Why I need to use Ruby on Rails in my startup

It’s widely known that Ruby on Rails has become an extremely popular web framework for many online businesses. Twitter, GitHub, GoodReads, Groupon, Hulu and so many more services are using RoR 064 nowadays that often we as a Ruby on Rails development company get our clients simply because they have heard Ruby is great and free, because it’s open source.

However, Ruby on Rails is not simply the best way to do any kind of software. Choosing it for your startup just because everybody does so is also a bald move. So, here are top five reasons why you need to use Ruby on Rails if you’re starting an ONLINE startup.

1. Ruby on Rails is a framework

Ruby is an object-oriented programming language. Ruby on Rails is a framework written in Ruby. Just like any other framework, it has its own limitations. If choosing RoR for your startup, you’re going to follow the file storing standards in the project and general programming constraints and conventions (like naming and pluralization), which will help you to keep your project structured and readable.

In real life it means that if the project is taken by another person or even a team, they won’t spend much time trying to understand the logic and the architecture of the project. Another reason why this happens is because Ruby is an elegant and readable language (and so are the Ruby frameworks).

2. Ruby on Rails is flexible

ruby on rails advantages

Since Ruby on Rails is an open source framework, it is supported by thousands of developers all over the world. In fact, this community updates the technologies so rapidly that it brings the whole software development industry forward.

In terms of your project it not only helps to address various problems quickly, but also uses lots of useful and tested plugins and modules for every possible need (e.g., authentication systems, comment systems, email instead of creating your own solutions from zero.

Flexibility also brings scalability. Just take a look at GitHub, Basecamp, Groupon. All those projects were created using Ruby on Rails, and they might have any troubles except scalability.

3. Ruby on Rails is about speed

ruby on rails performance

With its huge amount of development tools and plugins it becomes easy to quickly address a lot of common problems like avoiding code repetition, making shortcuts and defining behavior. All that allows you to significantly cut the development time in the end.

As a result, in comparison to other frameworks and programming languages, projects made on RoR are deployed 30-40% quicker than others. That makes Ruby on Rails a perfect solution for creating a minimum viable product.

4. Ruby on Rails is about quality

Same goes for testing. Ruby on Rails provides automated testing tools out of the box. Besides, the architecture of Ruby on Rails implies using the BDD(Behavior Driven Development) or TDD (Test Driven Development) methods, which means that the tests are created along with the code of the product.

5. Ruby on Rails is secure

ruby on rails security

Special attention is paid to security in the Ruby on Rails framework. Some security features are already in the framework and enabled by default, (which prevents most of SQL-injections and XSS attacks when using RoR tools), others require installing additional plugins.

Apart from the framework itself, using Ruby on Rails when creating a product means following Secure Development Lifecycle, which is a complex security assurance process.

Finally, the large developer community always keeps Ruby on Rails up-to-date and tests the security of Ruby plugins and applications prior to the release, which allows you to be safe about the Ruby on Rails in general.

6. Ruby on Rails is for professionals

When turning to the team that is going to create your product using Ruby on Rails, you can be sure that this team consists of professionals.

The reason here is that usually people use Ruby on Rails after gaining experience in projects using other languages and methodologies. Moreover, turning to RoR and being ready to follow the updates and technologies in order to create top-notch web products means that a person is interested in self-development and bringing high results.

As a conclusion, it turns out there’s no such advanced technology that could be compared with Ruby on Rails in creating online products or services. Besides, using Ruby on Rails means not only taking advantage of the technology, but applying the most productive methods to organize our work and create awesome products for the web quickly and efficiently.

No surprise that Ruby plays such an important role in our work that we decided to name our company RubyGarage

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