Food delivery is often associated with pizza and other types of food that can be quickly cooked. To have a high-quality dish, people usually prefer to go to the restaurant.

Qozy is a service offering its clientele to make events and parties at home effortlessly by ordering high-quality dishes made with local fresh ingredients. The dishes can be either cooked prior to the event and brought ready for eating, or done at the event itself by experienced Qozy’s cooks working at the top-notch local restaurants.

The Problem

When the client has first approached us, his product was only offering to call chefs that would cook the wanted dishes at the party. Such approach was not generating enough revenue, but the client decided that the product simply requires additional functionality.

The Solution

Here we completed what we call “a business rescue mission”. We offered to apply our business expertise on the project to find out why it’s not as profitable and popular what as wanted. After a few suggestions and hypotheses checked, the product was pivoted.

Now Qozy allows offering food and drinks from restaurants for all kinds of parties. Inviting a chef to cook dishes at the place is optional. The partnering restaurants are offering new menus every week, which is another exclusive feature of the service.

We have significantly face-lifted and refactored the code of the product. The UX and UI of the service were also updated in accordance to the new requirements.

And, of course, new functionality was added to correspond to the new business vision of the product.

UX Design Stage.
Wireframes and prototype.


The new business approach turned out to be successful, and now Qozy is offered not only in Berlin, but also in Geneva and Milan. The list of cities is expected to grow further over time.

Qozy founder

Benjamine Benaim

Qozy , Founder

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