Eight Bit Studios is a successful Chicago-based digital agency that once figured out it lacks an effective status report tool for project managers. So they came out with the idea of SushiStatus, an easy-to-use and time-saving solution for generating reports.

The Problem

The studio approached us first with the requirement to update the old version with additional functionality.
Later the client decided to make a new version of the solution, and since they’re experts in the field with their own digital professionals, they have provided us with the UX and UI of the new version, so we had only to implement it in the code.

The Solution

Our developers had successfully updated the old version with needed functionality, and then rolled out a grand update according to the client’s requirements.

When updating the old version, we had repaid the technical debt and refactored the code whenever possible to avoid potential problems with scaling or adding new functionality in future.


Our developers were responsible for code refactoring and few minor and major version updates.


The new version of the product was successfully released and is now available for using. The solution is extremely stable, so the agency has assigned a single in-house specialist to maintain and further improve it in case of need.

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