrastructure design, testing, content services and post-production customer support. The RubyGarage team has successfully implemented several dozens of ecommerce, online stores, marketplaces, real-time analytics systems, collaboration and management systems, CRM systems, travel industry, food industry, music industry, movie industry, healthcare, education industry projects including unique services as Exposure, Wanderlist, Pindify, Siasto and other.


Ruby developers from Ukraine

Our company utilizes several programming languages and technologies in the development process:

  • Ruby, an elegant and the same time versatile programming language suitable for various tasks.
  • Ruby on Rails, the speed and quality oriented MVC WEB Framework.
  • JavaScript and its libraries (Angular.js, Backbone.js, jQuery).
  • PostgreSQL, a powerful relational database system.
  • MongoDB, a powerful modern document-oriented database system.
  • Elasticsearch, a search server based on Lucene. It provides a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text search engine.
  • Amazon web services, Heroku, etc.
  • Automation quality assurance tools like Cucumber, RSpec, PhantomJS, Selenium etc.
  • Other technologies in accordance with client's needs.

We implement Extreme Programming, Scrum methodology and electronic Kanban which ensures product quality, highest development standards and timely delivery.


Proper communication with clients is the keystone in our company. We use simple and efficient tools for collaboration and communication with the clients. Our Delivery Managers work closely with the clients using the efficient remote cooperation model and help to set up the agile processes necessary for a geographically distributed team.

Our Clients know their performers by name and by sight, participate in team member selection and keep full control over the team at all times.


We adhere to a principle of complete transparency with the clients. Our clients have access to all planning tools, see current tasks of the developers and get comprehensive reports for each hour spent.


We ensure product quality on all stages of the project. At the planning stage our managers and analysts revise the requirements and offer the most suitable implementation tools and features. At the design stage we elaborate product design in accordance with best practices in usability and appearance. When it comes to the programming stage, we implement scrum or kanban, we use practices such pair programming, code review, we write automation tests for a code.

software development workflow

All these powerful methodologies and practices allow us to deliver elegant and error-free code to our clients. Finally we perform global usability tests, security tests, load tests and some other performance trials.


We constantly invest in education and have developed our own approach to programming training. We hold the Ruby courses where we teach students the basics of programming, introduction to Ruby and Ruby on Rails, techniques of Extreme Programming, project development using the Scrum methodology.

ruby on rails courses

Each year we train 50 - 100 junior programmers who already have practical knowledge in Ruby development.

We also take part and organize IT conferences in Ukraine. We share experience in development, agile practices, programing practices and other important and useful information. Our goal is to share our knowledge and promote Ruby development.

If you have an idea for a startup or wish to move your business to the internet, please don't miss your chance and contact us directly.

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