MVP Software Development or How to Build a Product at Reduced Cost

How can you be sure that your startup idea will be successful? One of the best ways to do it is to create a minimum viable product (MVP) that helps you understand the needs of your target audience and reduce time to market.

In our guide, we reveal approaches to creating an MVP for startups. We also provide four examples of world-known MVPs with estimates for you to understand how much time and money an MVP development can take.

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In this guide, we cover the main aspects that will help you create a successful MVP:

  • The definition of an MVP and its types
  •  5 steps to create a minimum viable product
  • The importance of the lean approach in MVP development
  • Benefits of hiring a development agency for building an MVP
  • 4 examples of world-known MVPs with detailed estimates
  • The ways to reduce the cost for MVP development